Chapter 1:

A New Day And Familiar Faces Part 1 - Reunion

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man! Book 2

The ground was a mass of rubble. The place which then looked like an ancient haven now was in a sea of flames. Bookmark here

A lone boy lay, drifting towards unconsciousness. His clothes were tattered and covered in blood as the whole world dissolved around him into a sea of darkness…Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

The bustling town of Alynth never changed. It was as busy and peaceful as a hive filled with bees.Bookmark here

A pair of siblings walked towards a place they hadn’t been to in months. Bookmark here

“Wonder if Yanine has changed much.” Eri said, “After all, we haven’t been there in months since our trip to Anima.”Bookmark here

“It must’ve changed a bit.” Nobaru responded, “But even if it has changed in appearance, it’s one of those places that will still stay the same anyway.”Bookmark here

“Unless something big happens, that is.”Bookmark here

The one who spoke was Lustros, Nobaru’s spirit companion from a few months ago. Bookmark here

The two pondered over the possibility…Bookmark here

“Probably, something might happen.” Nobaru concluded, “But in the meantime, let’s just relax.”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” added Glavanna, Eri’s spirit. “Your friends must’ve changed a lot too since you last saw them. Like how you both grew into cute and strong people.”Bookmark here

The two blushed due to the remark.Bookmark here

But Ana was right. During these few months, Nobaru had grown into one heck of a guy. He decided to let his hair grow in the back. For a 12-year-old, he looked like he was 14. In terms of strength. He had mastered the Bellator Style of sword fighting by himself and got better at mana control thanks to Eri.Bookmark here

Eri herself mastered many forms of Ancient Magic and other elemental magic. She also got better at using the Executioner’s Blade.Bookmark here

A shame that neither of them didn’t know how to use the spirits’ abilities to their extent. More like they weren’t ready yet.Bookmark here

Moments of walking later, Nobaru asked, “Lustros, have you got in touch with Anima? How are they?”Bookmark here

“They all are doing great without me.” Lustros replied, “I’m surprised that Ifrit is able to handle everything, being that he prefers working on the sidelines.”Bookmark here

“I’m glad to hear that,” Nobaru said.Bookmark here

The two finally reached Kaeda’s place. They instantly spotted her, stepping out of her house.Bookmark here

“Kaeda!” Eri called out with excitement.Bookmark here

Kaeda turned towards the group and smiled with recognition.Bookmark here

“Eri! It's been forever.” Bookmark here

The two hugged each other and let go. Kaeda turned towards Nobaru and an awkward silence surrounded the group.Bookmark here

The two hadn’t seen each other for months. Of course, this would happen. They felt like they were seeing each other for the first time all over again. Bookmark here

“W-what are you staring that hard for…?” Kaeda managed to ask, her ears fluttering in embarrassment.Bookmark here

Nobaru was startled, ‘Dammit, I\’ve done it now!’ Bookmark here

“I-it’s nothing..” he responded with a beet-red face, “Sorry..”Bookmark here

And at that moment, Eri proved that she could sense something else besides aura. In other words, she tried to change the mood.Bookmark here

“So.. Kaeda,” she started, “What have you been up to?”Bookmark here

The pair was jolted back into the real world in that instant.Bookmark here

“O-oh, I went to Anibus,” she replied. Bookmark here

Nobaru and Eri exchanged confused glances.Bookmark here

“Anibus?” they asked.Bookmark here

“It doesn’t ring any bells,” Nobaru added.Bookmark here

Kaeda looked at them in confusion and laughed hysterically.Bookmark here

“You both sound soo sheltered right now!” she blurted out. “Anibus is a trade city for merchants and travellers.. From weapons to jewellery to clothes. They have everything. But you know what it’s most famous for?”Bookmark here

“What?” the two asked.Bookmark here

“Their blacksmiths and the artisans. Their skill is second to none!”Bookmark here

‘So it’s like a bazaar.’ Nobaru thought, ‘It sounds intriguing.’Bookmark here

“Ohh!” Eri exclaimed, “What did you get?” Bookmark here

“I just went there to enhance my sword.” Kaeda replied, “And since it was a one time opportunity, I also bought souvenirs.”Bookmark here

Kaeda produced a small ring. It contained designs resembling that of a crescent moon. White and beautiful.Bookmark here

She handed the ring over to Nobaru who looked at her with surprise.Bookmark here

“T-this is for you.” she managed, her face red.Bookmark here

Nobaru looked at her and instantly turned red. He thanked her, taking it.Bookmark here

“Try it on..”Bookmark here

Nobaru wore the ring in his left hand and examined it.Bookmark here

“It looks beautiful…” he commented, “Thanks.”Bookmark here

“Sure,” Kaeda responded with an embarrassed grin, “Now we match.”Bookmark here

Nobaru looked at Kaeda’s hand and noticed a ring of the same fashion.Bookmark here

Eri laughed hysterically. Bookmark here

“You guys are practically a full-fledged couple now!” Bookmark here

At this point, both of their faces were flashing red like a siren.Bookmark here

“No!” they both retorted, “I-it’s nothing like that!”Bookmark here

Eri rolled her eyes and laughed.Bookmark here

“If you say so.”Bookmark here

Kaeda took out a small box next and handed it over to Eri.Bookmark here

“What is this?” she asked.Bookmark here

“Open it.” Kaeda urged.Bookmark here

Eri sighed. “I can’t see..remember?”Bookmark here

Kaeda instantly regretted her words and hung her head in shame. Bookmark here

“I’m sorry!” she exclaimed, “It’s just that you act so normally that I forgot…”Bookmark here

Eri smiled, “No worries, I understand.”Bookmark here

Kaeda opened the box for her and inside were the most beautiful pair of earrings ever.Bookmark here

“These are...the most gorgeous earrings I’ve ever seen!” Nobaru exclaimed.Bookmark here

“Earrings?!” Eri asked with glee, “I always wanted a pair.”Bookmark here

The set contained purple earrings shaped like flowers that awfully reminded Nobaru of Wisteria. They were obviously made with proper attention to detail. The petals looked so real and gleamed in the sunlight. Bookmark here

“I thought these may suit you.” Kaeda commented, “Let me put them on for you..”Bookmark here

“Thanks..” Eri replied with a faraway glance.Bookmark here

Kaeda reached out and put the earrings on Eri’s ears. Eri winced as a little prick was felt on each ear.Bookmark here

Moments later Kaeda stood there as if she was beholding her masterwork.Bookmark here

“Oh Gods, you look super cute!” she exclaimed.Bookmark here

Eri blushed, “Do I really?”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” Nobaru agreed, “You look great!”Bookmark here

Eri had a sad look on her face. She sighed.Bookmark here

“I wish I could see..” she blurted out, “It’s very...weird that I can’t see.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean by weird?” Kaeda asked.Bookmark here

“Weren’t you born blind?” Nobaru questioned.Bookmark here

“Yeah, but…” Eri paused, unsure of what she was about to say. “I feel that there was once a point when I was able to see. A point so early in my life. Even with my photographic memory, I’m not sure… because now it feels like some weird ‘thing’ is blocking my vision completely. I don’t want to be a bother to you guys. I sometimes feel-”Bookmark here

Eri stopped on her tracks as Nobaru instantly stepped forward and hugged her. Eri was too surprised to react.Bookmark here

“It’s okay, y’know.” he assured, “You are perfect just the way you are. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see. Personally, I don’t think you are a bother at all. I feel comfortable being around you. I am happy that I can do what a brother should do. Looking out for each other. We are siblings after all.”Bookmark here

“Nobaru..” she uttered.Bookmark here

Moments passed before they let go of each otherBookmark here

Eri smiled with gratitude. Bookmark here

“Thanks,” she said, “I’m glad to have you around.”Bookmark here

Nobaru laughed, “It’s me that should be saying that y’know?”Bookmark here

Suddenly Ana piped up from nowhere, “You guys are adorable!~ she exclaimed, “But classes are going to start, so better get going.Bookmark here

Nobaru was startled, “She’s right!” he exclaimed, “Let’s go.”Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

As the trio passed through the dome, the ‘gates’ of the school, they were hit with nostalgia.Bookmark here

“It feels so great to be back here…” Nobaru said, smiling.Bookmark here

“I heard they made changes to the system.” Eri stated, “Probably going to see a lot of new things.”Bookmark here

“Considering this is Year 2, things are going to get harder from here on,” Kaeda added.Bookmark here

Eri laughed, “That goes without saying! But I wish it would be peaceful for once. After all the things that happened last year...”Bookmark here

Don’t worry about that, Eri.” Sclandora commented in an ominous tone, “Things are going to be very peaceful.Bookmark here

Eri and Kaeda sighed in relief. Bookmark here

Nobaru felt suspicious.Bookmark here

'Something is definitely going to happen.' he thought. 'But I'll enjoy the momentary peace… I guess' Bookmark here

He was so lost in thought that he just realised that he stood face to face with a familiar dark-skinned wolf boy. Bookmark here

"Guys!" Hugo exclaimed, "It's been a while." Bookmark here

"Hugo!" the trio exclaimed. Bookmark here

Hugo had grown taller. He had a calmer disposition, different from their first encounter. He had his usual sharp-toothed grin.Bookmark here

"How have you been?" Eri asked. Bookmark here

"I'm doing well. What about the three of you? We haven't seen each other since our trip to Anima no?" Bookmark here

"Yeah," Kaeda replied, "Classes were postponed because the school was still under reconstruction.. I still wonder how we are in our second year from today." Bookmark here

"That is because of what y'all have accomplished." said a voice. The four looked toward the direction of the voice. Natsumi was walking towards them with a smile. Bookmark here

"It's been a while." Bookmark here

"Good morning Ms Tabata!" Hugo wished, "As cheerful as ever!" Bookmark here

"Good morning to ya!" Natsumi replied, "Let's head inside together, shall we? Mr Harada will speak to us soon." Bookmark here

Nobaru and the others nodded and the group entered the building. Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Yanine was completely restored to its former form. It was filled with faces both old and new. Just like a normal school atmosphere, the place was filled with students and staff alike. Bookmark here

Nobaru looked around and saw what looked like new faculty. Bookmark here

"We have new teachers?" he asked. Bookmark here

"Yep!" Natsumi replied, "More kids joined this year than usual. So we hired a few people to reduce the workload."Bookmark here

"That's a relief," Eri commented. "It would be bad if the stress got to you guys." Bookmark here

"Agreed," said Hugo. "We don't want that." Bookmark here

Natsumi had a grateful, teary-eyed expression on her face. Bookmark here

"Aww, you guys are the best!" Bookmark here

The four of them had embarrassed smiles on their faces.Bookmark here

"Thanks…" Bookmark here

Natsumi led the four into a huge room. It had a spotless white floor made of something similar to marble… Bookmark here

Or it must be marble if it existed in this world. Bookmark here

"Woah…" Bookmark here

"This is our auditorium," Natsumi explained, "This will be our briefing area. You don't have to assemble outside anymore."Bookmark here

Chairs surrounded the room in a curved shape, all facing a huge stage covered with red curtains. Bookmark here

"Take your seats up in the front." Natsumi said, "The others are there too! Y'all must be excited to meet them, no?" Bookmark here

"Yes, we are!" Kaeda replied, "Let's go." Bookmark here

As Kaeda walked forward with the others, Nobaru stayed behind, surveying the surroundings with a hint of nostalgia and sadness. Bookmark here

"Reminds me of my school days in my previous life…" he blurted out. Bookmark here

"Oh, does it?" Natsumi asked to which Nobaru nodded. "Not like its a good thing…" Bookmark here

"What was that?" Bookmark here

Nobaru was startled. "O-oh, nothing," he replied hastily. "Best get going!" Bookmark here

"Alrighty! Have a great day." Bookmark here

Nobaru smiled, "You too." Bookmark here

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