Chapter 8:

Chapter 8 (Part 1)

Bike Hero Volume 1

Note: I hate tobacco cigarettes! Because of that, it will be replaced with electronic ones as a substitute. I hope that's understandable to you all. Bookmark here

What had I done?Bookmark here

Why did anger get the best of me?Bookmark here

I should've known that things wouldn't go well as planned.Bookmark here

How idiotic I was!Bookmark here

But hey, nothing couldn't be fixed, right?Bookmark here

I just had to blame it on myself for making those mistakes.Bookmark here

I attempted to follow Twinkle to whatever she was going, which I had no idea about.Bookmark here

I reached out my hand, apologizing to her to urge her into not walking away from me because of my mistakes: "Twinkle, wait! I'm sorry about my sudden outburst! I didn't really mean to! I don't mean it that way!"Bookmark here

But suddenly, I noticed that my hands were covered in feces because I had to clean my shoes off with them.Bookmark here

So I hurriedly looked around, searching for a water pump to clean my hands off with.Bookmark here

There, I was able to find it.Bookmark here

It wasn't far from where I was standing.Bookmark here

Speaking of which, I walked by it.Bookmark here

The water pump was indigo and rusty. Bookmark here

I then saw water dripping out of it little by little.Bookmark here

I mumbled to myself: "Oh, that's right. My hands are dirty. I should wash them off before I get myself sick."Bookmark here

I approached it, turning the water pump on.Bookmark here

Apparently, a soap bar wasn't provided, so I had to wash them solely with clean water. Bookmark here

I scrubbed my hands as the best I could, even though my hands were still a little dirty.Bookmark here

I did it rather in a hurry. Bookmark here

It worked perfectly.Bookmark here

I turned the water pump off, drying my hands off by shaking them since a towel also wasn't provided.Bookmark here

I quietly said: "Now, that's better. I have to go after Twinkle before she vanishes."Bookmark here

I proceeded into going after Twinkle, trying my best not to let her dissipate within my range.Bookmark here

But in spite of that, she did dissipate.Bookmark here

I panicked, looking around in a fazed frenzy.Bookmark here

I hollered: "Twinkle! Where are you? Don't leave me here like this yet!"Bookmark here

I hollered again for the second time, but not a single voice from her could be heard.Bookmark here

All I heard was complete silence.Bookmark here

The only things that I heard were wind and my voice echoing. Bookmark here

I could barely find her anywhere.Bookmark here

I clenched my fists, expressing anger and regret.Bookmark here

It appeared at first that I failed to prevent her from leaving me.Bookmark here

I really didn't want her to leave me like this.Bookmark here

I really wanted to atone for my stupid mistakes.Bookmark here

I guess I might as well remain a nobody to ever begin with.Bookmark here

There was nobody to care for anyway.Bookmark here

And I liked being alone because of that.Bookmark here

Loneliness was my comfort zone, and I would deplore myself into ever becoming a hero, er, a superhero.Bookmark here

But should I be able to fix these mistakes if I were to make up with Twinkle?Bookmark here

But it was too late to even consider it!Bookmark here

No, it could be possible if I just kept trying to search for her.Bookmark here

What should I do?Bookmark here

Suddenly, I smelled something pleasant.Bookmark here

No, it smelled like watermelon.Bookmark here

Where did that scent come from?Bookmark here

I scrutinized for clues, looking around within my surroundings. Bookmark here

Could it be that Twinkle might be nearby?Bookmark here

When I looked to the left, that was when I saw a set of iron stairs on the left side of the warehouse, leading to upstairs. Bookmark here

So it meant that she could be a short distance away from me!Bookmark here

So I was right!Bookmark here

Wait, I wouldn't know unless I had to go upstairs to find out.Bookmark here

I went upstairs via dashing, catching my breath as I was going. Bookmark here

However, I wasn't expecting the stairs to get me this high, looking out to the side as I went. Bookmark here

But it didn't bother me as much.Bookmark here

I didn't know why but I wasn't afraid of it.Bookmark here

Once I made it to the top, what I saw was based on my exact conjecture.Bookmark here

At last, I was able to find Twinkle.Bookmark here

What a relief...Bookmark here

I could see her smoking with a baffling device, looking out at the view of neon buildings and billboards.Bookmark here

So she was a smoker?Bookmark here

That was unpredictable. Bookmark here

But I wasn't that surprised.Bookmark here

Unlike her, I wasn't a smoker myself.Bookmark here

And I had no interest in considering it. Bookmark here

I couldn't resist but approached her in an ebullient manner, so I did.Bookmark here

She looked at me as I approached her, then faced away from me in shame.Bookmark here

I also felt the same way.Bookmark here

I calmly said: "Look, I want to apologize for what I did earlier. I didn't mean to feel that way. I know that I shouldn't say something bad about your way of cooking. I was such a fool. I think you're an excellent cook haven't I criticized those disgusting, I mean, unique cuisine. I'm really sorry, Twinkle. Will you ever forgive me?"Bookmark here

After I said my apology, Twinkle didn't say anything, taking another puff of her smoke which also came through her nostrils.Bookmark here

Despite that, she also wasn't paying attention to me.Bookmark here

Perhaps, I didn't sound sincere enough.Bookmark here

I knew she wouldn't accept my apology, and it was probably no use as it would make it worse.Bookmark here

She was just aimlessly looking at the cityscape, feeling emotionless.Bookmark here

What could she be thinking?Bookmark here

I said: "Uh, Twinkle? Are you even listening to me? I apologized to you."Bookmark here

Still, she didn't say anything.Bookmark here

So she was playing the silent treatment game, huh?Bookmark here

How despicable!Bookmark here

How could she be ignoring me like this?Bookmark here

She would definitely not accept my apology!Bookmark here

You know what, that was it!Bookmark here

I ranted: "You know what, Twinkle, you're not the person that I thought you could be! You put me in this situation just to waste my time! Nothing exciting is happening to me, and you only want to waste my time as a game! And besides that, that mission of yours is not doing us any good! You're nothing but a liar! A scammer! A girl who tends to make up stories of tragedy and sympathy, which turns out to urge me into joining your cause! So I'm dreaming! It has to be a dream, right? I will leave you behind and..."Bookmark here

I could see her eyes being screwed up, anger growing within her.Bookmark here

I had a bad feeling about it.Bookmark here

Yep, I screwed up.Bookmark here

Way to go, my idiotic self, George.Bookmark here

Twinkle finally spoke suddenly, cutting me off: "Shut up, George! You're only making yourself stupid!"Bookmark here

She was right.Bookmark here

I was making myself stupid.Bookmark here

And why was that?Bookmark here

It was because I had no intention to seek a path to God's will, and neither should I redeem myself to make my life better. Bookmark here

Did I get carried away?Bookmark here

I sure did.Bookmark here

I murmured in a remorseful tone: "Uh, sorry, it looks like I got carried away there..."Bookmark here

I didn't think speaking in that tone would be a plausible idea.Bookmark here

Now, I had to apologize for that again.Bookmark here

I said: "Look, I may not be the person you ought to..."Bookmark here

She cut me off again to explain something to me, sighing: "Listen, there's something I haven't told you before. I'm not angry about you criticizing my way of cooking. And there's no need to apologize for it. It's just..."Bookmark here

She didn't need me to apologize to her?Bookmark here

Well, that was something.Bookmark here

So there was no need to apologize to her because she didn't want to see herself as a bad person?Bookmark here

I could tell just by taking a look at her body language.Bookmark here

Ah, I realized something.Bookmark here

Could she be hiding something from me?Bookmark here

So I had to seek the truth from her!Bookmark here

I said: "Ah, I sense something suspicious. Are you trying to hide something from me, Twinkle?"Bookmark here

She clenched her teeth, feeling irritated by my sudden questioning. Bookmark here

I needed to try harder to get her to speak further.Bookmark here

I continued: "Come on, spit it out, Twinkle! There's no need to hide something from me! We can talk through this if you just tell me what has been bothering you! Do you not want me to accompany you anymore?"Bookmark here

All of a sudden, she slammed on the barrier with her fist, scaring me a little.Bookmark here

She spoke: "No, I'm not! It's just that..."Bookmark here

And just from that, she revealed the shocking truth about her past self to me. Bookmark here

The shocking truth...Bookmark here

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