Chapter 4:

Tuesday Part 4

Jolly Good, My Dear Jimothy-Kun

Bitter embrace embarking. Frost claws at skin a foul message. Speaks coldly, call not, the hidden whispers of a beaded bird. A painful realisation was met. Second of promised neverland: fun memories unfulfilled. Deen adaptations. Second half Franxx. A tang that lingers, sticks—unable to be washed out. Sweet liquorice. I spot some on the trays of desserts and tear into it. Wrong. Not sweet. Black liquorice. An unfamiliar taste. My face scrunches up. I place the liquorice aside. Bookmark here

Cold warmth pictures in my head; I see idiotic naivete. And too, a blush face of anger. Hit. A punch to the gut. A void-like hole. Cliché.Bookmark here

But for them, one of fury, a two-faced coin with no shame and no regret. A beastly thing. Crooked teeth and cheesy breath. My, a thing to loathe. Not the wandering witch of a bystander but one to meddle and scheme. Envious eyes peel their sight. A long road stretches before them. Oh, the many homes to explore. Oh, the many hearts to destroy. Clays will into playful figures, falling into their owners hands. I sneeze and take a sip from my tea.Bookmark here

Cold. Warmth. Strained breathing. Snivel and sniffle I do. Bite my lower lip and avert my eyes, a drought from what was a well, and take a deep breath. I take another. Another. I am reminded of my youth. A worry free past. A calm one. One with ease and security. Mostly. Back to the present. Bookmark here

Eyes of envy. Eyes of greed. Eyes of money. Eyes of thieves. Bookmark here

I clear my throat and open my mouth:Bookmark here

- What defines a tsundere?Bookmark here

Hateful love and furious volcano. A red blush of violence, putrid and sickly sweet. Full of flavour to the people who wander the streets and bland as fickle cardboard to the mind of another.Bookmark here

I itch my nose. I avert my eyes. I scratch my heart. I cross my arms. Bookmark here

Opens their mouth Jimothy does. To my question, one I never shall wish to forget.Bookmark here

- A tsundere's one who's not truthful of their love are they not?Bookmark here

- To be truthful are they? Or to keep it to themselves without telling another?Bookmark here

- Perhaps.Bookmark here

- Perhaps they speak from the brain instead of the heart?Bookmark here

- How so?Bookmark here

- They may be kept by their brain's woes to listen to their hearts desires.Bookmark here

- Anxiety?Bookmark here

- Maybe more.Bookmark here

- A strange question.Bookmark here

- Indeed.Bookmark here

- Where did you come across it?Bookmark here

- Struggled sleeping the other night and the thought just popped in.Bookmark here

- Must've been excited to come up with conversation for our reunion.Bookmark here

- Maybe so.Bookmark here

- A curious one.Bookmark here

- Very curious it is.Bookmark here

- But for a tsundere to say who they are, what causes that?Bookmark here

- Hmm.Bookmark here

- A tricky one, eh James?Bookmark here

- Quit the James.Bookmark here

- Quit the kun.Bookmark here

- I refuse. I refuse refusingly.Bookmark here

- Then I also refuse. Refuses Jimothy-kun refusingly.Bookmark here

- How picky. Speaks myself.Bookmark here

- Says the one who won't eat cauliflower.Bookmark here

- The devil’s veg I tell you.Bookmark here

- Maybe the devil has feelings too.Bookmark here

- Bah! Can't say that without a heart of religion.Bookmark here

- Just a bit of banter James.Bookmark here

- Maybe to you.Bookmark here

- Wait, are you not joking? Are you actually religious?Bookmark here

- Did you not know?Bookmark here

- No, not at all.Bookmark here

- After all these years we have known?Bookmark here

- Surely not enough then.Bookmark here

- Perhaps not.Bookmark here

- What do you mean perhaps?Bookmark here

- What is wrong with that?Bookmark here

- I want to hear a 'yes it's not been enough'.Bookmark here

- And saying perhaps is not good enough?Bookmark here

- Not at all.Bookmark here

- Goodness, how grouchy you are today.Bookmark here

- Sarcasm?Bookmark here

- Go ahead, guess.Bookmark here

Jimothy-kun opens his mouth. I interrupt him.Bookmark here

- The answer is no.Bookmark here

- No?Bookmark here

- No.Bookmark here

- No to me saying no or is it the answer that's no?Bookmark here

- No.Bookmark here

- Yes?Bookmark here

- No.Bookmark here

- This is getting rather out of hand is it not?Bookmark here

- .....Bookmark here

- .....Bookmark here

- It is.Bookmark here

We both catch a chuckle from our grins before it leaks. A smirk seeps from our faces. Golden glee. It runs and trots away on a field of warm grass before a titan swoops up and devours it.Bookmark here

Shinzou wo sasageyo.Bookmark here

Devote our hearts to them we praise, religious beliefs of gods unknown. Oh, the thrill of life. Oh, but a bizarre chase of adventure. Laughing tracks play; golden glee once more. I bite into a Snickers bar and clear the tang from the liquorice left on the table. Transparent. Clear: obvious.Bookmark here

I wipe my smile from my metaphorical face, and the tears from my mask, and listen out with my ears. Oops, mixed them up. A wry cackle appears behind the cracks. I drown it in sips of tea, as Jimothy-kun opens his mouth, my golden glee escaping.Bookmark here

- Kyahaha!Bookmark here

- Lord and gravy, what maniacal laughter you have there James.Bookmark here

- None fits more for me—right Jimothy-kun, my dear?Bookmark here

- Righty so. A jolly old time, today is.Bookmark here

- Indeed, that so.Bookmark here

- And, while we're still on the topic of archetypes, how about yanderes?Bookmark here

Averting my eyes for a split, I look into my cuppa and notice something.Bookmark here

- I'm going to stop you right there Jimothy-kun, I've ran out of tea.Bookmark here

- Already?Bookmark here

- Well, think about this, how long has it been?Bookmark here

- Hmm, let me see. Jimothy-kun looks at the silver watch on his wrist. Bookmark here

Hands of gold, sharp in shape like a jagged javelin. I hear its jittering in the silence of the room. A teetering tatter. A tick to another tick. Another tick. Yet another tick. It feels like a freezeframe. I await the continuation. The patience burns. Integrity of conversation. Fire turned to ice. Slippery. Smoke-breath. Yet, oh so warm the room is. The sun mirrors an opposing rock; vanilla ice eats those around it. Breathing against the immortal. Smoke-breath. Frozen tides of relativity. Bizarre. It is but though a scene out of a supernatural. A stop in time. I close my eyes and breathe in the solitary air around me.Bookmark here

Za warudo!Bookmark here

The conventions are aligned. The silence of speech. The silence of actions. All but the monologue of a person. Myself. Me, a good gentleman. Robert E. Speedwagon explains events of exaggeration. I use useless alliteration.Bookmark here

- Ah, alrighty—around about twenty to four. Jimothy-kun says.Bookmark here

Cheerfully chuckle, I do. Useless alliteration may not be exclusive to me it seems.Bookmark here

- How long has it been since I arrived—is what I asked—not what time is it.Bookmark here

- Oh. Well, we said over phone to meet here at around quarter-past three.Bookmark here

- So...Bookmark here

- 25 minutes, it should be.Bookmark here

- Well, why did you not say that first?Bookmark here

- A bit of a slip-up in listening.Bookmark here

- What job do you do nowadays?Bookmark here

- An office job, he tells me, writing spreadsheets and answering calls.Bookmark here

- Should you be slipping up listening, when working with such a line of work as that?Bookmark here

- My apologies Jame—Bookmark here

- Seriously.Bookmark here

- No. No, I shouldn't.Bookmark here

- Everyone makes mistakes, but get yourself a touch bit more organised—would you Jimothy?Bookmark here

- Thanks, Morris.Bookmark here

- Anyways. I believe to have eaten enough, how are you holding up?Bookmark here

- Getting there. He says, patting his flat belly. If you mind though, could you take your plates and the lot to the sink? I'll help out once I'm done.Bookmark here

With an okay, I stand up and gather all that is mine. Forks, knives, spoons and plates and cups. I bring them all over to a tightly packed kitchen on the right side of the room. It matches the white of the rest of the home. Shiny, marble surfaces and snow-like, wooden drawers. Electronic ovens and microwaves and toasters and smart fridges with little screens. So much in the kitchen. What kind of pay check do they get to afford all of this I wonder?Bookmark here

I walk to the sink and pick up a sponge, to start scrubbing the plates with some washing up liquid. Ah, too much soap I've squirted. I wash it out in water for foaming bubbles to prop up and spread. I wash it out some more. And some more. And even more.Bookmark here

My hands are squeaky clean, yet perhaps too much so. Bookmark here

Oh well.Bookmark here

I get to cleaning.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Sea of seas. Tide of tides. A grand one washes over the dishes. Sticks and stones and clawing bones pick at the waters; fish of sweets delight wash up, dry on shore. Sandless sand. Boiling feet. Sweaty palms and a sweaty face. How warm it is today.Bookmark here

Creases crack hands without wart. Yet, unblemished it is not. Pavement. A crack in stone. Faded red: pinkish flesh next to white skin. Never to heal, never to be forgotten. A crimson reminder. A blazing warning. Terror of tears and the fear of worrying not. Yet to worry not is to be eyed for, nonetheless. Confliction. Split. Dreary of drear and dreary of none. Dreary to the life that could have been. Or not? Bookmark here

I wonder. A time without or a time with? Wandering not: a journey with nothing else to gain? I question; I wonder. What could it be? What it could be? My answer wavers in tide.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I have finished the dishes.Bookmark here

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