Chapter 1:


Hello Nightmare

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Heavy rain soaked the earth at noon, full of the hustle and bustle of the journey of human daily life. Doing all sorts of work utilizing their own capabilities. Various colours of umbrellas are seen colouring the scenery when viewed from above. In the middle of the busyness, there are two glimpses of humans standing on the ridge board of the gable roof. The building is quite tall if compared to others around it and looks like an ordinary apartment. The green painted building stands out a bit from the surrounding buildings because of its bright colour. It is impossible to see the two of them with the naked eye by the humans below even more so with the rain.Bookmark here

They embrace the rain without an umbrella to cover them from the cold. Oddly, their clothes don't even get a little wet. Their perfectly neat clothes are still intact and unsoaked.Bookmark here

“I believe this meeting is important as our life, that we have to hold it here with rain...Professor Yamato,” a dashing-looking man wearing a black suit with a black bowler hat said formally.Bookmark here

“Nah, nothing left to be valued in my life, Goro...I just want a breath of fresh air to make some decisions about a certain subject…the air conditioning will only worsen my thought,” an old man wearing a white lab coat with grizzled hair said calmly. He uses a long brown cane with almost half his height at his right side to maintain his stability on the roof.Bookmark here

"Hahaha, this rain sure is solacing for an old man like us. So, which subject are you referring to?" Goro asked.Bookmark here

"WW1...It's meaningless to try to fix it," Professor Yamato explained in short.Bookmark here

"I see...our first, now I know why you chose this place. It does evoke some memories..." Goro said after he can relate this place to the purpose of the meeting.Bookmark here

“Hahaha...I know, some endings are fitting to be settled at the beginning of it…it's just a cycle of the purpose and outcomes of it,” Professor Yamato looks into the sky like he recalls some memories.Bookmark here

Perhaps we should end it when we have a chance before even starting it, so there will be no cycle at all...but it's too late now. Professor Yamato monologues within himself.Bookmark here

“The relationship between the beginning and end huh… I rather replace outcomes with achievement...We have gone so far and accomplished so much to just call it outcomes," Goro said while touching his chin that is adorned with a thin anchor beard.Bookmark here

"Hmm, sacrificing one subject for another to thrive...that sounds pretty much like an achievement for everyone with a rational mind…" the professor said.Bookmark here

"Yes, efficiency is a human motto after all. So, straight to the point, destroy it then?” Goro asked without wasting any time.Bookmark here

"Hmm, let's see...I have something to experiment I want to ask your permission, can I use it? You will be a waste to destroy it just like that," Professor Yamato asked politely.Bookmark here

"Garbage isn't needed in my work, you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't impact another subject, and make sure to report it to me from time to time, I don't want someone doing something without my knowledge," Goro said straightly while holding the tips of his hat.Bookmark here

"My pleasure then…" Professor Yamato expresses his gratitude.Bookmark here

“Zup!” Bookmark here

Goro suddenly fades in a blink of an eye without a trace left on the roof like a ninja leaving Professor Yamato all alone on the roof.Bookmark here

"It was just a matter of time before it came. Suddenly, everything is 'my' work only," the professor muttered alone, "Poor boy…exploited half-dead, abandoned with eternal pain. Nevertheless, incapable of feeling the pain anymore, for it was already a part of him."Bookmark here

He gazes far into the sky before fading away just like Goro.Bookmark here

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2020Bookmark here

In class 1-F of Yamazaki High School, the midterm examination went on in full intensity. The student all focused on their mind to answer the exam question. The boys were wearing formal white shirts with red ties matched with black slacks. The girls wore a sailor-style white uniform with red ribbon and black skirt.Bookmark here

"5 more minutes left! Make sure you have already answered all the questions. To anyone who is already done, make a double-check. This is your last paper, make sure you don't make silly mistakes." Bookmark here

A chubby teacher with wavy short hair announces to her students before the examination reaches its ending.Bookmark here

...but I just answered half of it…and everything that I answered is based on my feelings...I don't even know the right answer...Bookmark here

Hiroshi stared at his English paper helplessly with his mouth opened slightly. He scratched his head making his already messy black hair more chaotic.Bookmark here

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