Chapter 9:

A different new world! - Chapter 9

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

Feeling her hot breath coming out of her nose… Her legs became weaker as time passed by. I was glad that she didn't scream, nor did she faint, but her feeling like this was a bit concerning. Not knowing what to do, I lightly tapped her cheek twice as a way to grab her attention.

"Ah... Ghost-san, I'm sorry... I'm fine, don't worry about me…" She said as she was trying to calm herself down by taking a long deep breath.

"Haaaa…" She let out her breath from her mouth. This calmed her down a little bit, but I could still feel some kind of burning feeling on her stomach. It wasn't painful, nor was it pleasant. I remember feeling this way before too, but I can't seem to remember when...

As she was waiting for me to react in any way, I started walking towards this room's door.

"Hya!" She let out a cute reaction as I was using her body.

"I'm sorry about that Ghost-san, I was just surprised." After getting her confirmation, I kept walking towards the door.

It was now or never! Will I get out of this room together with Aya, or will I get left behind from the invisible field?

That's what was going through my mind as I was taking one step after another. And before I knew it, I was in front of the door, standing still.

"Huh? We stopped?"

This is it! If I can't get out of this room using this method, then that means I'm meant to be forever here. But I won't accept such a thing!

I took a long step forwards, allowing me to cross the line between the inside of the room to the outside. And in the end...I was out of the room...

"Are we leaving Ghost-san?" She asked as I was looking left and right in order to find the way out of this old house. And as a way of saying "Yes" to her, I made a thumbs-up using her hand.

"I see, then the stairs are this way." She took control of her body back, allowing her to walk on the right side. And in no time, I noticed the stairs she mentioned before. As I was looking around, I noticed many paintings stained with blood, ripped clothes, burned stuff lying on the ground, etc. This was the perfect place for a haunted house! Maybe this is what caused me to spawn in this kind of house. But what weirded me out the most was the fact that this house was way too old-fashioned. I couldn't spot any power plugs, light switches, or any electrical things.

I thought this was weird, but the moment we left the house, I was utterly speechless… It wasn't because of the dead-looking garden in front of this house, but because of this place's neighborhood.

People wore weird old-fashioned clothes, the roads were made of rocks and dirt, houses were only two storeys high at most, and they looked old-fashioned as well. I've been to some rural areas in Japan, and I'm sure that this place is nowhere close to Japan.

Just where the hell did I end up? I don't even know where I am!

Aya can speak Japanese, including those few people who were passing by. Is this really Japan? I'm really confident of finding my way around Japan using signs or any little detail around me, but this place is way different!

I felt Aya's stomach growling as she looked at her own coin once again.

"I don't have enough money…" She said as she started walking in one direction. I didn't know what to do since I couldn't recognize anything around here.

Even some signs I noticed contained some kind of gibberish words that I've never seen before. I was sure that those words weren't in Chinese, Arabic, or Greek since I knew some basic words about them. This place was like a different new world! And what's worse, I can't even help Aya!

I already knew how Aya felt since she shared her senses directly with me. And what she was feeling right now, was something that a girl like her should never feel. Not being able to eat for days may even cause her to faint just from sudden reactions. That also might explain why she fainted the moment she saw me. But where is she going right now?

As we were walking, she looked towards a guy who was selling some weird-looking food on the streets.

"Dayoki! Dayoki here for only 100 Xumi each!" He was calling out to all of the people walking by as he was trying to sell something called 'Dayoki'.

Is 'Dayoki' refer to those things he is trying to sell? From the appearances of those things, it looked like some kind of meat. They were a little burned and making it really disgusting based on the smell, but people seem to buy it. Even Aya was looking at them with a hungry expression in front of this guy's shop stand.

Does she want to eat those disgusting things?

I also heard the price of those things, '100 Xumi'. That is the weirdest currency name I have ever heard.

"Hey, you little girl, if you're not buying anything, then piss off before I hit you!" Noticing that Aya was standing in front of this guy's shop, the seller threatened her to leave.

"Ah! I'm deeply sorry!!" She apologized as she ran away from there.

What was that about? Even if she wasn't going to buy anything, wasn't that guy an absolute asshole?

"Ghost-san? Are you still here?" She asked as she was holding her stomach in pain. I gave a thumbs up once again as a confirmation to her.

"I'm sorry about what happened... I dozed off in front of that shop, and I got yelled…" She apologized once again...

Why is she apologizing? She didn't do anything wrong. In fact, in the wrong was that guy who threatened a little kid for looking at the things he was trying to sell.

But my question right now is, where is Aya trying to go?