Chapter 3:

Dear Teacher


My body experienced vigorous shakiness every time the dreaded sound of the bell resonated in my ears....Bookmark here

"WHYY?" Bookmark here

Sharp eyes focused on me as I lashed out my thought again.
Bookmark here

I really said that out loud didn't I..?Bookmark here

"What is it, Kuragari?" a man says while entering the classroom with a huge notebook in his hands.
Bookmark here

Of course he has to be here right on time with that huge Death Note of his.Bookmark here

Well of course, it's not a death note but it kills me mentally every time he writes every single thing I do in there because apparently "I'm not interested".Bookmark here

As soon as I see his face I have the urge to destroy something.Bookmark here

"Why are you not answering when I'm asking you?" the teacher said while opening his notebook wanting to write something.Bookmark here

"I- I am sorry... I really am.." I said hopelessly.Bookmark here

I am, my ass.Bookmark here

I get stuck in my thoughts whenever someone talks to me. Am I in the wrong here? Hell no. Nobody wants to talk to me so how should I develop my communication skills?Bookmark here

And this cunt I call MiStEr doesn't give a fuck to do something about it but instead makes it worst by humiliating me in front of the whole class.Bookmark here

I got even more anxious because I have to get scolded by this fucker.
Bookmark here

I wish I can say this out loud.Bookmark here

"Um, I still didn't get my answer, Kuragari" the teacher gasped while putting his notebook on the table and sits on the chair.Bookmark here

"Like hell I even care." "I can just write that you disrespected me because that's exactly what you did" he continued.Bookmark here

I don't have the courage to defend myself so I'll just stay quiet.Bookmark here

My dad is not even going to know the stuff he writes about me because he doesn't even care if I'm alive.Bookmark here

His only wish is for me to fake my happiness so he wouldn't be bothered by other people about why I'm sad..Bookmark here

************************************Bookmark here

That's when she walked in.Bookmark here

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