Chapter 10:

Jordan To The Rescue!

An Identity Beyond Self

The silence was killing him…

Despite what he said, Jordan got worried the old drunkard would choke on air or something after getting a hangover. He'd heard that laying down the wrong way could lead to an accidental death.

Since college work was nothing to him, he finished all the assignments he had due for the entire next few months before checking on him. The youthful college student knew he was being too nosy.

He and Simon didn't even have a drop of blood relation. They just started hanging out after an incident that almost took his life. Jordan himself wondered if his actions were being too intimate...

The youth didn't know how he survived 'that day', but was was certain it had to do with the old man.

That's why he acted so close to him...

However, he also felt that maybe he should care about his hobbies more than the drunken geezer.

As someone who played the game of life on easy mode, the least of Jordan's worries was getting enough money fuel his Otaku tendencies. He had recently realised that investing in the stock market was easy for someone with his level of intellect.

Others would be confused by the numbers, but the almost casual investments he made paid off.

This had nothing to do with luck...

With his well-earned money, he bought the most expensive 'Action Ranger' figurines and posters.

As someone obsessed with heroes, Jordan even personally helped people who came to him with requests every so often. It wasn't hard for him to pull out his experiences to write some Webnovels.

The current one he was trying to get published was the work based off his 'grandpa', Simon Stuman.

Five minutes after Wind Fang left the old geezer's house, the young college student went to check on Simon for the last time today. He was thinking of putting that guy to bed before getting back to his Otaku hobbies, but something didn't seem right...

His 'grandpa' was already gone. Did he go out?

No, the young man sharp senses could still pick up the lingering scent of detergent in the air.

The living room also seemed cleaner...

This immediately clued the intelligent Otaku in that something big happened without him knowing!

After all...

'Gramps NEVER cleans ANYTHING!' That stinky old halfwit wouldn't tidy up even if you put him at gun point!!

On top of that, he also saw Simon's 'newest favourite bottle' of alcohol left closed on the floor.

'Okay, something definitely happened here.'

Even after figuring that out, the young college student was incapable of finding any more clues.

It wasn't because of a lack of wisdom. It was all thanks to the professional of the underworld cleaning up all the evidence. Even the forensics team of a full-scale police investigation wouldn't find anything... The place was just that 'clean'

The suddenness of it all also payed a part. There was nothing for his deductions to be made on.

Still, the young man didn't give up on his 'grandpa'.

Seeing him put in such a state of confusion, the servants in the Akashic Library nodded their heads.

"That's to be expected. Do you think he'll call the police?" Fauna asked while looking at the television screen that peeked into Earth's dimension. They were wondering how they could manipulate him.

Arnold watched as the young college student picked up the 'Grand Essence' on the ground.

The fact that he touched it meant there was now a new line of communication formed between them.

However, they could only enter his dream state...

"Do we wait for him to sleep?" No one answered the cyan-haired guard. He was just left to the side.

They all knew time was of the essence...!

Just as Sistine was about to propose a solution to them, the youth on the screens started moving.

"What is he doing?" Dexter asked another question that didn't seem like they'd answer anytime soon.

Going back into his house, Jordan took out a laptop and connected a wire to the USB port.

Then they watched as he made his way to a lamppost with a camera stationed on top of it somewhere near the street. After getting to the closed off metal frame, he took out a few tools.

With the dexterity of someone who was used to such things, he opened up the covering hiding the internal wiring of the metallic lamppost and fiddled with it. He seemed experienced in doing this...

The servants found their eyes widening once he connected the laptop to the camera above.

The laptop's screen changed. He found the car registration code for the 'kidnappers' who took Simon again like last time. The intelligent youth was unaware of that 'death' the old hippie experienced.

Seeing that everything was going outside their expectations, the servants didn't know what to do.

"Contact with the individual 'Jordan Fisher' can be made. Shall I proceed with the call?" Sistine spoke up to them. Since they needed to get this over and done with anyway, it was better to get in contact.

"Open a line of communication." Arnold steeled himself to do what must ultimately be done...

As the young part time and self-employed detective was busy finding his 'grandpa', he was surprised when someone suddenly rang on his phone. It also seemed to be a private number.

'Is this a call for a ransom?'

Simon had too many enemies. Jordan thought everything was taken care of earlier after beating up those loansharks, but it didn't seem to be the case. He answered the phone with a wary tone:

"Where's Gramps?"

"We can save you time and give you the location. I just need you to be careful of a few things." The monkey butler got straight to the point. His way of speaking sent the youth's deductions for a loop.

There was one thing that was for certain...

"You want to help me? How?"

"Transfer the call to your earbuds. I'll send you our Simon Stuman's location directly to your phone."

"...Fine." He went back to his house and did so. It didn't seem like the voice on the call was lying.

Although he could probably find Simon, time was of the essence. Finding the registration code of the car that took him only meant he'd have to track it down one step at a time. It was a tedious method.

On top of that, there was no telling if the car would lead him to his Gramps or lead him to a mafia base.

Getting a shortcut was more beneficial to him...

"Make sure to keep that bottle with you."

"You mean... this alcohol?"

"It's more special and important than you currently think." Jordan didn't understand these implications.

As soon as a map was brought up on his phone, he saw there was a marker constantly on the move.

The youth didn't know what kind of internationally famous hacker was doing this, but he was thankful for all the help he could get. Rather than getting on a motorcycle or car, he put on some safety gear and took out a scooter powered by an engine.

The handles were like that of a motorcycle...

He revved the engine, speeding up and taking the shortest paths to the marker on the map using paths a car couldn't go on. He didn't only use his scooter, as his hands and feet weren't for show.

"As expected of Master's 'family'..."

Jordan didn't know what the unfamiliar and feminine voice on the other side of the call meant by this, but he wasn't interested. All that mattered now was whether his 'grandpa' was still safe.

He got onto a rooftop and jumped the distance between two buildings. His movements were filled with grace and finesse, almost like he'd been doing parkour all his life. The servants were amazed...

Still, that didn't mean everything was going to be easy. There was still a 'Fang' protecting the black car that took had his Gramps in the boot. Even if he was talented, he couldn't fight the supernatural.

A few minutes later, he finally saw the black car...

"Stop!" Arnold's loud voice caused him to halt despite what he saw. He felt a little annoyed.

"Who are you to tell me what to do?" The youth didn't like the tone the 'hackers' had towards him.

"I know how you're feeling, but-"

"Do you?! It's not like my Gramps is related to you!"

"We are...!"


"It was your 'grandpa' who made us!" Arnold could handle insults, but not being told he and their Master weren't 'related'. His 'siblings' crowding around him silently nodded their heads with him.

Who could dare say none of them were related?!


"What...?" This time, it was Arnold's turn to be astounded after being called by him this way.

The youth didn't mind his confusion, laughing:

"You should have started with that earlier~ And here I thought you were a stranger 'Uncle'~!"

"N-no wait... Err..." Why did this feel embarrassing?

Seeing him flustered for once, the 'siblings' around him lightly chuckled. He understood Fauna and Dexter being like that, but seeing Sistine also turning her head to hide her smile made hid face redden deeply. His face as bright as a tomato.

"Anyway, why did you stop me?" He felt relieved when the young man went back to business.

Arnold patiently replied to him: "Look to the left."

"Of that black car?"

"Yes. Do you see that person standing there?"

"Yeah..." Jordan noticed a black-cloaked figure out to the side. That 'shadow' seemed out of place...

Not only did he seem to keep up with the cars just find on foot, but there was something about him...

"There are nine Grandmaster martial artists like him who you'll have to worry about." These words made the youth's jaw drop. Did he just hear the term 'Grandmaster martial artist' being thrown around? Was this supposed to be a joke?!

A red light came up and the black car paused. It have the young college student time to retort:

"What are you smoking?!"

"I know it doesn't make sense to you right-"

"Obviously it doesn't make sense! I've encountered loansharks and gangsters, but not 'Grandmasters'."

"I'm telling the truth."

"Then why is a extremely rare Grandmaster martial artist kidnapping an old man like my Gramps!?"

"That's a long story..."

"Fine, but do I need to worry about him? It's not like all martial artists are suited practical fights."

"That man is the 'Lightning Fang'. From what we can tell. He was once part of the Illuminati. Don't try annoying the man. He's ruthless... For now, you just have to somehow not catch his attention."

"How am I supposed to save Gramps then...?"

"You remember his favourite alcohol?" Hearing the strange 'man' on the other side mention it, he took out the bottle he'd taken earlier. The youth had no idea what reason it was even being brought up.

"All you have to do is pour it on him."

"That's it...?"

"He's in a precarious state."

"So you want me to throw alcohol on his face...?"

"..." Arnold realised he messed up. The young man wasn't familiar of their world's 'magical physics'.

So long as he used the 'Grand Essence', bringing him back to reality was possible. Maybe he'd become a bit bloodthirsty, but it wasn't like that happening was anything worse than 'true death'.

"...You're crazy."

"Wait! Listen to my explanation!"

"Fine, then let me hear it." Since this WAS his new and mysterious 'Uncle', he was being more lenient.

"You see... Simon is in a 'Fake Death' state after being nearly killed earlier. I know because we had been watching him from a library outside of time and space. That bottle of alcohol in your hand is actually linked with my body. Pouring the wine onto him will strengthen the 'links' me and my siblings have to him. Using it, we can ignite his Four Fundamental Innate Forces to bring him back to life- I mean, it will bring back his consciousness. By doing this you can save him from the dragon that-"

"Shut the hell up!"


"You must be having fun making a joke in this situation. You might be capable, but you're crazy!"

"That's not-" Before Arnold could explain, Jordan had already cut him off with an angry expression.

This was the first time the youth felt embarrassed for trusting someone. His face was contorted…

What kind of idiot would believe this nonsense?!

Especially when he brought up a dragon...

How did he not notice the mysterious man's clear schizophrenia? This reaction was to be expected.

A rationalist like Jordan would definitely doubt him... It was just in his suspicious and wary nature.

How could he be careless when it came to Simon?

Just as he took out his earbuds, he noticed the a looming shadow suddenly get to where he was at.

The black-cloaked man guarding the black car looked at him through the skull mask he wore.

His eyes caused a chill down his spine. He could feel a distinct 'malice' from the spider-like man.

"You were following us, right~?"

The eerie man spoke scarily. Then climbed up to the top of the roof with abnormal movements.

Jordan's intuition warned the man was bad news!