Chapter 0:

File No. 000


April 21, 2018Bookmark here

Report No. 7-0421Bookmark here

"The goal of this experiment is to enhance human cells to increase their physical capabilities to levels that exceed those of a healthy adult. After seven years of research, it will finally be tested on humans."Bookmark here

July 30, 2018Bookmark here

Report No. 7-0730Bookmark here

"(...) We found that Reminiscence-B serum, given intravenously to test subjects, produces side effects. These present as violent convulsions, tachycardia, loss of consciousness, and rapid elevation in adrenaline production."Bookmark here

July 31, 2018Bookmark here

Report No. 7-0731Bookmark here

"After 24 hours the test subjects have not regained consciousness. However, physical cellular mutations have begun to occur in their bodies. The pigmentation of the skin and hair has turned grayish, almost charcoal-colored. The sclera of the eyes develops a rough, hard outer layer which, in turn, turns it black. (...) Regardless of the original color of the iris of the subjects, it turned white in all three cases."Bookmark here

September 17, 2018Bookmark here

Report No. 7-0917Bookmark here

"(...) Four medical personnel were attacked by test subject No. 02."Bookmark here

September 18, 2018Bookmark here

Report No. 7-0918Bookmark here

"The three staff members who were attacked by test subject No. 02 began to exhibit the same symptoms as the test subject. The skin mutation has spread from the wounds. As a precaution, they have been placed in a state of indefinite quarantine."Bookmark here

September 20, 2018Bookmark here

Report No. 7-0920Bookmark here

"The infected personnel's symptoms worsened within 24 hours of quarantine. Laboratory personnel will be responsible for taking samples from test subject No. 02 to develop a cure."Bookmark here

November 28, 2018Bookmark here

Report No. 7-1128Bookmark here

"Test Subject No. 03 has escaped from the containment area. When investigative personnel studied the scene they confirmed that the gate was destroyed. (...) Damage includes twelve fatalities (identities on attachment), twenty-seven seriously injured, and approximately 329 million yen in infrastructure."Bookmark here

November 29, 2018Bookmark here

Report No. 7-1129Bookmark here

"The government has already been informed of the leakage of test subject No. 03. (...) The KIHEIYA Genetics Laboratory (Fukushima branch) will be closed. (...) Those injured in the incident the day before are becoming increasingly aggressive toward medical personnel."Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

November 30, 2018.Bookmark here

Dear colleague:Bookmark here

I must thank you, before I go into the matter in hand, for taking it upon yourself to inform the Government of the incidents that took place on November 28th of this year. I know it has been difficult, especially given the large number of politicians who were averse to the huge funds we were getting for our investigations.Bookmark here

I don't want to be unnecessarily long on this note, so I'll be frank. However, as I don't know if I will be able to send a second letter, I will summarize the situation for you.Bookmark here

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces were unable to contain the threat. I'm sure you heard the government statement.Bookmark here

The people of Iwaki have been evacuated. The government provided transportation to help speed up the process. All residents of Iwaki and adjacent towns were taken to Fukushima. The Self-Defense Forces are taking JAXA Obelisks to Fukushima, Hokkaido, Ehime, Kagawa, Fukuoka, Saga, Okinawa, Gunma, Yamaguchi, Akita, and of course, Tokyo. There are only eleven manufactured, but it is hoped that they will keep the population as protected as possible from... those things.Bookmark here

I hope to be able to meet up with the rest of the team as soon as possible, although, with the NPA on my trail, I doubt it will be any time soon.Bookmark here

Best wishes,Bookmark here

Yōsuke K.Bookmark here

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