Chapter 2:

A New Day And Familiar Faces Part 2- Unexpected Acquaintances

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man! Book 2

Nobaru walked towards his friends. He called out to them with a smile. Bookmark here

"Nobaru!" Harumi called out, "Over here." Bookmark here

The others looked towards him with excited faces and motioned for him to come to them. Bookmark here

A warm welcome indeed. Bookmark here

Nobaru grinned and walked towards them. "How are you all?" he asked, taking a seat next to Kaeda. Bookmark here

"Doing well, thank you." Balor responded, "Although the days have been uneventful." Bookmark here

"You could say that again." Rin said, "Uneventful this whole time was." Bookmark here

"How're the four of you?" Girad asked, "Got into any rough shit while you were gone?" Bookmark here

"Nope," Eri replied, "Just relaxing and training too." Bookmark here

"I went to Anibus to strengthen my sword…" Kaeda said, ".. And a bunch of other things." Bookmark here

"I returned home, finally." Hugo said, "Spent time with my family." Bookmark here

"Yes," Shizuko said, "This is good. Family is the most important thing after all." Bookmark here

"And how are you doing, let me ask?" Hugo said with a grin. Bookmark here

"Doing fine, thanks. Been doing things of my own. Nothing in particular." Bookmark here

Hugo laughed, "It looks to me that you have gotten better at talking to people…" Bookmark here

Shizuko turned red all over, "Y-you think so?" Bookmark here

"Yeah, no offence but you used to stutter a lot before."Bookmark here

Shizuko smiled, "Well Aquaris is why I can do this. The credit goes to her.." Bookmark here

"It's no big deal," Aquaris commented. "I promised I would help. And I'm not the type who breaks promises." Bookmark here

The students took their time catching up as Yuuji arrived onstage. Bookmark here

"Welcome back students!" He started off with a proud smile. "Hope everyone is fine and well? This is your new year in the academy. For some their first and the last for others. You all are here now because of your accomplishments and because of who you are. So let me take this wonderful opportunity to congratulate you all. This year will definitely be a new step towards your future. And as you climb higher towards the heavens, you will be faced with challenges. I wish you luck and may the Gods bless you." Bookmark here

"Oh, I'll bless you guys all right!" Lustros commented to Nobaru. Bookmark here

Nobaru laughed under his breath. Bookmark here

A moment later Yuuji explained, Bookmark here

"As some of you may know, there are changes to the system. As many new students joined in this year than usual, each level of classes will be divided into sects. For example a second year intermediate class mage will be in Intermediate 2-A, B, C or D. The class roster is posted on the notice board in the hallways. There are new staff too that will add to the existing faculty. And that concludes the briefing. Good luck and have a great year!"Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

The group got up and walked across the hallway, searching for the bulletin board with the roster.Bookmark here

“I hope we are in the same class!” Kaeda said.Bookmark here

“Me too!” Eri agreed.Bookmark here

The group noticed a large board with the words “Advanced Class Roster.” scribbled on it.Bookmark here

“It’s there.” Girad pointed out, “Get yourselves movin’”Bookmark here

They walked towards the board as a crowd was beginning to form. Expressions of excitement and anticipation on their faces.Bookmark here

“Advanced Class 2-B,” Nobaru said to himself. He noticed his classmates’ names below his… along with some unfamiliar ones. But they were in the same class yet again.Bookmark here

“What class am I at?” Eri asked.Bookmark here

“Advanced 2-B. Just like us.”Bookmark here

Eri grinned with happiness. “I’m glad!”Bookmark here

“It’s good that I’ll be studying with you guys again this year.” Balor said.Bookmark here

“I feel the same way,” Rin said with a smile. “The pleasure’s all mine.”Bookmark here

Harumi had a confused look on her face. “Looks like we have some new people joining our class from now on… Luna, Nico… umm Pete and Rina?”Bookmark here

“Haru, that’s another class.” said Shizuko.Bookmark here

Harumi was surprised, “Oh, my bad.” she said with a grin.Bookmark here

“New people?!” Kaeda exclaimed, excitedly.Bookmark here

“Yep!” Harumi replied, “This year is gonna be a lot of fun!”Bookmark here

Everyone had smiles on their faces. Nobaru looked around him and noticed something odd. Hugo was shaking with fear. His face was dripping with sweat and his expression was that of recognition. Bookmark here

“Something wrong?” Nobaru whispered, not wanting to ruin the mood.Bookmark here

But Hugo didn’t respond; he just stood there, his face as white as paper. Moments later he said,Bookmark here

“Nobaru can we-” Bookmark here

But he was interrupted by a voice that made him shut up again.Bookmark here

“Oh, look who we have here!”Bookmark here

Nobaru and the others looked towards where the voice came from and saw a werewolf. He had grey skin (or fur), sharp white eyes and a scar on his upper lip. Bookmark here

Hugo's, fear because more visible. Bookmark here

"It's b-been a while…" he managed, "Nico.." Bookmark here

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