Chapter 10:

A ghost in the adventurer’s guild! - Chapter 10

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

As Aya continued walking forwards, I was trying to understand where we were going. She didn’t tell me anything about where we were going, so I wasn’t sure. This place was like a new world to me and I have absolutely no idea where I am right now. There was nothing I could base on where I was. But one thing was sure, this village or whatever this place was, has no signs of technology. Actually, this place looks like it was in the middle ages. There were some carriages being pulled by horses, people wearing old-fashioned clothes, and signs that I can’t understand what they mean. But after a while, at a part of this place, I started noticing people who were wearing cosplay-like costumes. For example one big tittie One-san was wearing clothes like a magician, while some other guys who were trying to flirt with her had heavy armor and swords. One of those guys took his shirt and armor off in order to show off his muscles to that One-san.

“Ara, you guys can’t even compare to my magic!” As that One-san said that to those guys, she pulled out her hand and pointed towards those guys. And in the next second, a blast came out of her hands, pushing some meters away all of the guys.

W-Wha?! Was that real magic!? No, no, no, no! Someone must be holding some kind of movie… But I can’t see any green screens or any cameras around. It was real! There is no way this place is earth! Just in what kind of place did my soul end up?

Aya continued walking until she stopped in front of a three-storey building. This was the only building around that was only three-storey high.

“Hey, watch it!”

“You wanna fight, you bastard!?” Near the entrance, there were two guys with swords who were about to fight.

She is not going inside there is she? But that didn’t stop Aya from going inside, even though her legs were slightly trembling in fear. The moment she entered this place, I immediately realized what this place was.

It’s an adventurer’s guild! I have seen adventurer’s guild in many mangas and games!

Inside this place were a lot of people who had clothes of a magician, guys who looked like knights, muscular guys who had massive axes on their back, and some guys who had some kind of staff. On the side of this place could be seen a lot of papers stuck to the wall with some kind of gibberish words on them. Those must be quests! Aya continued walking forward while trying to avoid eye contact with everyone.

“What’s a brat like you doing in here?” A guy who looked like those bandits in the game suddenly blocked Aya’s way.

“H-huh!? I- I-I’m” Aya’s voice was trembling a lot as she was looking at this guy with fear. Even though this guy had a scary look, I couldn’t feel anything from him. But Aya’s emotions were being transferred directly to me. I could even feel her stomach aching from the stress she was experiencing.

“You what!? I ain’t getting what you saying! Get out of here before you get hurt” He threatened Aya as he was looking at her with an annoyed look on his face.

“B-But--” Aya tried talking back to this guy, but her voice barely came out from her fear.

“Don’t be so harsh on kids, Fynn.” Coming near him was a woman in her thirties with a troubled expression.

“But! ] ( Fynn )

“No buts! Go back to jerking off.” She let out a sigh as she was looking at Fynn go back to the quests wall. At least some people won’t threaten a girl just from doing something.

“Huh? Aren’t you that girl from yesterday?” She reacted when she saw the face of Aya.

Wait, she knows Aya?

“Y-yes!” Aya immediately reacted.

“You still want to be an adventurer?” The woman asked Aya as she was looking at her with a troubled look on her face. Wait, Aya wanted to become an adventurer? But isn’t she just a young girl for this kind of work?

“Yes…” Aya responded.

“Haaa… You know that this kind of work is really dangerous if you aren’t strong enough.”

“I already know that!” ( Aya )

“Fine, but in order to register to our guild, you have to bring some materials to prove that you can do this job. Is that okay with you?”

“I’ll do it!” Wait, hold on Aya! Isn’t this too dangerous for you?

“Gather some herbs similar to this.” She said to Aya as she showed a picture of the herbs she had to gather.

“Okay!” Aya responded as she started walking her way out of the guild.

“And listen, it’s okay to give up since in the forest there can be a lot of dangerous monsters! Also, don’t forget to stay away from the darker woods of the forest!” That woman said with a loud voice as she was looking at Aya leaving the guild.

“I got it!” ( Aya )


Aya felt really nervous about this and I already could feel it. I don’t know why Aya chose this kind of job, but If I had to guess, then it would be money. She only had one coin which seems to not be enough for her. There are still a lot of things that I don’t know about Aya and why she has to work. I waved my hand in order to notify her that I was still possessing her.

“Ah, Ghost-san, I’m sorry about this but it’s the only way I can earn some money…” Her voice sounded really sad.

Don’t worry, I’m not mad at you Aya. In fact, I’m stuck as a ghost as well and I still don’t know why. Now I realized that I’m in a completely different world from the earth where people use swords and magic. I wanted to tell her, but I couldn’t. I will stay beside Aya until I find a way back as a human. That’s what I decided on doing for now. But the only thing I have to figure out right now is finding a method of communication with Aya. My hollow voice is out of the question! Writing? Somehow I can speak the same language as them but I can’t understand their writings. My only option for now is communicating through gestures.

“Do you have an identification card?” Before getting out of the gate, a guy with full metal armor stopped Aya and asked.

“N-no. I was sent to gather some herbs from the guild.” ( Aya )

The guy looked at Aya when she said that.

“Okay, you can go, but monsters have become active so be careful!” That guy advised Aya as he lifted up the wood which was preventing anyone from going out.

“I will!” ( Aya )

Outside of this city, it was as I had predicted. This place was just like in the games I had played. Not actually the same but It was similar. There weren’t any buildings or any people walking around endlessly. Some kilometers away I could already see the forest which seemed to surround the whole city. But my question is… Is Aya going to be okay?




After walking for almost an hour, Aya started gathering some weird-looking herbs which I have never seen before. But from the way they looked, they looked like medical herbs. Or herbs for making potions maybe. Are potions even a thing in this world? Her hands were getting dirty as she was gathering those herbs. I could also feel the pointy parts of the herb causing pain in her hands. I already understood that this was a simple job for them, but still... really hard.

Aya was a hardworking girl and she wasn’t going to give up. And from what I was looking, things were going really well for her.

“This should be enough.” She said while looking at all of the herbs she had gathered on her tiny hands.

Near some bushes, a rustling noise was heard, making Aya’s body twitch from this sound. What was that?!

“HUH!?” Aya started looking towards where the sound came from. Her whole body started trembling and at any moment she could faint from this. But what was coming out of those bushes was something which I recognized. A small body, green skin, yellow and dirty teeth, pointy teeth.

“A g-goblin!”