Chapter 21:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

I released 2 new chapters of Unholy Crusader because I couldn't get them out of my mind. I know it's been about a week since last chapter but I really wanted to emphasize the point of recruiting the Snake Demon. I have based her off of Hindi culture.

She is based off the traitorous servant of Vishnu the Destroyer. She is seen as a snake and goes by 2 other names, Naag and Naga depending if you're from a western culture or not. I also noticed something else about her description... SHE'S VERY SIMILAR TO MOBIUS FROM HONKAI IMPACT!!! I SWEAR I DIDN'T COPY HER AT ALL!! I had this character planned for a long time, before September and I've been waiting to implement her into the story because she will have a huge role to play in the Crusade. Then Honkai Impact released Mobius and now they are very similar in a ton of ways. THAT WAS NOT INTENTIONAL AT ALL!!!!

Anyways, i might release some more chapters for Blood Moon, because I just completed most of the outline for the 2nd Volume and ready to start putting it on paper.

Please keep following the development of these beautiful novels!