Chapter 1:

《Chapter One》Vixxie's Commission

The Carnation Truth (Under Rewriting)

     "This is a suicide commission!" I shouted at the the new assignment given to me. The lady that stood behind the booth leaned over the counter with her head resting on her hand, giving me a cheeky smile. "Last time you came over here, you complain about how I'm giving you babies commission, so this is your chance little grape!" she winked at me. I grab hold of my violet braided hair, as I stare the commissioner down with heat on my face. "Don't call me that, like we are friends " I spat at her. She shook her head at me like she was agreeing with what I said. "Hey, this may be a dangerous commission, not even the devils would take it after hearing what happened to Soren." She was right, I stared at the photo of a woman with warm soft brown skin with rosewood hair that pulled into a pretty bun with flowers wrapped around it. Her face looked gentle and even her eyes were too. I stare at the photo for a few sec and suddenly a headache was kind of fading in. I shook my head and look back at the commissioner. "Don't let her gentle appearance fool you, I heard she can kill you in a heartbeat with just her bow and arrow, scary isn't it?" The commissioner shivers a bit and looks back at me. "If you want my opinion if you have the balls and smarts to do it, you should. Just something about her seems exciting" she looks at the photo of the girl. I stare back at it as well and quickly look back up. "I'll take it, I'll leave today " I shove the photo down my bag and turn to take my leave. "Don't die!" The commissioner giggled as I started to speed my walk before my inner demon come out. 

    My home was a little further away from civilization is. It is filled with people who murder, rob things, and many other things. We demons, of course, those who have been banished from the goddess of life herself and placed into the hands of her majesty, Lady Mavraura. Everyone had a reason for being here but for some reason my memory of what I did seem extremely blurry, every time I think about it my head started to ache. "Whatever I did, it was probably not in the life goddess favor" I mumbled to myself. I continued my path into the dead forest that lead away to my home. 

     From where I live,  you can see where most of the population is and where Lady Mavraura and higher-ups stay at. In the extremely tall castle that could touch the sky with dark stormy clouds surrounding it and dreadful aura pouring out. I went inside the only place where no one would bother me and my plans. Home! Though I'm a demon, I feel much cleaner and smarter than most of my kind. I smirked at my compliment and proceeded to go up to my bedroom. My room was a place where I plan what to do and how to successfully eliminate my target. Usually, my targets are men that have never felt the touch of a woman, women that are too naive or desperate to get their hands on anything they desire or sometimes we kidnap children for them to become demons, though it is very rare we do that unless instructed by Mavraura. "It's funny seeing humans give in to desire and temptation" I giggled. I sat at my wooden work desk and begin planning. Most demons would do their commission fast and quickly, they come in, kill, or drag their target down to Etale, simple as that, as long they are not a magician then, of course, they got to fight but their fate lies there. Most of them rush in there like animals so most end up exorcised. I got up and look at myself in the mirror. My horns weren't that long, my skin had smooth lilac skin, which complements my darker shade of violet hair and intense honey eyes. "This won't work," I said out loud. If that commissioner was right... I gulped, I didn't want to die. I stare at the mirror for a few more minutes then gasped. 


       It has been a while since I saw the person that looked after me when I was just a small eater. She was all I knew that I trust, though she was a human, she smarter than most I encountered. I open my eyes to new scenery. The human realm is similar to Etale but with life and color. I look at the tree flowing gently from the cold night breeze and look at the dark road ahead. "Hopefully she stopped at this spot today."I looked around to see any lingering human and dust myself off and went into the dark woods up ahead. 

     A few minutes have gone by, and the dark woods that always surrounds me slowly start to decrease soon then reveal a cottage. It was a bit strange to see a cottage just out of the woods like this but I have seen stranger things than this. I step up to the doorstep and raise my arm to knock but before I can even knock on the door, the door swings open. "It's been a while hasn't it, my vixen" there stands a tall woman with dark black hair with a ponytail laying on her left shoulder. Her green lazy eyes started into mines and smiled at me. Her pointy witch hat sits a little crooked on her head. "What brought you here in the human realm? On a commission?  I heard you earn enough powers to be considered a demon" Heather softly chuckled and signal me to come inside. "Come now child, don't just stand there in the cold like you haven't been here before." I groan when she called me a child and follow her inside. Inside there were bottles on every shelf, herbs hanging, candlelit up, and the smell of cinnamon and other herbs mixture. "Now, what may you need from me vixen?" Heather went into her kitchen and pull out a green tea bag. "I have gotten a commission, but I think this one going be dangerous for me," I told Heather holding up the target photo. Then, the photo suddenly slips out of my hand and drifts into Heather's hand. She stares at the photo and raised her eyebrow. "That is Renata Enelise, she an exorcist fighter in the Akuma Kiras Church up in Siran, Purewell" Heather walked over to me with a tray of green tea in her hand and place it on the wooden table. "Do you want me to make poison just so you can poison her?" Heather titled her head to the side. "I'll be poisoned as well if I take her life force if I just did that!" I exclaimed. Heather chuckled again and took a sip of her green tea. "So what may it be?" She asked me calmly. "Can you make a potion that makes me human for this commission?" Everything went silent after the question I asked. Heather stared at me for a few minutes then shook her head.  "I already have a potion made for that" Heather got from her seat and walk over to her collection of potions. She open the locked cabinet and pull out a bottle, it looked like it was made out of gas as it swirls around inside. "Wait, why do you make it? If you're already human?" I asked. "For..a client that wanted to be human but back out of it. A waste of time and work I say but I'm happy it going to be put into some use."  Heather placed the bottle on the table and sat back down. I stare at the bottle and suddenly I get a knot in my stomach. I'm going to be human... I don't know why I'm nervous about it doesn't matter, if I can reach the top of my classes ill get the power I need. I slightly smiled then look up  Heather that just finished her green tea. "How long is this potion going to last?" I pick up the bottle examining it. "A week, you can still draw magic, so you can blend in well in the Akuma Kiras. But on Sunday, your aura will leak out and those people can sense when a demon is near and you will transform back to where you are now" Heather didn't even make eye contact with me. "Just for your information, The Akuma Kiras isn't just an exorcist group present in Siran, it's a worldwide organization so please be careful" Heather softly told me. I felt my heart twist, why is it so weird hearing that? I looked at the woman I knew for so long and laughed."Don't worry you old witch, I lived this far and I'm smart if I do say so myself" I flip my braided hair and gave a toothy sharp grin."So where is Siran?" I flip the bottle top off getting ready for what's to come. "You're already here vixen so need to travel far, Purewell is just up ahead and you should see the church, it's honestly like a school since it trains exorcist fighters so maybe try joining them, you may learn a thing or two from them." Heather gathers up the tea and places them on a tray. I rolled my eyes and huffed. "Thanks, Heather, it's nice to see you again" I smiled at her. She raised her eyebrow then soften and smiled. "It's nice to see you too, do your commission quick and be smart, and oh don't worry ill get you started on your temporary life as a human before I move out" She smiled so more at me. I nodded and then finally I gulp down the bittersweet flavor of the potion. "Oh yeah, you pass out first when the transformation happens" I quickly looked at Heather. "Why didn't you WARN ME!" I shouted. "I forgot" she giggled "good luck Vixxie." She gave me a thumbs up, placing her other hand on her cheek."You! you...yo- witch..." I started to slur my words, I felt more lightheaded and sleepy, and then soon everything turn black. 

Heather stared at Vixxie's sleeping body as the transformation begins. Heather sigh with a droopy expression on her face.

"The time has come my little vixen, you will be reunited and please watch out for her deadly grasp"