Chapter 1:

That voice


Ishikawa Kioshi's POV

The moment the car was suddenly struck with some sort of light, I assumed that we were all going to die. The hood crumbled like a piece of paper, pieces of the car and windshield broke off. As it was we barely had time to scream and before the airbags knocked both of my parents. I hugged Mio, my little sister who is sitting beside me and at the same time the car tumbled over and over so many times I had become disorientated before I even sustained the concussion that had me drifting in and out of consciousness before coming to an absolute stop. Silence; it scared me more than the pain.

I don't know how to feel, if I am scared, nervous, worried or thinking that I might not be able to live again, all I can hear is my heart beating fast. Those fearful expressions, screams wrapped in fear and nervousness. I didn't hear all of that because of the excessive force of the impact but I knew in myself that I could feel everything, everything that happened. Things are going so fast and I don't know what to do. I can't think straight anymore.

I could taste the coppery blood pooling in my mouth. I could feel it grazing my teeth and soaking my tongue. I felt the aching and cracks in my bones. I felt the pain that stings through my right eye. Each crack felt like rocks were burrowing into my skin. I sucked in cramped air, feeling my lungs caving in on themselves. I saw the spots in the corners of my vision, making my head feel like the only thing inside of it was static. I can only see Mio's face who is unconscious, by keeping her in my arms it feels like I protected her.

"I'm sorry, I could only save you." I whispered and tears fell down under my eye. Again pain rang in my right eye and lots of blood started to flow.

I couldn't move much because Mio was underneath me, unconscious while my arms were resting on the ground. I tried to stay awake until help came.

Blue and red lights started to appear while it kept on flashing around us making my vision blurred. I can only hear a faint sound of a siren. I felt like I was there for hours, fading and waking and fading and waking. My agony was the only thing keeping me alive. It was the only thing I could feel anymore.

I tried to stay awake because I want to be sure that Mio is safe, it's fine even if it's just her, but as time goes by my body is weakening as it only gains wounds and injuries from that incident. As men in orange clothes approached us, that's when my visions began to fade and everything went blank and I fell to Mio's side. And everything was in dark deep silence.

I started to hear faint sounds of people panicking and shouting, and other vehicles that are still approaching. I can imagine the faces of those people that felt pity for what happened to us. I can't feel anything, everything is numb and I can't move my body. Everything was dark.

"Is this the end? Is this what my life is going to end? Is it really worth it? Was everything that I've done worth it?" Questions that keep on popping on my mind thinking that I've really died.

In the midst of that darkness a light suddenly appeared, a small light floating in front of me. In the presence of that light I heard a faint sound in my ears.

"Am I really ready to go? but ... what about Mio?" I worriedly thought to myself.

But no matter what I did to prepare myself for death, there was still someone saying inside me that I still wanted to live, to live next to my little sister, to live with her. Suddenly the light floating in front of me moved and it emerged in my right eye. As I touch my right eye my hands also light up. I looked at myself and saw that my whole body was glowing. As I was looking at myself I suddenly heard a strange voice saying ...

"(Inaudible voice in an unknown language)"