Chapter 0:

Letter of Introduction


Name: Philip H. Lyncher

Age as of writing: 56

Nationality: American

Relations: Nulled

Loyalties: Mission

Employment: Interpol Special Free-Ops. Official name: Advance Liberation Force. A.L.F

Title: Field Operative

Rank: Major

Years of service: 31 years

I, Philip H. Lyncher, of sound yet scarred body and mind leave this unofficial document as a reference for upcoming recruits and as a record as an officer of the Advance Liberation Force, A.L.F.

I have never written a book before but after years of writing official documents on end and seeing how this will be the most one writes around here, I am experimenting, writing as casual as I can while also preparing many for what lies ahead.

In congruence with my own experience, my partner has written up her own perspectives on many different missions. Her sense of language is unique so I have had to rewrite some. But there were a few I found I could not alter for these are some of the few words left by one who is the entire objective of this organization.

Our objective: Free the helpless individuals caught in the rink of human trafficking who have been broken beyond human capacity to understand. No document in writing can prepare anyone for the inhumanity of what you will encounter. From experience, I know too well the difference of learning the job.

And the experience of your first assignment.

And there is a name for those who have been stripped of more than their own identity. Stripped of more than dignity.

Those who have been made Willless.