Chapter 12:

A purpose to keep moving forward! - Chapter 12

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

“EHH?!?! Goblin’s ears?!” Her eyes widened up the moment she saw the goblin's material.

“W-where did you get those?” She asked as she kept looking at Aya. Even the adventurers were talking about this kind of thing. But I couldn't respond to any of her questions since Aya was unconscious. In front of this woman was me in Aya's body. I barely managed to save Aya from that goblin, but since Aya doesn't have any fighting experience, that caused her to faint. But that wasn't the only reason. Aya hasn't eaten anything at all causing her body to become weaker.

“Why aren't you saying anything? Are you hurt?” She started checking if I had any injuries around my body. But thankfully, Aya was unharmed. But since I didn't want to worry this woman, I shook my head left and right. Aya seems to know her so I didn't want to cause her any trouble. I handed her the materials I had gathered and in exchange, she gave me some coins similar to what Aya had in her pocket.

“Here is the reward for the goblins and here are for the herbs you have gathered.” I couldn't understand the value of these coins since they weren't in the currency I knew. But I didn't have a choice so I grabbed those coins and put them in Aya’s pocket. Now that I'm paying more attention to the surroundings, aren't they being a little too noisy?

“Goblin's ears? She must have found those from a corpse laying around the woods.”

“Yeah, there's no way she killed a goblin on her own.”

“If a goblin had found her, she would have been raped, that's for sure.”

“Yeah, she's lucky that nothing happened to her.” And another group of them were talking about Aya as well.

“Why would they accept a kid in the first place?”

“Leave that topic, for now, let's drink!”



“Aya, are you sure you want to become an adventurer? You can still forget about this, you know?” She also had been paying attention to all of those adventurers talking about Aya. And I understand why this kind of job is really dangerous for Aya. She almost died because of a goblin that was around the forest while she was gathering herbs. Aya right now was unconscious and I could do whatever I want to her but is that really okay? Maybe I can tell her that I don't want to join the adventurers guild. But should I really do that? Aya really wanted to join this guild and she doesn't seem to have any place to spend the night. If it wasn't for my ghost form, she would have died today. I don't even want to think about what that goblin would have done to Aya if she hadn't met me. As I looked at that woman's eyes, I finally made up my mind. I nodded at her in a sign of confirmation that I still wanted to join the guild.

“Haa... There is no rule that you aren't allowed here, and you even brought enough materials to confirm that you are able to do this kind of work. But in order to become an official member of our adventurer's guild, you have to take a few more tests.” The woman explained to me just like a professional receptionist would do. That's the kind of feeling I got when looking at her explaining the rules.


Even if I refuse to join this guild now, Aya will come back here the moment she wakes up. And this is also my responsibility since we both are connected through our souls.

“You can come and take the exam after a week. Just keep in mind that the advisors who will do the test won't go easy on you. Do you understand that?” She told me as I was looking at her. I didn't know why but I felt something nostalgic from this woman. Just from the way she was talking and advising Aya, it felt like a mother to me. Not only was she worried about Aya, but she also was strict and really kind. And that's when I knew that I could trust her. I nodded at her. I didn't know why but I could feel my face had a warm smile.

“S-smiling like that won't make the test easier you k-know!” But somehow, her voice started stuttering after I responded to her. Even her cheeks were slightly red as she was looking at me.

Did I do something wrong?





After I got all the necessary information I needed, I decided to head back to the abandoned house. And while I was on my way there, I stopped in front of a street shop.

“Are you looking for something?” The shopkeeper asked the moment I stopped walking in front of his shop. I nodded at him then I pointed my finger towards a bread-like food on his stand.

“Oh, you want this? That will be 150 Xumi.” He said as he was looking at me. Since I didn't know how much money I had, I pulled out one of the coins Aya had in her pocket and gave it to him.

“Huh?! Do you think I'm dumb, little girl?! I said it costs 150 Xumi, not 50 Xumi! If you don't have enough Xumi then don't waste my time here.” The shopkeeper got a little angry with me. I get it, so one of these brown coins is 50 Xumi! Then this makes it way easier for me to understand. I pulled out 8 more brown coins and handed them to him.

“Huh?” And, as he was looking at the coins, I raised three fingers.

“You want three?” I nodded at his question. In total, I gave him 450 Xumi based on this country's currency. But I'm glad that this shopkeeper wasn't mad at me anymore. He looked more like a dog who calms down after giving him what he wanted.

“Here you go, Thank you for your purchase.” He said as he handed me three of those things. The moment I touched that bread-like food, they were a bit hard and cold. From the shape and the smell, they looked like badly made bread. But I didn't care about taste at the moment since Aya hadn't eaten anything at all. I started eating the first bread without thinking too much about it. There wasn't anything to think about it in the first place. The bread was really hard to bite and had a plain taste on my tongue. But the moment I swallowed it for the first time, my stomach had a satisfying feeling. It's the same feeling when you come back home and you eat something for the first time after a tiring day. That's the feeling I had. On each of the small bites, I could feel as Aya's stomach was being filled after a while. And in no time, I had finished all of the three portions of bread I had bought. I hope this will give a bit more strength to Aya's body. But I already knew that Aya's body couldn't stand up anymore. That's why I went back to the abandoned house as fast as I could. Luckily no one bothered Aya while I was on my way to the house. I went back to the same room where Aya found me and laid her body on the bed. Even though the bed was a little burned, it still could be used temporarily. The moment Aya's back touched the bed, I felt my whole body aching in pain. It's that same feeling you get when you work out, and all of the pain starts appearing the moment you lay down.



I got out of her body and looked at her for a second. She was sleeping in the bed comfortably even though the bed was damaged. Now that she is asleep I can try and experiment around with my skills. I tried going outside this room expecting to be blocked by the invincible field. But this time there was no such thing that blocked my way out. I could go around the house anywhere I wanted without being blocked. I could even pass through the walls with no problem. But the moment I tried going outside, I crashed into another invisible field.

Huh? Again? I thought that the invisible field was lifted? Or wait… I thought as I went to another wall of this house and surprisingly I could pass through the way out. I couldn't understand the reason this was happening. Is there some kind of restriction blocking me from moving freely? I could get out of this house using Aya's body but why can't I get out on my own?

Wait, since I'm linked to Aya, I can't go too far away from her. That must be the reason why. If it's another reason, then I don't think I will figure it out anytime soon.

I went back to the room where Aya was sleeping. Aya was extremely tired and I didn't want to wake her up. I'm not sure what she's been through before she met me, but now that she is linked with me… I will protect her with everything I have! That's what I thought as I was looking at her.