Chapter 1:


The denied one

In any of the world's law is absolute, disobeying it will have a punishment it depends of what law and how big of law you disobeyed.But sometimes, because of that law, it is like all of your love ones is fading away because of something that shouldn't be doing like if you do your existence itself will bring unbalance to the universe.

Trice is my name, well my name for now my real name still be in secrets for some matters and if the story goes far guess i will then.

Heyyyy!!!! akasha hurry up!!! as i say to akasha my partner i guess? But she's not a bad person or should i say she is not a bad creature.Why are you so slow everytime were going there.You can't blame me, my height is so small compare to you you d**k head, i can't reach the cabinet you know,as akasha said,

then how did you reach the cabinet? as i said,

well i just used my magic to reach it WTF common sense Trice,as she said with smug face,you fool! Dont just use your magic with that kind of reason what if someone notice as huh!!???, as i said with panicking a little, come on were not in that old stink world you know were in the modern world now and stop panicking and cautious all the time try to be relax sometimes, as she said, well lets go now, as i said with sighing, you're the one who's slow speaking unnecessary things!!!! as she said, What? ugh, ok we go now (this girl) as i said in my mind.

While were walking, Hey hurry up and get money so we can have our own too, as akasha said, im trying to you know, do you know how hard to find job when you didn't go to school, said by me, well i understand that too cause were not same as the living creature living here nonchalantly, as said by akasha with little sadness, don't make that face, yes were not normal but we can be normal if were not doing anything weird you know, said by me, well me is purely not but you well about 50/50 i think? as said by akasha. As we were walking in the place were going we talk and talk and talk and we reach our destination.

Alright were here, as akasha said, finally were here, seriously why public bathtub is far from our house, said by me while breathing heavily,

come on, a man should not say that, come on were going in.And we enter inside the public bathtub, hey you two come again, said by the beautiful woman in public bathtub, Naomi good afternoon said by me, afternoonnn, as said by akasha, well the house that we rent is don't have a bathtub so haha, said by me, hmmm thats so hard you barely got money in your job right? said by naomi, the truth is i just got fired yesterday, said by me, oh my so that surely hard for you two now, said by naomi, well we have some money too it is too early to worry about, said by me.

And afterwards me and akasha enter to our respective baths and i can' believe what im seeing in front of me, huh? what the hell, why is there a monkey in the baths of male person, is this some kind of animal bath? said by me

and i soaked now my self to the hot bath while enduring the crowd of monkey, and a two familiar voice i heard in the other side of the bath with a wall, kyahhhh where are you touching you ******!!! said by akasha, ohhh i guess it is getting bigger again huh, said by a girl with a middle schooler voice, sigh they're doing it again that girls, they even know that im here oh wait, only akasha knows that im here, then he should lower voice then why is she moaning like ugh f**k, heyyy akasha!!!!! do you think that im some kind of genderless creature huhhh, said by me while annoyed, why? did you get aroused by our voice, said by the girl with akasha, minami that fox sigh, said by me while tired by hearing them.

Minami is naomi's little sister and akasha's friend, unlike her sister she likes to say dirty jokes and have some weird fetish like rubbing her face to girls boobs or even touch it, and few hours have passed and we finish taking a bath in naomi's public bath store and go home. Ahhh that was a nice bath ahhh, said by me with satisfied face, thankful that we go out there immediately as soon as we finished, said by akasha with tired face, hahaha surely minami likes your boobs huh, sneaking to her own work to play with and your thing hahaha, well i don't think you have it tho, said by me, and akasha beat me up like there is no tommorow.

After that were back in our house, sigh so what's the dinner today, said by me while rubbing my tummy, go buy yourself your d**k head!! said by akasha with irritated face, come on you beat me, so were even now right? said by me, shut up!!!!

While im thinking what we will eat in dinner and while akasha still angry about the thing, i sensed a strange thing in our house

Akasha? said by me while looking my surroundings, what? respond by akasha, you feel that too right? said by me, feel what?? said by akasha with question face, so i guess im the only one huh, said by me.

And im following where that strange presense coming from a shocking thing happen to us.

Heyy akasha look at the floor, said by me with panicked face wha what's this???!! said by akasha with panicked face too, magic circle??? what the hell, and this magic, a demon, akasha use your magic and do something, said by me while sweating and panicking, i can't it seems like my magic is sealed within this magic circle, said by akasha while trying to activate her magic with everything she got, what kind of magic is this? said by me while thinking and panicking.

And after that a large light has blinded our eye for a moment like a flashbang, and as soon as our eyesight back, we were not there in that world anymore, where there is our rent house and our favorite public bath store our friends places, were not there anymore, in fact were back again, because were here from where we came, a world that me and akasha met, a world that i was born, a world where it has connection to my goal, yes, the world of magic, yggdrasil, the first world that gods made before that world.

I guess this is what you call fate, a fate where it is decided your life and death, a fate where law is there, but at the same it is not, a fate where it is decided if my revenge will be succeed or not against the gods and demons.