Chapter 1:

First Aftermath

Pathos: Calling

Having lost sight of his siblings and nearly meeting his end, Irik, trudges through a secret underground network by himself. No one else around. Only the sound of his feet echoing as he makes his way through the smuggler's route. The aftermath from above still a mystery as he sneaks his way through to avoid detection from Bastion forces. To them, Irik Lindart is dead.

As for what happened to his siblings, Irik is left in the dark.

Night reigns over the city. With both the mass destruction of the district & the incineration of the Bastion, the world above continues on as if it were another day omitting the instantaneous mass lost.

For the underbelly of the world, the alleys are flooded with Suppressors and Signets traversing the chasmic underworld patrolling for any signs they overlooked. The Lindarts home is ransacked as Alleviators scan the interior inspecting for any clues pointing to the rebellious acts.

Without having to check, Irik knows the last place he should go is home. he marches through the passageway going instead for the nearest exit towards the base. Survival will be highest for he needs to stay low to gather all intel he can acquire to determine his next course of action and to rest from an eventful day.

Hope teeters on a precipice. His only solace being the safety of the base.

News of the recent destruction of the Bastion swirls through the base. Many thinking this is the time to move while others quiver in fear over the implications of the spontaneous combustion. Commander Idyl does what he can to quell the unnervement. Gaorik running across the base treating any who are injured. Zepher preps all weapons should the worse come to be.

Irik returns. The panicked base turns all attention to the survivor of the catastrophe.

Commander Idyl: Irik. Where have you been?

Irik: I was almost vaporized by a rail gun. We need to talk in private.

To prevent any unnecessary concerns, Irik, Idyl, Gaorik, Zepher, & Rinner meet. They catch everyone up on what the other knows. Irik tells of the Mother Load's defeat, Selek & Clicker's death, and the Suppressors. Idyl tells of the destruction of the Bastion.

Irik: What of the others?

Idyl: Mirv & Leik returned. We haven't seen your siblings.

Frustrated Irik slams his fist against the table. It is only possible for him to assume their deaths. The shame he brings as the oldest brother.

Irik: What are they saying of the Bastion?

Zepher: They think we did it but we didn't. Actually none of us know why.

Rinner: There isn't another group. And we don't have enough fire power to scratch the Bastion.

Irik: Then it was an inside job.

Gaorik: Or a malfunction. No one knows.

Idyl: Whatever the situation, I need to get back. They'll be performing inspections of the area. They'll be by the plantation by morning.

Irik: Go.

Idyl leaves the room.

Rinner: What now?

Irik: We wait. Figure out all we can. Let the heat steady out. Then decide from there.

The council is in agreement. Until those above have a grasp, any moves will be a hinderance. For Irik, this will be his longest wait.