Chapter 5:

The Twin Girls In Black / A New Beginning

Dating My Sister's Crush's Sisters!

For someone who yearns normalcy like me, there were many things that always came to throw a wrench in the mix. From small stuff that only does a dent, to large things that basically throw your life into turmoil, there is an endless number of possibilities that can get between me and normalcy.Bookmark here

So, when I found myself staring into the eyes of two identical-looking girls, which I didn’t recognize, something told me that this was going to be one of those two.Bookmark here

“Are you Keizou Noro?” The girl standing to the left asked. She had pure black hair flowing down her shoulders and long bangs. Her eyes were blue enough to be the sky itself, but if I looked close enough, I could see a hint of green in them.Bookmark here

“…Yes?” I answered hesitantly.Bookmark here

“So you’re twins with Keiko, right?” The girl standing to the right asked. Once again, she also had black hair and blue eyes, but hers were the pure blue of a clear sky at noon with no green.Bookmark here

“Yes,” I answered now having an idea where they were coming from.Bookmark here

If I had to guess, they knew Keiko from track and only just learned she had a twin. They were curious so they came to investigate if it was true, and now here we were.Bookmark here

“Really? Well…” the girl on the right trailed off.Bookmark here

“Well,” the girl on the left picked up after her, “we wanted to ask you some questions…”Bookmark here

I could feel my heart racing. I’d had random people talk to me before, but it was usually because of Ishibashi and Terada. So in the end it had to do with them instead of me. This time though…Bookmark here

“W-Why me?” I stuttered.Bookmark here

“That’s because—”Bookmark here

“Hiyu. Mayumi.” A voice called out from near the door.Bookmark here

The two girls snapped their necks towards the origin of the voice. There stood a guy with black hair and emerald eyes. He stood confidently as he fixed his longish hair out of his eyes.Bookmark here

He walked up to us and said, “Sorry, Noro, are my sisters bothering you?”Bookmark here

His deep voice felt like it shook the air around him.Bookmark here

“Not really.” I forced my voice to say steadily.Bookmark here

So the three of them are siblings, I thought. At second glance, he really did look like those two. I couldn’t say I recognized him, but he looked like a popular guy.Bookmark here

“Good, these two got really excited when I mentioned there were other twins at this school. Even more so when I told them you were in my class, Noro. Sorry about that.” He said with a smile.Bookmark here

Wait, he’s in my class?Bookmark here

Apart from that revelation, he also debunked my theory of how they knew about me. So it was him who mentioned me. I didn’t know how that conversation led to me being mentioned, but I furrowed my brows at the thought of people talking about me behind my back.Bookmark here

“I’ll get them out of your hair now.” He gently placed a hand on each of their backs. “Let’s go.”Bookmark here

With that, he motioned them out of my way. However, the girl that once stood on the left threw a small piece of paper on my desk. It was a tiny crumpled-up note. I waited until they left the classroom to pick it up.Bookmark here

A thin finger pocked my back, “What was that about?” Ishibashi asked.Bookmark here

“Don’t know.” I uncrumpled the piece of paper.Bookmark here

“Ooh, is that a love letter?” She teased.Bookmark here

I ignored her as I read the paper, “Meet us on the rooftop during lunchBookmark here

I grimaced before crumpling the paper once more.Bookmark here

“What did it say?”Bookmark here

“Nothing,” I said as I stuffed it in my pocket.Bookmark here

It was early in the morning and things were already going left.Bookmark here

A minute later, the green-eyed guy came back into class and sat at the desk closest to the door. He looked over at me and waved.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

As our lunch period came around, I did the same as always. I opened my bento and began eating.Bookmark here

The lunch was, again, alright, but I’d take this over our grandfather who would barely give us anything at all. In that way, I couldn’t deny Muuka felt different from our other guardians.Bookmark here

Do you really think that pushing everyone away will end well for us?Bookmark here

It had already been a week since Keiko muttered those words to me. I’d thought about it a few times since then, but my answer always stayed the same. I guess my decision to ignore the request of those two girls only served to further my point.Bookmark here

Is Keiko trying to forge a new path? I questioned. She seemed pretty happy when I told her I didn’t mind her doing her own thing from now on. My heart still felt heavy thinking about that.Bookmark here

As I was about to stuff a piece of egg in my mouth, a loud slam against my desk made me drop it back into the box.Bookmark here

“Hey! What happened to meeting with us?!” Bookmark here

Looking down at me with furrowed brows was one of the twins from earlier. She seemed pretty mad and was acting differently from how she was before. I imagined her to be a shy timid girl who blushed at the slightest compliment, but now she reminded me more of Keiko.Bookmark here

I thought up an excuse, “Well, I was—”Bookmark here

Before I could say anything, she pulled a chair from an empty desk and pulled it in front of my desk. She sat down and took a small piece of egg from my bento.Bookmark here

“That’s for trying to use an excuse.” She said while chewing. Bookmark here

Well, I was cornered. I put down my chopsticks and took a deep breath. My heart had started racing again. This was probably the most forward person who had talked to me all of high school, beating Ishibashi by a small margin.Bookmark here

“What is it?” I asked.Bookmark here

She looked over to the door and signaled someone to come in. From the sliding door came her twin sister. She slowly made her way towards us.Bookmark here

She had a gentle expression. Clearly the calmer of the two. Even the way she walked was graceful.Bookmark here

With a bright smile, she said, “You’re really lucky I’m here.”Bookmark here

She elaborated no further.Bookmark here

“Right! So let’s get down to business!” she crossed her legs and leaned back on the chair.Bookmark here

Her eyes were sharp, you could see thunder in those sky-colored eyes. Her black hair blended in with the black uniform of our school.Bookmark here

The other girl stood on the right side of my desk in between the both of us. She looked like a waitress about to take our order.Bookmark here

“Do you remember what we wanted to talk about?”Bookmark here

“No.”Bookmark here

“Don’t lie to me!”Bookmark here

“Then why ask?”Bookmark here

She had the eyes of a killer. I’m sure that if she had a knife in hand, she would have killed me a long time ago.Bookmark here

I anxiously took a piece of egg from my bento and ate it. I might’ve been messing with her, but that was all I could do to prevent my heart from collapsing. I had gotten so used to only talking to a max of three people in school that adding these two to the mix was overwhelming me.Bookmark here

“Look!” She slammed her hand on my desk. You would think she would say something after that, but she just stayed silent.Bookmark here

“We wanted to ask you something.” The other girl patted the head of the girl in front of me, “She’s a bit too prideful to say it herself, so bear with us.”Bookmark here

“H-Hey, why did you tell him that!?”Bookmark here

“Showing your flaws make people trust you more.”Bookmark here

“I don’t think that’s how that works!”Bookmark here

“It is.” She said confidently.Bookmark here

I felt my anxiety slowly fade. If it was from her showing her flaws or not was up to debate, but I felt it was more because of how non-threatening they both were. Anyway, I put a piece of meat in my mouth and chewed.Bookmark here

“So yeah, that’s how it is.” The girl across from me said with crossed arms.Bookmark here

She sat there in silence once more. Suddenly she was moved backward with a screech, chair and all. “W-Wha—!”Bookmark here

In front of me now was the other twin, having pulled over a chair of their own. “Hey, I don’t think we’ve introduced ourselves yet, right?”Bookmark here

After thinking about it, they already knew my name when they came up to me, and there was no time for them to say much after that, so their names never came up. Although thinking back on it, I felt like their brother had called out their names, I just didn’t catch them.Bookmark here

She outstretched her hand, “I’m Hiyu Yaguchi. Nice to meet you!”Bookmark here

It was an odd thing to do this late into…whatever they were doing, but I shook her hand regardless, “Hi.”Bookmark here

I was about to pull my hand back, but she strengthened her grip, “You haven’t introduced yourself.” She said with a smile.Bookmark here

“Really?” I asked.Bookmark here

Her smile was unshakable, unlike her grip which I could’ve easily gotten out of. Her hand was soft. It felt smooth like parchment paper. It was also strangely cold.Bookmark here

With a sigh, I answered, “Keizou Noro.”Bookmark here

She finally let go.Bookmark here

The other girl walked over to us, pulling the chair back to the desk she took it from. “I’m Mayumi.”Bookmark here

“Just call us by our given names. It would be confusing otherwise.” Hiyu said.Bookmark here

“Alright.”Bookmark here

With that, we finally got to the crux of the matter.Bookmark here

“So, as you know, we are first years here.”Bookmark here

“You are?”Bookmark here

“Yes!” Mayumi yelled. “Don’t you see the blue tie and skirt?!” she tugged at her tie and grabbed her skirt.Bookmark here

The tie that I and everyone else in my class wore, was red, and the girls wore a skirt with black squares separated with red lines. These were only for second years. Every other year had a different color. First-year blue, and third-year black, and like Mayumi mentioned, those two wore blue.Bookmark here

“Right.”Bookmark here

“Well, since you and Keiko are twins, we wanted to ask how you did it?”Bookmark here

“Did what?” I asked to the odd-sounding question.Bookmark here

“You know, how do you deal with people comparing you to each other?”Bookmark here

I let out an accidental chuckle. A really out-of-character action coming from me when it came to strangers.Bookmark here

“D-Don’t laugh! We’re serious!” Mayumi yelled…again.Bookmark here

Honestly, I got where they were coming from, but I think they were missing quite a few huge details. I’m sure I’d still be able to relate a little, but nowhere near as much as they might think.Bookmark here

“You do realize she’s a girl.”Bookmark here

“Yes,” Hiyu replied.Bookmark here

“And I’m a guy.”Bookmark here

“Yes!” Mayumi said.Bookmark here

“And she’s in track.”Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

“And I don’t do anything.”Bookmark here

“Yes!”Bookmark here

“There’s no reason to compare us.”Bookmark here

“Yes there is!” “Yes there is.”Bookmark here

They both said simultaneously.Bookmark here

“What about when people say she’s the better twin?!”Bookmark here

“Do they say that about us?”Bookmark here

“Or when they say that she’s the nicer one?”Bookmark here

“Do they?”Bookmark here

“Literally anything! Don’t it hurt you?!”Bookmark here

With whatever was left of my self-esteem shattered, I finished my bento and placed it to the side. I couldn’t say I knew if what they were saying was actually said, but even then, I couldn’t deny that. She was better than me in basically every department.Bookmark here

“Can’t say it does.”Bookmark here

““Really?”” they both asked.Bookmark here

I nodded.Bookmark here

“Ugh!” Mayumi groaned.Bookmark here

Now that I was of no use, I was finally able to be left alone. At least I hoped that was the case, but they didn’t seem to be going anywhere.Bookmark here

“I guess that was a miscalculation on our part,” Hiyu said as she crossed her arms. “It’s harder to be compared to each other if you’re different genders…”Bookmark here

“Yep.”Bookmark here

“Still…” she stood from her seat. “I’m sure we can learn something from you two.”Bookmark here

“I’m sure you can learn more from Keiko.”Bookmark here

“We can’t do that!” Mayumi said.Bookmark here

“Why not?”Bookmark here

“Well…” she trailed off.Bookmark here

“She's kinda hard to talk to…” Hiyu finished.Bookmark here

Hard to talk to? How? I’m pretty sure that’s me.Bookmark here

I turned my head in confusion.Bookmark here

“A-Anyway,” Hiyu continued. “We will talk to you again next week today.”Bookmark here

“Next week?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, next week. We wouldn’t want a bunch of people overhearing our conversation, right?” she motioned her hand around the classroom.Bookmark here

To my surprise, there was no one else in the classroom. I knew I wasn’t the most attentive to my surroundings, but to not notice that I was alone in the classroom was something else. Although, the fact there was no one else there was weird in itself.Bookmark here

“Well, see you.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, see ya!”Bookmark here

And just like that, they disappeared.Bookmark here

“Uh-huh…”Bookmark here

I was left alone in the classroom.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

After school, I was left pondering over the events that’d happened earlier that day. Those two girls were weird, to say the very least, and I still couldn’t understand why they’d decide to come to me instead of Keiko. They had every reason to go to her, so why?Bookmark here

“Helloo, anyone in there?” A hand waved in front of my face.Bookmark here

“Oh, hey Keiko.” I snapped out of my thoughts.Bookmark here

I’d been waiting for her by the school gates but blanked out, immersed in my thoughts.Bookmark here

“What were you daydreaming about?”Bookmark here

“I wasn’t daydreaming,” I said as I straightened myself and made my way out the gate. “Let’s go.”Bookmark here

As usual, we walked down the same street, basically avoiding people all throughout. Keiko seemed to be quieter than usual, but she said it was because she was tired from track practice. She’d been getting up earlier recently because the team wanted to train more apparently.Bookmark here

With that, we eventually made it to the regular plain-looking house that was our aunt’s house.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Huh, I forgot to cross off ‘finish school’,” I said to myself while sitting at my desk.Bookmark here

From the moment I started writing things down in notepads, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d forgotten to cross something off. That was years’ worth of time, yet those two girls seemingly weirded me out enough to forget about it.Bookmark here

Either way, I crossed off the appropriate objectives in my agenda.Bookmark here

After dinner, I went back to my room to finish homework. That painful task took most of the day and I let out a relief-filled sigh as I stretched in my chair.Bookmark here

I got up and exited my room. I headed downstairs to get a drink of water. I was completely dehydrated after that mental drain.Bookmark here

“Do you think you can help me with that?” A familiar voice asked.Bookmark here

“Of course I can!” Muuka gleefully answered. “But why the sudden interest?”Bookmark here

I stopped near the end of the stairs. Any further and they would surely see or hear me coming. I could almost see Keiko fidgeting during the long pause between Muuka’s question and providing the answer.Bookmark here

“Don’t tell me…” Muuka started before Keiko could answer. “Is it a boy?” she said almost teasingly.Bookmark here

However, although I couldn’t see her, the lack of denial was as much of an answer as any other. Muuka let out an excited shriek.Bookmark here

“Stop, Keizou might hear.”Bookmark here

I slowly made my way back upstairs, the dryness in my mouth having disappeared in its entirety.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

She…has a crush…?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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