Chapter 9:

EXTRA - She Has A Cat Fetish!!

ReAscension- The Cries That Reached The Heavens

“Anyway, can you try turning into something for me?”

I was startled, “Sorry?”

“Turn into a creature here.”

I was unsure of my power. I may go insane like last time…

But I trusted Uvena. She revealed a lot to me and even agreed to accompany a hopeless case like myself. She even agreed to train me.

She nodded with a reassuring smile.

“What kind of creature?”

“Well... In the past, I saw a creature. It was furry with four feet, tiny but sharp claws and a tail and whiskers and… It was adorable!”

“Was it predatory?” I asked.

Uvena had a shocked look on her face, “What brought that on?”

“Well, everything I saw in the cave tried to eat me.” I replied in a matter-of-fact way, “So of course I would ask this.”

Uvena burst out in laughter, “That creature was called a felis. People kept it home as pets. It eats rodents called mice if we are talking about those without an owner. It eats a special food made for cats called cat food and drinks a white sweet liquid called milk. It was not hostile to humans… Well, some just don’t like them but they are no threat. Just furry balls of cuteness!”

Her eyes lit up making her seem childish.

“Pfft! Do you have a reference image of some sort? Because you can’t expect me to turn into something out of a description.”

“Let me look it up in my secret cat image folder...”

“...which is no longer secret.” I continued.

“Between us it is a secret.” she corrected.

“Okay okay.”

She moved her hand across the screen like conjuring up a spell. And finally, she tapped on a small image that said “Felines” on it. On it, there were images of something that changed my outlook of this world (hopefully) for the rest of my time here.

It was exactly how Uvena described it. There were cats of different colours and sizes but they were the most adorable bunch of things I’ve ever seen.

“That looks…”

“Right?!” she exclaimed, “They are little angels. I wish I had one but they are extinct.”

My excited face turned gloomy, “How did that happen?”

“Some sort of illness that affected cats and a few other domesticated animals… They died in the blink of an eye.”

She began to tear up. I could understand why. Such an adorable thing wiped off from the face of the world.

“People even recorded their antics for entertainment.” she continued, “Like this one I found.”

She played a clip where a bunch of small baby felines were playing dead on the floor.

“Oh-my-Gods look at this~,” I said. Such cuteness couldn’t exist anywhere else.

Then her face turned serious.

“Ahem, we are going off-topic.”

I was surprised, “R-right, so you want me to shapeshift into this?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I’ll give it a shot.”

I closed my eyes and imagined my body changing shape, modelling itself into what I had in my mind- an orange coloured cute little Felis.

Why orange? Well, because I like the colour.

I opened my eyes as I felt a warm coat like this covering my skin.

Uvena looked… bigger.

And I don't mean “that kind” of big.

I will bonk your minds with my eternal bat once I reach the Heavens.

I mean big as in, she increased in size.

I looked at my hands and I saw that they were… padded?

Then I noticed the lewd grin on Uvena’s face.

“No. No, you don’t!” I shouted.

“Why not? It’s not every day when you get the opportunity to get headpats and lap pillows from a woman.”

“You have a point- Wait! No!!”

But she didn’t listen. She sat down on the floor and picked me up. Placing my currently furry and small body on her lap, she began to gently stroke my fur.

I protested for a few moments. 

But, I realised how soothing it was.

“See? Told you,” she remarked with a smile.

It felt so soothing that she spent hours petting me and I let her do it.

‘I could live like this forever.’

“Let’s make a deal then,” she suggested. “You should be my pet felis, once every seven days.”


I was clearly shocked. What a simple but lewd sounding request. Her face suggested things.

“I won’t do anything to you~ Really, I promise!” she whined.

“Well, I won’t mind it. And you would clearly not let me hear the end of it if I rejected your proposal. Clearly, you have a cat fetish!”

Uvena pouted, “Hey! I do not.”

“That grin on your face suggests otherwise.”

She had a surprised face. “I guess you are right…”

‘You don’t admit that out in the open, lady!’

“Anyways,” I continued, “I’ll do it.”

Her face lit up, “You will?!”


She gave me a tight hug. I could tell that this was going to be a long day.


A monster in the depths awoke from its millennia-long slumber. It was hungry.

Who has awoken me?!

He observed the desolated landscape before him. Under the sea. It was polluted alright! Those hooligans had clearly destroyed his home in his absence.

The only place he had left.

The only place where he wouldn’t get rejected.

It was covered with corpses of dead sea animals. The ocean was dying.

And so will the world.

They will pay!


Author’s Note

Well, that's the conclusion of Part 1 of this book. Hope you guys enjoyed it till now. Because things will get spicy from here on out. Everything will be as always. Publishing won’t be consistent though since I have irl things to worry about. Part 2 will come out one day. So stay tuned. This will probably go on a hiatus lasting for a week or I’ll start with the next one in a day or two I’m unsure.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the ride so far. Peace!