Chapter 11:

Can a ghost even fight? - Chapter 11

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

In front of us was a lone goblin. Luckily that goblin had no weapons on his hand, but that doesn’t mean he is not dangerous. That goblin had fixated his eyes on Aya as a smirk appeared on his face.

“A- ah a…” Realizing that Aya couldn’t move her body from fear, I decided on taking over the control. I started running away as fast as I could using this body. Compared to myself when I was human, I could run much faster. But considering that Aya is a girl younger than me, then it’s understandable.

“GIIIIII!!!!!” That goblin started chasing me as soon as it saw me running. I have to think of something really fast or that goblin is going to catch up any time now. And Aya’s body can’t keep running for too long!

While running I started to think of any kind of strategy to lose sight of that goblin. When I was a human, I used to parkour with my friends for quite some time, so maybe I can use this to my advantage. I used anything around me to my advantage to slow that goblin down. Bushes, tree roots, rocks, anything possible I could find.

“WHA!! S-slow--!! Hmm!” I blocked Aya’s mouth so she wouldn’t waste our breath on pointless things. I didn’t have time to explain it to her, but she should know that we are currently in danger.

I can’t keep running like this anymore! Aya’s body has almost reached its limit!
What do I do to get away from it? Wait! What if I do the opposite? Maybe I can possess its body. And this way I can give him some to Aya to run away. I stopped and got out of Aya’s body. For a second I thought I was going to get transported back into that creepy room. As the goblin was closing its distance with Aya, I immediately flew towards the goblin and possessed it!


My mind went completely black the moment I possessed this goblin. My sense of smell had become terrible! My feet hurt like hell and I could smell the terrible smell of this goblin! I had complete control of this goblin, but I already could feel that this goblin would take back control of his own body.

[ GIIYAYAAAA!!! ] Even my voice sounded just like a goblin but much worse than before. I couldn’t pronounce anything at all. When I looked at Aya, her body had collapsed on the ground. Her body couldn’t keep up anymore, causing her to collapse the moment I wasn’t possessing her anymore.

Fuck! What should I do? My plan failed! If Aya can’t run away then, me possessing this disgusting goblin was pointless! Wait, maybe it wasn’t pointless! If I’m in control of its body then that means I can do whatever I want with it!

I looked at the disgusting sharp nails these hands had. This is going to hurt like hell… And without a second thought, I thrust my fingers on the insides of the eyes. A terrible burning feeling came through the whole face, causing my eyes to bleed. But I didn’t stop there! I continued going deeper until I reached the base of both eyes. And while trying to ignore the terrible pain, I ripped out both of the eyes. I couldn’t see anymore, but that didn’t stop the pain I felt.

“GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!” Even the goblin was feeling this kind of pain. Well, it’s his body after all! But I have to hurry before this goblin takes control back of his body. I also noticed that this goblin had pointy teeth. I can use this as well! Without letting the goblin recover from losing its eyes, I stuck out the tongue and let this body fall on the ground from the front. I made sure the tongue was all the way out. And when the chin crushed on the ground, the goblin’s teeth cut out the whole tongue. Blood started gushing out of the mouth! Some of the teeth broke from being crushed like that. I felt like I had A huge knife inside my mouth that was constantly cutting my insides nonstop.

“G- Gg-g.g!” The goblin couldn’t even scream from pain anymore, causing him to faint from the blood loss. After some seconds I came out of this goblin’s, relieving me from all of the pain I was feeling! I’m glad that this worked out but this is something I don’t wish to experience once again.

Even though I was doing this to that goblin’s body, I still have the memory of ripping out my own eyes and cutting off my own tongue!



<Appraisal Acquired!>



Oh, I also got a new skill! But for now, I want to check if Aya was okay. Her body was some meters away from the goblin’s body and she was unharmed. But her body couldn’t handle it anymore, causing her to faint. Not wanting to waste any more time, I decided to possess her body once again. From what I could feel, she was very weak right now and really hungry. Wait, maybe I can earn some money using the goblin! After I gathered the herbs that had fallen off Aya’s hand, I found a sharp-looking rock. And with that rock, I started cutting off the goblin’s ears! My hands became a little bloody but that didn’t matter right now. All that mattered was if we were going to earn some money using this goblin’s parts.

Hang in there just a little longer Aya! I thought as I finished cutting off the ears. Just in case I started crushing its teeth as well if the ears weren’t going to be enough. This is so gross! There’s blood all over the ground! And there’s still blood coming out of its mouth! After confirming everything that I had gathered, I started running back to the city. It’s a bit far but I think I can make it! Aya’s legs were aching from running this much. I could tell that she has never practiced any kind of sport. Well, it’s not surprising because Aya is still a young girl.

Back at the gate was the same guard and somehow he still remembered Aya leaving the city.

“Oh, you’re back?”

I nodded using Aya’s head.

“I see... I hope you didn’t have any trouble gathering them.” He said as he was looking at Aya. I shook my head left and right as I was trying to pass through as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to use my hollow voice to talk to this guy. He’d definitely find it weird that a girl like Aya has a voice like that.

“Okay, be careful at the guild.” He said as I was running towards the guild. I wasn’t sure If I was going to find it right away but I tried remembering every single detail in order to find the guild. Finding the guild was much faster than I thought it would be. But I didn’t want to waste too much time so I walked inside and went towards that woman who gave Aya the quest on gathering the herbs.

“Aya?! Thank god you’re okay! I was about to put a quest on finding you! Why did it take you so long?” That woman came towards Aya and saw if I was injured anywhere.

In response I showed her the herbs that Aya had gathered.

“Eh? Those are the herbs. Did you gather them?” I nodded in response. And on my other hand, I showed her the goblin’s ears and teeth I got from that goblin. But her reaction changed the moment she saw them.

“EHH?!?! Goblin’s ears?!”