Chapter 2:

A New Beginning

Kemen: Legend of The Void Walker

Gildor and the prince were outside but all Gildor could think about was his father being trapped in the burning building. He was completely oblivious to the world around him until a weak fist crashed into his face.

"Gildor!" Gwindor shouted after hitting him. "Gildor!" He shouted again.


"Gildor, where is he? Where's father?"

"Father...?" Finally the realization of what happened hit him. "He's still in there." Gildor shouted. "I have to go back. I need to help him." He said as he tried to run towards the fire but Gwindor grabbed him from behind.

"No Gildor. It's to dangerous. The fire has spread to much. There's no way that father could have..." Gwindor fell silent at the thought of his father being killed.

"I have to try." Gildor pleaded slapping away Gwindors hands.

"Are you just going to rush to you death? Leave your brother alone?" Valdamar asked, blocking Gildors path.

"And what would you have me do? My father could still be alive."

"And what if he's not? You're going to die in there and your brother will be alone in the world."

"Shut up!" Gildor shouted, unsure of what to do. His fathers death was a sure thing at this point. "This is your fault! He thought he had to protect you because of who you are!" He began walking towards the prince pushing him back. "If it wasn't for you my father would still be...." Gildor suddenly stopped, he didn't know what else to say or do. His rage was getting the better of him.

"I'm sorry." Was all the prince could say but that was all it took to send Gildor over the edge.

"You're sorry? You being sorry isn't going to bring him back!"

"I thought it was quite touching." An unfamiliar voice spoke up. "How his father sacrificed himself to save his son and the prince." Everyone turned their attention towards the source of the voice. Through the fire, they saw a man wearing a dark cloak. He was about as tall as Malic, but was a bit more muscular. He had long brown hair and dark brown eyes. His skin had a fair tan and his face was a bit more masculine than most elves. There was no mistake that this guy was Kelvary. "I almost cried." The man said mocking Gildor.

"Guyles? Why are you doing this?" Cried the prince.

"You know him?" Gwindor asked.

"His name is Guyles Meldres. He's captain of the guard."

"Valdamar, give me your sword!" Gildor ordered with a fierce voice and the look of a madman in his eyes.


"I'm going to tear this guy apart!"

"You're going to tear me apart... HAHAHA!" Guyles cried out in laughter. "Did you not hear the whelp... I'm the captain of the guard, the CAPTAIN..." Guyles had a smug look on his face as if he thought the world of himself. "I'm the one that teaches piss-ants like you to stand up straight when I walk into the room... I'm so far up the food chain that you don't even qualify as an appetizer."

Gildor clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. He was tired of listening to this smug bastard praising himself. His anger was at its peak, he couldn't wait any longer. Gildor looked towards Valdamar and all the prince could do was stand there. He was petrified. The look in Gildors eyes were that of a demons, they were like nothing he had ever seen, he was scared of what Gildor had transformed into and of what he might do.

Guyles just watched, he wanted to see what this boy was about to do. Gildor was close to the prince now, his hand reaching out towards him as if he were trying to grab his soul. The prince just closed his eyes, praying that this was just a bad dream and that he was about to wake up in his bed; then he felt his hands shake, he thought it was from fear but when he peeked his eyes open he saw Gildor's hand on the hilt of his sword, tearing it from its sheath. Gildor turned towards Guyles and charged with all his might, screaming as loud as he could.

Guyles wasn't impressed. He knew what this was, it was like a puppy trying to fight a tiger. He just smirked and said, "A desperate weakling is still a weakling." then raised his hand towards Gildor and started to chant an incantation. A fireball formed in his hand, then he started to fire them at Gildor one after another. Gildor just keep charging not bothering to dodge or guard and like a hammer hitting against the forge Gildor was bombarded with fireballs.

It looked like it was raining fire. 3... 6... 9... it was like hitting a wall. Guyles stopped after about 16 or so shots to catch his breath, the smoke started to clear and a figure was starting to appear. Surprise was clearly in Guyles eyes. He was expecting to see a lifeless corpse but Gildor was still standing.

For a while he just stood there, he was clearly damaged from the attack, his tunic was mostly torn off and he had severe burns all over his body. Blood was pouring from the tears on his skin.

Gildors mind was not his own, vengeance consumed his thoughts and he couldn't feel any pain. He began walking towards Guyles slowly, blood trailing his every step, his arms were lifeless and his weapon lay on the ground behind him.

Guyles stepped back in his disbelief but soon came back to his senses. "You're tougher then what I expected, but I can't afford to play with you any longer." He began chanting another incantation. It was another fire spell but it was different from his first one. This one was swelling in his hand, it grew larger and larger but Gildor continued walking towards him.

The prince and Gwindor didn't do anything, they couldn't. They were like statues, they couldn't move or speak, they could only watch as Gildor slowly marched towards his death.

"Let's see if your still standing after thi..." Guyles couldn't finish his sentence before he felt a sharp pain go through his arm. The left arm he used to nearly kill Gildor was dislodged from his shoulder and the spell he had been charging exploded in front of him. The force of the explosion sent Guyles flying back but he regained his footing quickly despite the injuries he sustained. The left side of his face and most of his body were badly wounded.

"The hell just happened?" Guyles growled while gasping for air.

"You let your guard down is what happened." Guyles quickly recognized the voice and soon found where it originated from.

"Malic... damn it, I thought you would be halfway across the city by now." Malic stood between Gildor and Guyles in his battle stance.

"I would have if not been for the screams coming from here. It was a clever trick to try and lure me away and I didn't expect the captain of the guard to rebel and attack the prince. I feel like a fool for almost falling for it."

"Damn... I can't fight Malic now, not in my condition." Guyles whispers to himself. In a desperate state Guyles throws his sword towards the prince, Malic quickly defends against the attack but then Guyles reaches for a small sphere in his pocket and throws it at the ground. A blinding flash of light emits from it, blinding Malic, Valdamar and Gwindor. When they regain there vision Guyles was no where to be seen. Malic quickly prepared to receive an attack but none came. Even so he stayed on guard until he felt Guyles' presence disappear.

Malic relaxes and turns to see if the prince had any injuries. "My prince are you al..." but before he could finish his sentence, Gildor bumps into him and collapses. Valdamar and Gwindor regain there senses after a few moments and rush towards Gildor.

"Gildor... Gildor!" Gwindor screams. "You have to help me get him to a doctor!" He pleads to Malic.

"I have no time for this. I have to get the prince to safety."

"Please Malic... I owe this man my life. Please help him." Valdamar begged, staring at Malic with concern in his eyes.

Malic pauses for a moment and looks down at Gildor. "If it is your wish, my prince."

"Bring him to the palace, the doctors there are better than the ones in the city." Valdamar ordered, trying to help reassure Gwindor.

Malic kneels down and takes Gildor upon his shoulders and proceeds with Valdamar and Gwindor to the palace. Along the way Valdamar and Gwindor tell Malic what happened after He, Gildor and Gwindor left the store. Upon reaching the palace Valdamar and Gwindor race through the corridors calling for every doctor that was present. The prince, Gwindor and any doctor they could find tended to Gildor while Malic went to the throne room to speak to the King.

"My lord Malic has returned and is requesting to speak with you."

"Well... don't just stand there send him in."

"Yes sir." The guards turn and open the doors, signaling Malic to enter.

"My lord I have retur..."

"What in the seven hells is going on in the city!" The King roared at Malic. "There have been explosions going on all day, the captain of the guard is missing, someone is screaming bloody murder for doctors and nobody here knows a gods damn thing!"

"Ahem... The explosions were caused by the Captain of the guard, Guyles Meldres, who has rebelled against the Kingdom and attacked Prince Valdamar while we were at the blacksmiths."

"Is he alright? Was anybody hurt?"

"The prince is fine, however, the blacksmith was killed leaving his two sons orphaned. The eldest son is in critical condition and their home was burnt to the ground."

"I'm happy that Valdamar is safe but those boys are left with nothing... when I get my hands on Guyles he'll regret ever harming my Kingdom."

"Guyles Meldres has also been seriously wounded and is not likely to resurface for some time."

"I'm glad you were there to keep Valdamar from harm."

"While I was the one to fend off Guyles I regret to inform you that was all I did. While I was chasing another assailant the blacksmiths eldest son was the one who kept the prince from harm."

"You left the prince in the care of children; people who you know have no fighting experience!"

"I saw Guyles was in the area when I began to pursue the other assailant. Had I known he was behind the attack, I would have stayed by the prince, but given who he is I thought he would have protected the prince."

"I don't care if you saw the General! You do not leave the prince!"

"My apologies my lord."

The King sat in his throne and rubbed the arch of in nose in frustration. "What of the other assailant?"

"In order to save the prince I had to let him get away."

"Sigh.... well then.... for now stay by the prince at all times. I also want some trackers sent after Guyles. I'll arrange a work crew to rebuild the blacksmiths shop for the two boys, and finally let me know when the older boy is awake, I wish to further compensate him for his efforts."

"As you wish my lord." Malic turned around and began to exit the throne room.

"And Malic." The King called out. "Do you know the names of the boys?"

"Only the eldest my lord. I think the younger brother called him Gildor."

"I see... have someone find out the other name for me. That will be all."

"As you wish my lord."


"Gildor...." Mathos calls out to his son.

"Father, y-your alive?"

"Gildor...." He calls out again.

"Father! Hold on I'm coming."

"Gild...." Before Mathos could call out again a blade pierced through his chest.

"No! Father! FATHER!"



"Look who failed to save his father again."

"Shut up!"


"Shut up!"


"SHUT UP!!!"

Gildor woke up in a cold sweat, his nightmare still haunting him. It took a few minutes before he realized he was in an unfamiliar room. "You're inside the healing chambers of the royal palace." Gildor looked towards the door and saw Malic leaning against the wall.

"How long was I out?"

"Almost five days. Your brother hasn't left your side once." Gildor looked to his bedside and saw Gwindor asleep in a chair. "I think he was afraid of losing another family member."

Just then it dawned on him that everything that happened at the shop was real. His home was destroyed, and his father was gone. "What about Guyles?"

"I managed to sever his arm but he still got away. There is no chance of seeing him again any time soon."

"I see." Was all Gildor could say. He wasn't exactly in the mood for a conversation. "Has my father been put to rest yet?"

"We held the ceremony yesterday. Your father died a hero and has been treated as such. He's in the Crypt of Heroes for the part he played in protecting the prince. Now if you'll excuse me I have to inform the King that you've awakened. I'll have someone bring some food and then you'll be escorted to the crypt to pay your respects."

"Yeah.... um.... actually, mind if I go to the crypt now?"

"Do as you like."


"Guard, please escort Mr. Gildor to Crypt of Heroes."

"Yes sir, right this way."


"Here we are sir. If you need anything I'll be right over there."

"Thanks...." The guard bowed and took his leave, leaving Gildor alone at his fathers grave. "So he's really gone...." Gildor was struck with a deep sadness as he knelled before his father's resting place. "Damn it!" He shouted while punching the ground. "If only I were stronger, I could have defeated Guyles, protected the prince, and I could have saved him." Gildors anger only rose as he realized that the last thing they did was argue.

"Gildor...." Gildor quickly turned around and saw Gwindor, who looked rather nervous.

Gildor put on a fake smile while facing Gwindor. "About time you woke up."

"Gildor!" Gwindor cried as he jumped into Gildors arms. "I thought I was going to be alone. The doctors didn't know if you would make it or not."

"It's all right now Gwindor. It's all right. I'm going to be fine." Gildor patted Gwindors head to reassure him.

"Excuse me sir. The King would like to speak to you." A guard said.

"May I ask what he wants?"

"I think he would like to reward you for protecting the prince."

"I see.... Gwindor?"


"It's just you and me now, so I need you to do as I say, all right?"


"All right then. Let's go meet the King." Gildor patted Gwindor lightly on the head and gave hime a reassuring smile as he followed the guard to the throne room.

"My lord, Masters Gildor and Gwindor are here as you requested."

"Excellent, send them in." The guard bowed to the King and left to signal the two brothers. Soon after they entered and knelled before the King. "Now there is no need to be so formal. Please stand, you saved my son after all."

"We are honored my lord." Gildor replied while raising to his feet.

"Now first of all allow me to offer my deepest condolences. Your father must have been a kind man to put himself in harms way for someone else. Even if it was the prince he was protecting."

"Thank you my lord. My father was a great man."

"Now to the matter at hand. I have called you here to reward you for your efforts. If it is within my power I will grant you anything you desire."

"That is most kind of you my lord, but if it's all the same to you I have two requests."

"You do, do you? Very well, what is your first request."

"I want to receive combat training."

"Combat training? May I ask why?"

"I don't want revenge if that's what your thinking. But...."

The King leaned forward in his throne and gave Gildor a soft smile. "Go on."

"My brother almost lost his entire family. I want to become stronger so that I can protect myself, and everyone I care about."

"Good answer." The King praised happily. "A life ruled by vengeance isn't much of a life at all. I will allow this. Now, what about your second request."

"I mean you no disrespect when I say this, but simply put.... I want you to take responsibility for what happened."

"How dare you speak to the King in such a...." One of the guards shouted but was soon cut off when the King raised his hand.

"You want me to take responsibility? And how should I do this?"

"My father died protecting your son. This has left me and my brother orphaned. If I am to go through training, I will not be able to look after Gwindor properly. So I would like for you to adopt my brother."

"What are you talking about?" Gwindor asked, confused about what was being said.

"I would not have you take us both in. I am old enough to take care of myself, but Gwindor is still young. I beg of you, please look after the only family I have left." Gildor fell to his knees and bowed as low as he could.

"I have already sent a crew to rebuild your home. What would you have me do with that?"

"Everything we had was lost. Do what you like with the house. My brother and I will start fresh."

"Gildor! What are you saying? I don't want this."

"Trust me Gwindor. This is for the best. I'll visit you every chance I get, and this way I'll know you'll be looked after."

"But brother..."

"Gwindor, trust me. Everything will be okay."

"A-alright. If you think this is for the best."

"Well my lord, will you accept this request."

"This is a rather strange request.... however I can not argue that if not for us your father would still be alive. I will grant this request as well. From this day forward, Gwindor Surion shall be known as Gwindor Valrin, and is here by a member of the royal family."

"Thank you my lord."

"Don't thank me just yet. As a member of the royal family, certain things will be expected of your brother. His life style will vastly change from what he is accustomed to. But I promise you that your brother will be well looked after. As for you, your training will begin when you have fully healed."

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