Chapter 3:

Tuesday Part 3

Jolly Good, My Dear Jimothy-Kun

What lies in my hand? At this moment: a cupcake. A sugary confectionary topped with lime icing and dressed in orange and blue wrapper. Sweet youth. And whilst my youth has all but vanished in my 31 years of life: Jimothy-kun's youth has not. No bitterness. No tangy, orange zest. Pure sponge cake, soaking up the flavours of life and just focused on the simpler things.Bookmark here

I take a bite out of the cupcake and swallow. Then, finishing off the rest, I open my mouth.Bookmark here

- I am unsure if I have asked this before but how come do you use white so much in your house? I ask. Bookmark here

I crumple up the cupcake wrapper and place it on the table. Glass; not white: contradiction: opposite.Bookmark here

- I'm not much of a fan of the warmth and white doesn't absorb much heat. They answer.Bookmark here

- Ah, I recall you telling me that before.Bookmark here

- Did I? Can't quite remember.Bookmark here

- Remember what?Bookmark here

- Remember who?Bookmark here

- Rem.Bookmark here

- Who's Rem?Bookmark here

The joke landed. I giggle in glee.Bookmark here

- Oh, that reminds me, I pop a naruhodo-like expression: coconut crack, the second part of that isekai is out.Bookmark here

- That it is. Says Jimothy-kun.Bookmark here

- So, how are you finding it so far?Bookmark here

- Absolutely awful.Bookmark here

- What? I make a perplexed face: disgust towards my friends words.Bookmark here

- You enjoyed it?Bookmark here

- I did but I'm more so surprised you did not.Bookmark here

- Well, it's just as bad as the first season so far.Bookmark here

- Alright, alright. Whilst the first season was questionable at times, this season has not yet had any of those kinds of scen—Bookmark here

- I think you forgot quite an amount of those scenes now.Bookmark here

- What are you talking abou—oh, nevermind. I scratch the back of my light novel protagonist styled, brown hair, popping yet another naruhodo-like expression. Bookmark here

- If you want to talk about something that's actually rather good, the new Demon Slayer film—Bookmark here

- Changing the topic now, are we? Asks myself. And not only that, but you speak of such rubbish taste as that?Bookmark here

- I can't believe I'm hearing this. Didn't you think it was simply a spectacle to behold?Bookmark here

- The animation was good, do not get me wrong. However, the writing was atrocious and the CG—Bookmark here

- CG?! Jimothy-kun leans forwards, looking me straight in the eyes, the CG wasn't bad at all, what are you talking about?Bookmark here

- It was as bad as the CG in season 4 of Atta—Bookmark here

- Don't even finish that sentence.Bookmark here

- Why? I am right, am I not?Bookmark here

- No. I am right.Bookmark here

- Your opinion is but invalid, Jimothy-kun.Bookmark here

- My, my I believe you are the one without credibility, James.Bookmark here

- I cannot believe how you can have a different opinion.Bookmark here

- I didn't even think opinions existed to begin with.Bookmark here

- Indeed. They are surely but some myth.Bookmark here

- A legend?Bookmark here

- Very much so.Bookmark here

- On a serious note, what is it that you don't like about Demon Slayer? Jimothy-kun asks.Bookmark here

- It’s the dialogue, the writing and the characters specifically.Bookmark here

- Isn’t that nearly everything?Bookmark here

- Exactly.Bookmark here

- Alright, the characters then?Bookmark here

- I think they appear rather one dimensional.Bookmark here

- Much like your taste.Bookmark here

- What was that?Bookmark here

- Nothing.Bookmark here

- You definitely said something there.Bookmark here

- What did you mean by one dimensional? Jimothy-kun questions, swatting me away.Bookmark here

- I mean they all follow one cliche or archetype and they just are nothing but that.Bookmark here

- Even Rengoku?Bookmark here

- Yes, them included.Bookmark here

- They were so good though.Bookmark here

- I could not remember a single thing about their character.Bookmark here

- You're really boiling my blood here, James.Bookmark here

- Am I, Jimothy-kun?Bookmark here

- How on earth do you not remember anything about them?Bookmark here

- Well, it is more so that I was only half paying attention, I cross my arms and cough, okay, perhaps I should not be speaking when I barely recall much of the film.Bookmark here

- You think?Bookmark here

- But I do recall how cheesy the dialogue of the characters was. Made me roll my eyes enough that it could serve as a whole eye training arc.Bookmark here

- I do agree that some of the dialogue was a little forced, but it wasn't that bad.Bookmark here

- You are correct. It was worse.Bookmark here

- How on earth do you come up with these conclusions?Bookmark here

- Just them one trick pony archetypes irritate me, rather so.Bookmark here

- So, do you hate seeing things like tsunderes and yanderes and the lot too?Bookmark here

- No.Bookmark here

- Why not?Bookmark here

- Because they are more than just one specific cliche.Bookmark here

- What're you talking about? They're rather so, just one single, personality trait.Bookmark here

- So, considering you seem to hate those kinds of characters, how do you not hate the ones in Demon Slayer?Bookmark here

- I don't hate those kinds of characters.Bookmark here

- But you just said the main thing that makes them unrealistic.Bookmark here

- And I think that's but what gives them that anime feel.Bookmark here

- I agree.Bookmark here

- So, it's settled?Bookmark here

- Seems so.Bookmark here

- We both agree?Bookmark here

- Indeed, I make a smug face and metaphorically flip my short hair, incredible is it not?Bookmark here

- What's actually the appeal of those kinds of characters anyways? Jimothy-kun asks.Bookmark here

- Hm, I am not quite so sure.Bookmark here

- Like some people love characters like that. Oh, right; speaking of love, how is your fiancée doing?Bookmark here

- ....Bookmark here

- James?Bookmark here

- .....Bookmark here

An ache makes itself apparent. The painful beat of a coughing pulse: sick and pale.
What was warm now cold; what was a soothing hug now distantly apart. The cliché thorns of a rose prick my soft heart.Bookmark here

- You alright there Morris?Bookmark here

- Not feeling like talking about it Jimothy...Bookmark here

- What's wrong? Why? Did something happen?Bookmark here

- .....Bookmark here

- Alright, I won't ask. You can fill me in when you feel up to it.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

- Thanks.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

 Bookmark here

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