Chapter 12:

Two Words

An Identity Beyond Self

Lightning Fang felt like his throat was blocked. He couldn't breath momentarily, causing him to stumble. The youth didn't miss the chance. The air flow twisted into a knot around the man's head.

Two hands were on the verge of snapping his neck!

"Ugh...!" Jordan groaned in pain. A front kick threw his body into the car, hurting his back immensely.

The driver was shocked when he heard a loud thud and felt the black car shake upon impact. The goon came out to assist his Boss. His arms were about to quickly reach out to tackle the young genius.

However, four words changed his mind:

"Stay out of this." Jordan spoke, turning his 'order' to an absolute command that couldn't be ignored.

Again, the sheer magnitude of his emotions seemed to seep into his voice. It caused anyone who listened to him to feel compelled to do as he spoke. No one understood what was happening.

Not even those experienced veterans in the Akashic Library knew what to make of his power.

This was the first time they came across it.

"What happened to him?!" Fauna inquired, which quickly brought the primate back to his senses.

"This seems to be a power awakened using Master's 'Miracle'. It seems to be an ability that mixes 'presence', 'coercion', 'curses', and 'illusions' to force another to his every command." Arnold spoke while wiping the sweat off his forehead.

His words seemed true. The driver who heard Jordan's 'Cursed Command' did exactly as he was told. The thug went back into the black car, then realised he couldn't bring himself to assist his Boss whatsoever. His back were nailed to the seat...

The young genius himself didn't seem to notice.

It didn't seem like he realised what he had done...

Though this didn't seem to be the right place to fight, Jordan still tried killing the man in public.

He didn't notice the driver making a call...

"Forget it. You're way too dangerous." Lightning Fang recovered fast and spoke with killing intent.

The skull-masked killer didn't want to drag this out since they were on a Main Street. Even if there was no one on the sidewalk, there was a chance he'd be seen by those looking out their house windows.

He took out a silenced pistol and aimed the long barrel towards the youth, who was getting back up.

This might seem like cheating, but his main area of expertise wasn't traditional martial arts. He was a genuine assassin who trained solely to kill his enemies. Everything else was worthless to him.

Pride, honour, fairness, and etcetera, were all worth nothing to him whatsoever. The skull-masked man didn't believe there was anything he couldn't sell in this day and age. That's why he used a firearm.

To him, there was no reason to showcase his skills.

At least, that's what he originally thought until he heard something the moment he was about to fire.

The moment he pulled the trigger, the man heard:

"Fall over..." Jordan only murmured his words and didn't even finish his sentence, but the assassin immediately felt a compulsion in his heart. His feet tripped over each other 'coincidentally', and the bullet he fired ended up hitting the car instead.

As a Grandmaster Assassin, Lightning Fang tried to recover his balance to fight the young man.

Even becoming especially hurried when he saw the blood red veins pulsing around the youth's eyes...

However, he was too late to do so once again.

"...and die." The berserk genius finished his words once again. This time shaking the man's heart.

It didn't seem like 'Cursed Commands' could kill someone, but that didn't mean it couldn't shake them up. The moment the black-cloaked figure blanked out, a hand grasped onto his neck firmly.


The Grandmaster's head smashed just below where Simon was. It was on the trunk's bumper.

The loud noise alerted the bound dogs in the front garden they were on. The leashes were pulled to their fullest extension as they barked. It was their loud barks that woke the assassin out of his stupor.

His head was hit, but he was able to minimise the damage at the last moment by stabilising himself.


The sound of a knife being quickly unsheathed could be heard. Underneath his cloak was an armoury of weapons. On top of that, he was still holding a pistol in his right hand with purpose.

Jordan rolled out of the way when the blade tried slicing his chest, but couldn't 'dodge' the barrel of the gun being pointed at him. This time, there was no way the assassin would miss at this distance.

"I'll..." Before the young curse user could say something else, Lightning Fang pulled the trigger.

However, his gun didn't seem to fire off...!

It wasn't because of luck or the barrel jamming just at the right timing. Instead, the skull-masked man was so caught up in acting immediately that... he didn't notice two hands raising towards his firearm.

With the familiarity of a Gun Otaku, Jordan had instantly took it apart using accurate knowledge.

This amazed the Grandmaster greatly!

'Crazy!' Lightning Fang thought it was absurd that the clearly enraged youth did such a manoeuvre.

Even though he was in a hysteric state of madness to kill him, Jordan STILL retained dexterous hands.

He didn't rush and push too much pressure on the components of the gun while taking it apart. All he did was naturally lock and dismantle it, almost as if he recognised the model of the pistol on the spot.

'That...' The assassin didn't know if it was even possible. After all, not all guns were the same type.

Even mistaking slight alterations in the model of his gun would have lead to his head being blown off. It was like disarming a bomb and holding a baby in your arms at the same time. Too inconceivable!

Jordan spoke while dropping the components:

"...kill you!" It was after time started moving in the black-cloaked figure's head did he jump in fright.

His hairs stood on end. After all, every time the youth spoke, something always went wrong, but he was relieved when he realised there was no one around him to hear the genius 'curse' at him.

The hesitation born from his surprise gave the young man another chance. He punched out again.

...But wasn't able to act faster than the assassin.

*Swish!* *Swish!* *Swish!*

As someone with mastery of using knives, the Grandmaster finally revealed his techniques after getting close. Sparks of purple electricity even arose on his figure while trying to kill the youth.

However, the young man before him wasn't normal whatsoever. He was able to keep up with the man's movements using sheer willpower and a burst of adrenaline. His fist struck the killer many times.

Not that the assassin cared... Such injuries were pathetic compared to the lethality of his knives.

The moment Jordan's burst of strength wore off and his body weakened, that's when he'd strike.

That window of opportunity revealed itself not long after. There was no way Jordan would be able to keep up with Lightning Fang. The Grandmaster Assassin was out of his league in terms of tactics.


At least, that's if he was fighting fair. The dogs who had heard the young man's earlier 'command' became enraged. The extremely loud guard dogs barked ferociously after the leash broke off.

The moment the assassin was about to go in for the kill, he felt something bite into his ankle.

The knife in his hand redirected to the savage creatures biting into his flesh, only to be met with a heavy kick to the face. It threw his head up, giving him no chance to defend against his assailants.

One man, two dogs. One specifically went for his upper body, the other kept on biting into his legs.

Blood spilt on the ground as everyone became injured in the series of exchanges between the fighters. The Grandmaster held on well as someone who was 'Blessed' to be someone who would eliminate Simon Stuman. He was an expert!

Lightning Fang took initiate to break their stalemate the moment he saw a car driving past them.

Because of the other vehicles on the street, the civilian driving along the Main Street only became aware of what was happening the moment he came close to them. Only a moment before driving past.

By that time came, the person driving floored the gas after someone hit right into his rearview mirror.

He panicked so much he escaped immediately.

This left the person thrown into his car, Jordan, to hold his back in pain after getting his back struck.

He stumbled forward unconsciously, giving the man who threw him ample time to kick off the wretched dogs biting his legs. The 'Lightning Reinforcement' he was gifted sped his attacks.

The dogs felt like they were biting real lightning whined and fearfully backed away with dread.

Lightning Fang then stabbed at his throat...


...but once again failed to take the life of a mere college student. It was an event that infuriated him.

How could a mere youth be so cunning and daring?

Even though he had been hit by a rearview mirror of a car speeding past, the young genius used the opportunity after being hit to take off the 'mirror' itself. He then used it to block the assassin's knife.

The youth continued on with his momentum to tackle the man to the ground. His head slammed onto the Grandmaster's nose as he did so. This act of defiance caused the man to roar in great fury...!

'You dare?!' The assassin's eyes were bloodshot.

He impressively stabbed at the youth from his blindspot when they were tussling on the ground.

This time, he would kill that swine!


However, a familiar knife was used to redirect the blade's trajectory. He noticed at that moment:

'You stole from me?!' The man didn't have the time to even convey his shock a mirror slammed his ear.

Then into his right eye for good measure...

He felt half his vision cut off and his senses go haywire. The skull-masked assassin was injured.

But that didn't mean he weaker than before...

Although disoriented and hurt, the skull-masked man was still a Grandmaster of an Assassin. He retaliated without flinching, exchanging an eye for an eye and an ear for an ear. The purple electricity around his body flashed to their absolute limit.

He palmed the youth's stomach, generating enough purple electricity around his body to act like a taser. This electrocuted the young man. He held his stomach while feeling sick in his lungs.

Every breath he took felt painful, as if there were multiple needed scraping around his throat.

Multiple blades were taken out of the assassin's cloak, revealing varied knives and one more pistol he had yet to use. He threw everything he had on the youth, giving him no time to defend himself.

*Ptch!* *Ptch!* *Ptch!* *Ptch!*…

The throwing knives easily sunk into the young man's skin, sinking deep into his arms and legs.

He was only fortunate that the assassin was only trying to torture him rather than kill him instantly.

It was his incoherent screams that made the black-cloaked figure feel better about his earlier flukes.

'Yep, I still got it~' The Grandmaster Assassin thought in reassurance. He felt he'd gotten rusty.

Even though the youth was going to bleed out by himself, he still took out the last pistol in his cloak to finish the youth off. This became personal the moment Jordan refused to die like he intended.

Still, the berserker didn't seem to stop looking at him with the eyes of someone who refused to die... least not until he killed his greatest foe.

"You should have took my offer gratefully..." The Grandmaster scoffed as he aimed the long barrel.

He was sure the young man would make a last ditch effort to kill him. However, he was prepared.

Even with half his vision, it was enough to kill him!

The assassin knew the youth well. As long as there was even a scrap of hope, he would never give up.

Jordan's eyes were defiant of fate and destiny...

Still, nothing could change the outcome. There was no way he'd let the young man make any sudden movements or even talk. He didn't hesitate to pull the trigger the moment the aim was lined correctly.


A gunshot resounded clearly. Blood spilt from Jordan's body the moment he was pierced by the bullet. Fortunately, his last string of schemes worked well enough to give him one last chance.

The rearview mirror he had taken earlier was used to blind assassin's remaining eye with sunlight. It caused the disoriented Grandmaster to lose his aim and miss the youth's head, instead hitting his shoulder. The bullet made Jordan gasp in pain.

He clenched his hand to check if his arm was still working, then threw one of the knives on his body.

The blade flew through the air and disarmed Lightning Fang. He screamed in agony after losing his index finger the moment the blade struck his hand. The gun fell to the floor at that moment.

Jordan got up like an asura. The rage in his eyes had yet to die out as he approached the killer.

There was no way he'd let the man breath any longer! The young man ignored his bloodied cuts.

He wanted to kill him without a shadow of a doubt!

Lightning Fang himself felt a chill down his spine the moment the youth forcibly stepped forward.

"Just stay down already!" The assassin wondered why his opponent hadn't died of blood loss already.

In his flustered state, he forgot to silence the youth who responded with the eyes of reckless avenger:

"Die!" The man's eyes blanked, and Jordan took out a lighter along with the favourite bottle Simon always kept with him. Seeing this made those of the Akashic Library stand and uselessly shout:

"Wait!" The young man didn't hear them. He spat the 'Malicious Wine' into a breath of evil dragons.

Perhaps thanks to the properties of the alcohol itself, the blaze that followed was much more powerful and even burnt his throat. Lighting Fang screamed in despair. His body lighting on fire...

He felt the fire burning more intensely than anything he ever felt in his entire life. The pain only made his mind sharpen. If he was going to die, he was going to take that random youth with him!

With the hand that was still able to pull the trigger of a firearm, he grabbed the gun he dropped and lifted it. His mind was lost in livid excitement about taking in this youth as a disciple after going to hell.


But that chance will never come to him. His eyes almost popped out of his sockets at that point...

"H-how?" The burning figure looked down at the hole in his chest. Jordan managed to shoot him.

'But how?! The only other gun was dismantl-!' It was after reaching this point did he have an absurd thought. Life started to fade from his eyes, but his face was still unable to accept what had happened.

To him, there was no way Jordan could've reassembled the pistol that had been taken apart earlier.

That didn't make any sense!

No matter how much of a genius you were. The amount of precision and accuracy needed to preform such a last-minute construction was inhuman. There was no way it could be done!

He'd even injured Jordan's hands. So how was he able to use them without fumbling or making a mistake? It didn't make sense! This wasn't even in the range of 'genius' anymore. He was a monster!

These were the last things Lightning Fang thought before falling to the ground to become a corpse.

The fires burning him had yet to extinguish...

It was only after seeing the assassin's dead body did a feeling of weakness overcome the youth.

He had pulled most his muscles and was even left with grave injuries. The situation wasn't good…

He needed immediate treatment!

The siren of an ambulance could be heard along with a few police cars. The owner of the dogs that helped him earlier called emergency services, but he didn't feel like Jordan would make it to the hospital.

The 'alcohol' he gurgled earlier acted like a poison to his body. This was what made those at the Akashic Library flustered. They couldn't do anything to help him as he turned his head, only to see that the black car's driver already prepared to run away.

The hood was down, and there was no way for Jordan to get any of the alcohol to touch him.

Arnold could only sigh, believing the young man wouldn't be able to hold out long enough in his current condition. The servants could also tell that he wasn't in the right state of mind after 'calming'.

The driver was running off, and the police gave chase as soon as they connected the dots.

Jordan was left kneeling; reaching out to him...

He still couldn't believe what happened himself. A look of heart-wrenching agony arose as he spoke:

"Wake up..."

His voice was so soft that no one could hear him. It was these two words that would be lost in time...

He fell unconscious after that, unable to do anything more. His body stated to succumb...

...the injuries inflicted onto him weren't light.

'I... am sorry.' Jordan thought, unknowing that his words had been heard even from a long distance.

The 'corpse' of Simon Stuman trembled...