Chapter 3:

A New Day And Familiar Faces Part 3- The Man With The Green Hair Makes His Comeback

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man! Book 2

The werewolf laughed out loud. “Hugo!” He turns to his acquaintance with a grin on his face.Bookmark here

“How’s it going? Made new friends?”Bookmark here

“Umm, this is Nico, and the one beside him is Luna.” Hugo’s face reflected how uncomfortable he was. Bookmark here

Nobaru had heard this name before… and before long, he realized. Bookmark here

“Don’t take care of our lad so much!” Luna scoffed, “You have made him even softer than before!” Bookmark here

“Although…” Nico said in a thinking position “He no longer has his naivety. It was his most endearing character trait!”Bookmark here

“Yes! Of course!” Nobaru steps forward, and the already paranoid Hugo stops him. Bookmark here

“RATHER! He has gotten really smart!” Bookmark here

Hugo looks around nervously. This was making a bit of a scene here. A crowd of onlookers were starting to gather around, Bookmark here

“Nobaru…” Hugo whispers “Please, let me handle this.” Bookmark here

He turns back with a smile. The situation was getting complicated. He didn’t want it to escalate…Bookmark here

‘Knowing them, they would do something no matter what… But...’Bookmark here

“Please Nico… Luna… will you be kind enough to leave us?” Bookmark here

Luna’s face was just a mix of anger and surprise. “It must be pretty hard moving with that set of balls, would it not?” A kick appears out of nowhere and knocks Hugo down hard. “Let me pop them for you.”Bookmark here

Most of the crowd was shocked and stood still, intimidated, angry but waiting for a reaction. Others looked like they were getting a kick out of the scene. Meanwhile, Hugo was struggling down there.Bookmark here

“Hey, you-” Eri began but Hugo stopped her. From his face, it was understood that he didn’t want her to continue. Hugo got up and staggered forward like nothing happened.Bookmark here

Nobaru and Kaeda stood there speechless as Luna clung to Nico and laughed at Hugo as they walked away from him. The crowd went away as they understood that the drama was over.Bookmark here

‘Just what kind of upbringing did these two have?’ Kaeda thought.Bookmark here

‘These bastards…!’ thought Nobaru, ‘Are they latecomers like Rin and her sisters? Regardless of that, Hugo’s trauma was because of them.’Bookmark here

Hugo was hardly able to support himself. Eri rushed forward and helped him.Bookmark here

“Why did you stop me?” she asked, confused and a bit angry.Bookmark here

“I didn’t want you to get hurt. They are strong people. You won’t stand a chance.”Bookmark here

“You won’t know unless you try!” Eri protested, “Why didn’t you let me help?”Bookmark here

“Because!” Hugo retorted, “I don’t want you getting involved in my problems… It will just endanger you.”Bookmark here

“But-”Bookmark here

“No.” Hugo said sharply, “Don’t.”Bookmark here

Eri gritted her teeth and led him to Nobaru.Bookmark here

“Deal with them yourself then!” she shouted, “Not that I care anyway.”Bookmark here

Hugo was baffled, “Eri I-”Bookmark here

But he didn’t know what to say to her and was doomed to watch her stride to class in a fit of rage.Bookmark here

Hugo hung his head in despair. He let go of Nobaru who supported him.Bookmark here

“I need time alone,” he said in a monotonous voice.Bookmark here

“Will you be alright?” Kaeda asked. Bookmark here

But Hugo waved her away.Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

As Hugo walked away, he was slowly crumbling under the weight of this situation. Bookmark here

"They returned… After that day… it's the first time I'm seeing those two… my worst nightmare. The one thing I didn't want to happen has happened."Bookmark here

"Are you alright, Master Hugo?" asked a voice. Bookmark here

Hugo was surprised, he hadn't heard that voice since Anima. Bookmark here

"Sullivan?" Bookmark here

"Yes, I am. Are you alright? After what just happened..." Bookmark here

"I don't know anymore.. " Hugo replied, "Let's see.. My tormentors have returned and have not changed at all since then, the girl who I considered as a friend… and who I hoped to win over probably hates me. And worst of all, it's my fault!" Bookmark here

"If I wasn't so stubborn. If I wasn't so weak, I could've stood up for myself and none of this would've happened.! Maybe they were right, maybe… I have grown soft." Bookmark here

"No you have not!" Sullivan retorted, "This may be out of line, Master, but you have not changed at all. To hell with them! You are Hugo, one and the same." Bookmark here

"But I can't fix this! I can't face them. I can't do anything right. The only thing I'm good at is running away!" Bookmark here

"Hugo, Calm down will you?! Stop acting like this."Bookmark here

Hugo froze. He never expected Sullivan to have a sudden change of personality."Bookmark here

"I apologise... I spoke out of turn." he said, "But let me say this one thing. When I saw you calling out to me back in Anima, I saw myself in you. All those negative emotions I could sense as a Dark Magic Spirit and all those memories of yourself I saw when we merged reminded me of myself. That's why I decided to stay with you."Bookmark here

"You mean you have gone through the same thing?" Bookmark here

"Yes and no." he replied, "It's something I don't want to talk about. But the point is, I had a hard time and I am past all that. It took me a while but I have faced my obstacles. I am sure you will too." Bookmark here

"Sullivan…" Bookmark here

"Just remember… No matter what happens, don't neglect the ones around you. I know you can't involve them. I understand that. But I will always remain by your side, for your sake. The marks on your body are proof of your contract with me. And I will see through it until the end of your days..."Bookmark here

Hugo thought for moments. He could feel himself slowly crumbling under the pressure. But now… as he took a deep breath and slapped himself to his senses, he felt himself being able to take it. Bookmark here

"Even if it won't be long until something bad happens, I'll try my hardest…" Bookmark here

"Good. Now head to class." Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Nobaru was worried, not just about Hugo but about Eri as well. As he watched Eri who sat beside him with a cross face, he began to think.Bookmark here

‘On one side we have a stubborn guy who is too… selfless (is that the right word?) to not involve others into his issues in fear of endangering them. On the other side, we have a girl who is desperate to help no matter what... even though she is acting the way she is. Knowing Eri, I’m sure she will do something reckless. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I don’t blame her though.’Bookmark here

He then let out an overwhelmed sigh. Bookmark here

‘I wish this day got slightly better.’Bookmark here

As Hugo entered the classroom, Nobaru looked at Eri. She still sat there, still as angry as before. Bookmark here

Hugo quickly glanced towards Eri and sighed as he took his seat in one of the corners of the class.Bookmark here

“This is going nowhere,” he whispered to Kaeda who nodded.Bookmark here

“I know..”Bookmark here

“I wish we could help but….”Bookmark here

Kaeda had a reassuring look on her face.Bookmark here

“It’s going to be fine. It’s best if we let them sort it out themselves. Hugo and Eri… and those two.”Bookmark here

Nobaru stole a glance at Nico and Luna. They were throwing waste at Hugo and snickering at each other.Bookmark here

“You are right.” Nobaru concluded, “Hugo needs to get himself a stronger backbone. Something only he can do.”Bookmark here

“Harsh but true.”Bookmark here

“Sorry, I just had to say that,” Nobaru said.Bookmark here

The class fell into a sudden silence as footsteps could be heard. A familiar faced man with green hair and eyes entered the class. Bookmark here

Nobaru’s face had a look of surprise as he recognised the man in front of him. He had the same childlike look and the same cheerful smile on his face.Bookmark here

“Good morning, class!” he exclaimed, “I’m Tamura Akio, your new homeroom teacher. Nice to meet ya.”Bookmark here

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