Chapter 8:

Possessing a young girl! - Chapter 8

Summoned as a Ghost in another world



Skills: <Soul Bound>Lv.1

You can have a close connection to someone who you really care about. If you use this skill on another being, your souls will be together forever!

->Members: ( 1... )



I... I didn't expect this kind of explanation… So I can find my own soulmate with this skill? That's amazing, but still, that doesn't help the fact that I'm a ghost. And there's already one member bound to my soul. Wait... don't tell me that is...



->Members: ( Aya )



I looked at Aya the moment I realized what I had done to her. She was bound to me without her consent. What can I do? Do I turn it back? But how? I can't even explain to her what just happened. How could I do such a thing to her? Maybe, I can get a little more details if I focus on the name of this status.



->Members: ( Aya )


Name: Aya

Race: Human

INT: 10

STR: 5

AGI: 4

VIT: 3

DEF: 4

Skills: < Glowing ball >



She also has a special skill? I never thought that special powers existed in our world. I only have seen people use powers in anime, manga, and movies. But ever since I became a ghost, they don't seem weird to me anymore.

Aya was looking around the room while fidgeting her arms and legs. I looked at her straight into her eyes while slightly tilting my head sideways.

"Ah, it's nothing! I just never expected to find a ghost in this house…" I crossed my arms as I was looking at her.

"You see, I was looking for a place to spend the night and that's when I found this old house."

A place to spend the night? Is this girl a homeless person, or did she run away from her home? I really wish I could help her, but I'm nothing more than a ghost. Not only I can't do anything, but I also can't even get out of this place! If only I could get out of here...

Slowly watching as the morning's sunlight rose on Aya's face, I realized that a new day was starting. It was just like any other morning, but now that the sunlight cleared up the darkness of the night, I could see Aya's face clearly.

"It's already morning…" She said with her soft and cute voice.

" ~~~ Huh!?" Growling noises were heard from Aya's stomach. She placed her hands on her stomach as her face became slightly red from embarrassment.

Is she hungry? Now that I look at her more clearly, she looks really skinny. How many days has she spent without eating anything? She put her left hand on her inner pocket, trying to find something. And after some seconds of searching, she pulled out something from there. From the appearance, it looked like a weird brown coin. I pointed my finger at her coin. Maybe she keeps it as a good luck charm.

"Huh? This? That's all the money I have left…" She looked a little sad as she said that to me.

Money? That's weird… It's not in Japanese currency, and I have never seen a coin like that. She must be a foreigner like I thought. But wait, if she was, then how did she come here? Maybe she is an emigrant from another country, but she speaks Japanese so well. I wish I could ask her, but I'm afraid I will scare her again with my voice.

Wait, maybe I can help her somehow! If I possess her while she is conscious, I can show her around Japan and while I'm at it. I can take her to the police station. I'm sure that the police will help Aya if she is lost. This way, I can get out of this room as well.... or I hope so.

I gently looked at Aya straight into her eyes as I grabbed her hands. The only thing I could touch right now was her body. Her skin was so smooth and soft, reminding me how warm a human skin can be.

I'm sorry about this, Aya. I thought as I was looking into her eyes.

"Huh?" Her face slightly blushed as she was looking back at me.

Okay, I'm glad she didn't freak out from the fact I touched her. Now how do I use my skill? As I was thinking about possessing her, I felt as my body was being sucked inside her.

"Huh?! What? What are you doing?" And in the next second, I was inside Aya's body. The moment I opened my eyes, I could see the room from her point of view. Feeling the pressure of gravity pressing down on my body, I took a deep breath and smelled the dust that was flying around. Even though it was disgusting, I felt like I was alive once again. But in the next moment, Aya started looking around with her head, taking control of her body with ease from me.

"What happened? Where did you go?" She asked as she was looking for me. While I was trying to test something, I moved some steps forward using her body. It seems like It's possible to possess Aya while she's still conscious. I wonder how long I will last this time...

"Huh?! My body is moving on its own?!" Not realizing that I possessed her, she reacted as she looked down at her legs.

I waved Aya's right hand in front of her face as a sign of telling her its okay. I wanted to try and talk using Aya's mouth... But I was a bit concerned. What if my hollow voice comes out instead of her voice? That could freak her out just like before or what's worse… break her voice.

"Ghost-san, is that you? A-are you inside me?" She asked. I could feel her body trembling a little as she asked this question. I knew it. She is freaking out about me being inside her… No one wants to be possessed by a ghost. But this was the only way I could help her. As a sign of response, I gave her a thumbs-up using her right hand.

The moment I gave the confirmation, I felt as if my heart was beating really fast. It was a feeling I had never felt before when I was human. Wait, it's not my heart. That's Aya's heart! Her heart was beating really fast, causing a burning feeling on her stomach. Is she so hungry that she is feeling sick right now? And in the end, I felt as if her face was blushing. She placed both of her hands on the front, covering her face in embarrassment.

What is happening? I expected her to freak out.