Chapter 3:


Captain Kagayaki : Novel Reboot

The Empress was smirking to herself, she’s such a sneaky witch. While she’s eating her breakfast and humming a toon, one of her soldiers ran into her room with a very wounded Keni covered in blood. She started shouting at Niko to go get the doctor, more tears streamed down her face. Keni has been friends with her parents since childhood and she considered him like a father rather than her own. Bookmark here

My sister and I woke up from hearing the stupid broad screaming and shouting. The Empress told us to go back to our rooms and to not come out.Bookmark here

“ I wonder what’s happening?” Hojo said as she stretches and yawns Bookmark here

“ Knowing that evil witch probably found another grey hair!” I started laughing Bookmark here

We all started laughing and then we went back to sleep.Bookmark here

“ Doctor, will Keni be alright?” The Empress said in a worried voice Bookmark here

“ Your Majesty, we’re going to try our very best, Keni as you know isn’t a young man anymore…he’s very frail and old. He should not even be on the battlefield.” Bookmark here

“ I understand that, he’s such a very skilled warrior and he was my father’s right hand man”Bookmark here

“ We’re going to work on him now, so please go relax your majesty.”Bookmark here

Mioa sat in her room, she couldn’t imagine a world without Keni, it would crush her soul. Her cat jumped up on her lap and she smiled at him while petting him. She cried some more.Bookmark here

“ Empress, you can visit Keni now!” The doctor shouted Bookmark here

The Empress got up and dashed into the room. Keni was looking so frail and weak, this hurt her so much. She sat by his side and held his hand. Keni looked over towards her and gave her a weak smile.Bookmark here

“ You look so much like your mother….and I know you hate being told that.”Bookmark here

“ It’s alright, I’ve noticed that lately…”Bookmark here

“ I wish I was there to protect you from your father….had I have known that I- “ Keni started coughing hard, The Empress told him to stop talking, he didn’t listen to her and kept talking.Bookmark here

“ Please take care of yourself Mioa..” Bookmark here


The Empress started screaming, Keni had passed on. He was the only person she trusted growing up as a child and teen. She runs out of the room crying. I was on my way to the bathroom until I heard the Empress crying, I slightly opened the door and she looked at me startled.Bookmark here

“ Get out of my room foolish brat!”Bookmark here

“ Why are you crying? Did you find another grey hair? “ I started giggling Bookmark here

“ You better leave before I have you and your stupid sisters executed!”Bookmark here

“ Fine, I’ll leave! But before I do… I’m glad that you’re in pain! You deserve pain and hurt for every wicked thing you’ve done!” I left the room laughingBookmark here

She threw a pillow across the room. The Empress was going to give me and my sisters the punishment of our lives. She started to laugh evilly in front of her mirror. The Empress held a small memorial for Keni. His daughter even came back once she heard the news, it shattered her.Bookmark here

Everyone had good things to say about him, he was a kind and compassionate man. Hearing these stories made her burst into tears once more. After the memorial service was over, The Empress went straight to her plan, she told Niko to go into our room. We tried fighting Niko, but one of her soldiers knocked us out and carried us to the dungeon. It was very dark, smelled very bad, and it was cold in here. I shouted my sister's names and they both answered back. I sighed in relief.Bookmark here

“ The Empress brought more prisoners down here…” I heard a voice echoed in the darkness Bookmark here

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I immediately smacked it off. The lights in the dungeon came on, I could finally see who was touching my shoulder. A very tall woman with light green eyes, lavender hair up in a bun slightly messy, chestnut skin, and had a scar on her right eye. The young woman smiled gently at me and my sisters.Bookmark here

“ I’m sorry that I startled you! My name is Ajiwau! What are all of your names?”Bookmark here

“ My name is Kagayaki Mizu, and this is my older sister Hojo and my younger sister Onna.”Bookmark here

“ Oh great! More girls are here!” Bookmark here

A tall young man who looked about my age, had long light green hair and golden eyes walked up towards us all with a frown and stared at me down. I look at him in confusion. For a cute guy, he sure does have a nasty attitude!Bookmark here

“ Jingu, please don’t be rude! “ Ajiwau shouted at himBookmark here

“ Whatever Ajiwau!” He walks back over to the corner Bookmark here

“ Why are all of you here in this dungeon?” Hojo asked in a very concerned toneBookmark here

Ajiwau looked at us in a sad expression and saidBookmark here

“ Some of us have been here since we were little children. That evil Empress took us from our families and made us work for her, then one day she got bored of us and sent us here. She even killed some of my friends who would disobey her. It was so terrible! “ She starts to tear up and my sister Hojo rubs her back and tells her everything will be fine.Bookmark here

“ The Empress has gotten scarier now that she’s older, sometimes she won’t feed us at all! “ a young girl appears before usBookmark here

“ By the way, my name is Siku, nice to meet you all!” She bows to us and we bowed backBookmark here

“ The Empress broad also had a daughter, but the rumors say she’s an adopted daughter…knowing how many men have been here…it could be a possibility that it is her actual daughter! “ Jingu snickers in the corner Bookmark here

“ You’re right about the men part… where is the daughter now? “ I asked Bookmark here

“ Right now Tomoe is in a European country and should be coming here any day now.”Bookmark here

“ From what I heard, she’s just as wicked as her mother!” Ajiwau said Bookmark here

“ So I see you’ve all gotten acquainted with one another!” The Empress walked towards the dungeon doorBookmark here

“ I’m going to find a way to get my sisters and I out of here! When we do, your head is mine evil witch!”Bookmark here

“ Ha! You? Have my head? Don’t make me laugh, foolish little brat! This is now the place you and your sisters will be living in forever! You’ll never escape this place! YOU’LL DIE IN THIS PLACE!” she starts laughing Bookmark here

I then grab The Empress by the throat very tightly, she tries to break free from my grip, her stupid soldiers break free of my grip of her neck. She starts to catch her breath, as she’s doing that she gives me an evil glare.Bookmark here

“ You’ll pay dearly. I have something planned for you and your rotten sisters!” She tells the soldiers to feed us our dinner and tells us at the top of the stairs that we better enjoy it because it’ll be our last. Siku and my little sister Onna have a very frightened look on their faces.Bookmark here

I look around at everyone who is filled with tears and worried looks. I wish there were a way to escape this horrible dungeon. My older sister Hojo walked over towards me and says to me Bookmark here

“ Don’t worry Kagayaki, your big sis has a plan!” She smiles at meBookmark here

I stare at her with a confused look, what could she possibly have planned? She then turns to face everyone to tell them that she has a plan to escape. Jingu angrily walks up to her and says Bookmark here

“ Are you out of your freaking mind lady? The last time we tried escaping this dungeon, we all got the most horrible punishment and Ajiwau got the worst one, which made her lose an eye and get badly beaten! “ tears streamed down his face, Ajiwau touched her right eye and looked up at us, a tear streamed down her left eye, she went through the most punishment out of all of us. Hojo looks at Jingu and says to himBookmark here

“ I may not know what you’ve all been through down here, but we’ve all been severely punished and beaten by that evil Empress, but you’re going to have to trust me!”Bookmark here

“ My big sis is right, we all have been through so much hell in this horrible kingdom and we should put our trust in Hojo!” I looked over at Jingu Bookmark here

“ Alright then, I hope she knows what she’s doing! “ He wipes his tears away. Ajiwau comes over to hug him.Bookmark here

“ I know exactly what to do! So let’s wait till Tomoe arrives!” Hojo smiles at us all. I just hope that this plan works and we can finally escape this place so we can have peaceful lives.Bookmark here

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