Chapter 9:

Trouble With Triads


After soaking in his story, I down another shot, sighing out. "Man."

Gisei does the same. "I know. I'll tell the rest a little later. It's getting late."

"You're gonna leave me on a cliffhanger? Come on! Those kinds of stories suck!"

He pats my shoulder and stands to leave. "Don't you gotta girl that's missing you at home?" 

I sigh at the thought of the future confrontation as I follow him. "Yeah, I guess I do." 

"Something going on at home? Already?"

I explain everything that happened today, with the argument with her not telling me anything about her past. I was just a little upset, I didn't want to feel like I was sleeping with a stranger, plus she was sleeping over everyday at that point. Gisei nods as I tell the story in the car. After a bit, he finally speaks. "Well...I can tell you care about her so much to not leave her. If you're patient so far, just give her a few weeks. Remind or ask her subtle questions here and there. If you two are still together after like a year and you still feel you're sleeping with a stranger, then you can press her."

I step out of the car, nodding at "Yeah, I was thinking the same. Thanks, Gisei."

The man smirks. "No problem. Oh, and happy birthday, baby boy."

I flip my buddy off as he drives off. I love him and wanna strangle him at the same time. Eventually, I walked up to the third floor of my apartment, avoiding the bums and other lowlifes. I exhale a bit of cold hair as I open the door to a happy Star latching onto me. "Kunshu! Happy birthday!"

I smile and carry her, closing my door. "You remember! I'm surprised." 

She looked at me as we walked to my room. "Are you still mad at me?"

I smirk, placing her down on my bed. "Maybe..."

"Well...You're gonna be happy about the present I got for you." She opened her legs as I unzipped my jacket.

I planned to say something witty back, but I was just too attracted to her. She wore a loose tank top, and her underwear, She looked perfect. I dove in between her legs, moving to kiss her, removing my jacket as our lips entertained once more. I moved my arms up to hold her wrists in place to make sure she isn't leaving. I wanted my present. 

You know what we did.

Hours later...

 My slumber was interrupted by my phone ringing. I groaned and blindly reached out for my phone. After two attempts, I flipped it open and answered. "...Hello?"

It was Kikuchi. "Kunshu! Holy shit, get Gisei and head over to Chinatown NOW!"

"Wait, Wha...?" I was still too tired and the information wasn't processing fast enough.

"It's Gota, he-" Crashing, a bit of grunting and yelling. "-Shit! Hurry up!" He hangs up. 

I checked my phone, it was 4 in the morning. I wonder what the hell happened. As I got up to get dressed, I dialed Gisei's number. "Yo. We got a problem. Just pick me up and take us to Chinatown."

Seems like he was sleeping too. He sounded tired as well. "And why are we going to Chinatown?"

"Kikuchi called."

"Ah. I'll see ya in a bit then."

Star was still asleep, or she didn't bother to ask what happened. Once I got my winter coat, I look at the revolver I took back in November. I shook my head. I'd rather not have a body on my hands tonight. I walk outside, and in a few minutes, there was Gisei. I got in and we drove over to Chinatown. 

We got to the entrance to see some of the Gota family stand next to some bodies, out for the count. I saw Shuga and Kikuchi mainly, barking out orders as some of the lackeys charge into Chinatown. Kikuchi was bleeding from the head, gritting his teeth. Something flashed in my head. 


I shook it off as we left the car into the cold morning. Kikuchi walked up as Shuga awkwardly shuffled away. "There you two are."

Gisei yawned slightly, adjusting his coat. "What's the deal here? Looks like started things early."

Kikuchi shook his head. "Blame the boss, I swear he is gonna be the death of us."

"The hell happened then?"

"Gota took some coke. Again. He demanded that I take him to Chinatown. I tried my best to calm him down, but once the boss says something...You listen."

I rolled my eyes, then spoke up. "Yeah. Then what?"

"He got up and grabbed a katana to wave while he shouting more slurs at the people in there. It was gonna be bad, So I called Shuga and more backup to help us out. I was right. Apparently, word got around quickly about what Gota did to those girls a few weeks back. Triads came out in droves, I had to fight a few with Gota, but he was high as shit, so he couldn't fight a broomstick. I had to call ya. Those damn triads got the drop on me with a bat. which is why I'm so damn bloody." 

Gisei looked around, concerned. "Where's the boss now?"

The bloodied man pulled out a cigarette to smoke. "In there." He points to the inside of Chinatown. "Boss went in there on his own, says he can take out the Triad huncho on his own." 

Beyond the gates...

I picked up a bat covered in blood. "Looks like the war started early. Let's end it early too, yeah?"


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