Chapter 3:


The denied one

So while we were walking towards in our destination and we talk about the culture in their village and we learned that rena's village name is Lunaria the small country near the empire of yggdrasil, the alakitasia. Alakitasia is the most powerful and big empire in the yggdrasil where powerful mages, warriors are working for the empire, according to rena in their village there is a rumor that dark business existing inside the empire such as buying or selling slaves, killing witnesses that saw their dark business or betrayed them and i came up with the theory that what if his father is one of those dark business member inside of the alakitasia empire.Bookmark here

Hey!! how many hours do we get until we reach to your village, said by akasha with irritating and tired voice and face, something's weird my village is near here so why we can't reach it, said by rena while panicking, hey akasha? can you sense a trace of magic here? said by me, what!! magic? wait for the moment, said by akasha, while proceeding to sense the trace of magic in surroundings, i found one trace of magic!! this type is... it is illusion magic!! said by akasha after sensing the magic trace, what??? Bookmark here

After i said that, our surroundings like trees, grounds, started to change and we didn't realize that we are not in forest anymore and.....Bookmark here

wait what's this where are we?? said by me while looking in surroundings and panicking a little, huh?? desert why are we here, said by akasha while confused in the situation, is this another some kind of illusion magic again??, said by me. Bookmark here

And there is suspicious guy appeared in our sight wearing a black cloak with a hood.Bookmark here

Hey who are you?? where are we??? said by me while looking straight to the cloak guy.Bookmark here

Rena hide in my back while akasha prepared to fight, and as soon as that the guy speaked to us. Ohhh so someone in your group can sense the type of magic that used, well normal mages can sense the mana only so it is rare that a mage have that ability or should i say higher existence than mages? said by cloak guy while showing us he's evil smile, hey?? who the hell are you? and where are we? said by akasha while pointing her wand or magic wand, hmm it seems like you can't sense all the trace of magic that i used huh, i wonder why?? well as if like i cannot tell you there is nothing that i will lose either, well i used two types of magic space and illusion, said by the cloak guy and my respond is, what??? two types and space time magic?? is it a higher magic? said by me while shock of what the guy said, space time magic is a magic spell that a person can warp through dimensional void to the chosen location and it can be object or another living things, and as someone like you who looks like normal mage how can you use this kind of magic while us not knowing about it or sensing it, it is true that type of magic are impossible to me or rena expect of akasha to sense but if there is a strange movement of mana normal mages can sense it so how??? said by me while confused to the situation, well it is too early for now so regarding to that well maybe next time when we meet, well i will not fight or kill you so don't worry hahaha, and for your information I'm the one who summoned the two of you. Bookmark here

As soon as we heard that we didn't speak or move where we are standing, our mind is full of questions and as he said that we received too much shocked about that and.....Bookmark here

what?? said by me and akasha, umm what is about summoned, said by rena while confused, well i summoned you about certain things to do, said by a cloak guy well i want you to kill the devil king for me well i mean hire you hahaha, don't worry the price is you can tell me what you want if it is gold, power anything hahaha, said by cloak guy, who the hell are you ? and if you have that kind of power or something that grants wishes, why are you not doing killing devil king by yourself, said by me, and he respond, well people have some secrets too you know, so i cannot tell you and besides isn't convenient to you too? and as he said that akasha look to me and i just stay silent and look straight to the cloak guy, ok we will accept that, said by me, huhh?? what the, what are you saying!! for real you will accept that kind of work for someone you met for the first time, i will explain to you later, said by me, well now since you accept it end of our conversation i guess so i will now take my leave then, said by the cloak guy heyy what the wait where are the hell are you going, said by akasha, i will expect some good news next time hahaha,Bookmark here

As soon as the cloak guy said that he use his space time magic to leave in that place, and after that.Bookmark here

What the heck, why did you accept his request do you think were some mages from guild that accepting any jobs just for rankings and money are you stup*d!!! we just got back here again and accepting request from suspicious guy what are you thinking!!!! said by akasha with a loud voice, sorry but i just feel that if I didn't accept that request, i will regret at the end of the time, said by me, what the??, responds by akasha, anyway enough of talks i will explain later so please can you forgive me for a moment akasha? said by me while begging, fine, but later on you need to explain it to me, yeah thank you for understanding, rena are you okay, said by me while looking worried in rena, ummm I don't know what's happening but umm i will just listen for the explanation of brother thrice later, said by rena, hahaha brother huh, said by me while laughing, and as soon as that in the ground where we are standing, strange magic circle appear and we got teleported to the same place where we are walking towards rena's village, that guy i guess he is really just a normal mage is he a human? said by me,Bookmark here

and after that we walk towards the village and few hours has passed and we reach our destination, so this is the lunaria huh, said by meBookmark here

TO BE CONTINUED...Bookmark here

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