Chapter 26:


Skorge37's Personal Web Journal

I have a HUGE announcement to make.
After some careful consideration and long thinking, I have finally decided to make Descension of the Unholy Crusader into my main novel!

I have so many ideas and so much planned for this in the way of enemies, factions, storyline and characters!

I even have storyline planned for after they escape the 9 Circles of Hell, the 9 Circles of Hell is just the beginning. I'm planning a World Destruction half of the story and even an Arc taking place in the 9 Spheres of Heaven.
They are all going to be long and they are all going to be good. This is MY project and it will not be finished for another couple years. I have recently started picking up drawing again so I should be adding illustrations into my work with the chapters.

The chapters are also going to be longer and more immersive than before. i have been practicing new writing styles and taking more time on the chapters.

I will also be delivering fresh and unique content so the story isn't just war and fighting the whole time! Like certain Circles such as Greed will be organized like a huge gambling and death game center where various games will take place from death survival, to basic chess and board games.

I have fresh enemies set up and some who will join protag, and others that will betray.
I will keep things fresh and keep things as original as possible!

A lot of inspiration of this novel comes from Dante Alighieri's divine comedy poem. I have taken such an interest in it and have decided to add my own twist to it. 

Of course there will be romance and tragedy! The relationships between the characters will grow and develop throughout time and protag will continuously gain strength and influence.

I can go on and on all day about the plans I have but I need to work on the chapter and get these things rolling already! Please support me and keep following this novel so it can become something big someday!
Thank you and see you in the next entry!