Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Journey begins.

Gems Of Light

Skye: Today is the ceremonial day of the sunfruit festival, yet all I am really doing is to be a laborer instead of an audience member. Bookmark here

Guard:You’re one of the laborers for the sunfruit festival? Bookmark here

Skye:Yes sir! Bookmark here

Guard: You’re going to need that enthusiasm come this way. Bookmark here

Skye:Woah! Bookmark here

Guard:The boats for the Sunfruit festival are in need of last minute repairs since the guy who was supposed to be repairing it was found dead this morning after in a drunken stupor, he accidentally tripped into the canal and there wasn’t anyone around to rescue his sorry bum and now look at what happens when one falls into ones own vices. Hopefully you won’t be as brash as to fall for that mistake since you’re younger than that sorry sob story of a laborer. Bookmark here

Skye:Alright I'll get started on it right away! Bookmark here

Guard:Good! Bookmark here

Merra:Oh hi Skye! Bookmark here

Skye:Oh hey Princess! Bookmark here

Merra:Please call me Merra!! Bookmark here

Skye:Oh right! Sorry about that! Bookmark here

Merra:Getting excited for the sunfruit festival! Bookmark here

Skye:Yeah, I'm almost done fixing up the boats for the festival and I should be able to join you and Xavis soon. Bookmark here

Xavis:And speak of the devil itself. Bookmark here

Merra:Oh hey Xavis! Bookmark here

Xavis:I see you are still working in the gutters I see. Bookmark here

Skye:Yep! Can't really say I envy the kind of position the king must have with taking care off all these people. Bookmark here

Xavis:To be in such a position with all that power I'm amazed it hadn’t went through his head yet. Bookmark here

Merra: My father always has been very generous while his companions on the other hand fall for such foolish schemes and it always ends up with them thrown to the dungeons. Bookmark here

Xavis: Power is a fickle thing indeed. The king still even with the amount of tragidies he’s faced such as his wife passing away from illness to taking us in as our own children. Bookmark here

Merra:I remember it as it was yesterday. Bookmark here

Skye:I remember we both were street rats and now here we are both in the protection of him as when we got caught stealing scraps of food at a banquet one day instead of being thrown to dungeon he took us in with his kindness. Bookmark here

Merra:For the first time in our lives we finally felt as of someone was watching over us instead of us watching ourselves for survival a cruel way to live. Bookmark here

Xavis:Since then we received the best of education based on our own personal capabilities and we are lucky to have him as our father figure. I have chosen knighthood,while Merra has took diplomacy and Skye you chosen to work in infrastructure. Not many would think you are a kings son no offense due to your own scrappy looks and outlook. Bookmark here

Skye:Yeah I always like building things and to create is to really express how wild ones own imagination can get. Bookmark here

Merra: I never thought I would have been a princess yet here I am and I do my best to be a helper and friend of a people instead of being seen as just “a princess”. Bookmark here

Skye:I know you’ll be well as a princess. Bookmark here

Merra:Thank you Skye! Bookmark here

Xavis:I see the boats are finished already. Bookmark here

Merra:Wonderful!! Bookmark here

Skye:Too bad I can’t attend the ceremony. Bookmark here

Merra:Don’t worry! As long as you stick with me and Xavis everything is going to be fine always has been. Bookmark here

Skye:And always will be.
Xavis:The ceremony is about to start! Bookmark here

Merra:It looks like the sun fruit blossoming is going to happen at any moment now and only a century does this happen. Bookmark here

Skye:This should be really fun! Bookmark here

Merra: I welcome you all and I share nothing but eternal gratitude for this centuries blossom of the sunfruit. Bookmark here

Each century is marked by the blossom of the starfruit’s growth and each fruit represents eternal friendship,happiness and love no matter what the hardships of life one must go through we all stay together. Such as has been the way of the Kaito kingdom for as long as this kingdom has been formed. Bookmark here

At this moment the seeds shall be blossoming. Bookmark here

Skye:Hey that’s odd, I don’t see any of the starfruits coming out. Bookmark here

Xavis:Surely they must appear by now. Bookmark here

Skye:Hey why is it getting so dark all of the sudden? Bookmark here

Xavis:Its only middle of the day as well too. Bookmark here

Merra:Be patient as no plant has ever blossomed in one single day of its own alone. Bookmark here

????:Such a worthless tradition wouldn’t you think? Bookmark here

Merra:Who are you!!? Bookmark here

Xavior: Xavior the star weaver, and former spiritual advisor of the now deceased king. Bookmark here

Merra:Father!!! Bookmark here

????: Weak ruler he was and such a triviality as this is worthless and not any kind of true power. Bookmark here

Merra: Why would you even do this!!??? Bookmark here

????: If only you knew the truth behind such a thing. Now lieutenants. Bookmark here

Xavis:Not so fast villains!!! Bookmark here

????1:I don’t think so punk. Bookmark here

Xavis:Hey let me go!! You won’t get away with this!! Bookmark here

????2:Typical heroic bravado how charming. Bookmark here

Xavior: Heroism as a front how charming try telling that to the kingsmen on what they were really doing. Bookmark here

????3: I don’t think so little boy. Bookmark here

Skye: Let go of my friends you jerks!! Bookmark here

Xavior: This crown of the now recently deceased “dearly beloved” king has fallen and his bastard children are really just nothing more than political pawns for sympathy of the foolish people of this realm. Men vanish them!!! Bookmark here

????3:GOT IT YOUR HIGHNESS!!! Bookmark here

Skye:Xavis Merra!!! Bookmark here

Xavior: Friendship itself is not a strength. Bookmark here

Skye: Is your cruelty a strength itself!! Bookmark here

Xavior:You weakling have no hopes to defeat me and to defeat me I shall play fair unlike your former king. Collect each pieces of these stones and this sword shall be your key but tread carefully as this sword is your lifeforce as of now. As this sword is cursed and you have only 4 days to master all of the elements of this sword in order to truly defeat me. Each 4 days you will be in a realm of hell that I personally crafted for you and all others to go through as you clearly are naïve to what it is your village really is as well as the darkness that it lurks within as well too. No one has ever survived this journey and if you ever did, consider it a rare miracle that has finally happened as this world has none. Bookmark here

Skye: I’ll accept your challenge if that means stopping you and your lies then so be it!! Bookmark here

Xavior: I’ll see you in 4 days then. Bookmark here

Skye:Woah!!!!! Bookmark here

????1:Sir are you sure this is such a good idea? Bookmark here

????2:Hope is really a illusion created as motivation for the main characters in childrens fairy tales. Bookmark here

????3: Each realm constructed has a danger of its own and its not from this realitiy but of a realitiy of another that cannot really be explained in layman terms. Bookmark here

????4: We weren’t the ones to have really created it, sure it was altered by our whims but only so much one can alter with the powers that be. Bookmark here

????1: Well if the shoe fits then we may as well wear it. Bookmark here

Xavior: Human nature is of self perservation it would only be a matter of time before cowardice would win. Bookmark here

???? 2: Only he could really restore the elemental balance if he wanted too. Bookmark here

Xavior:But we shall see as its only a matter of time before the Armageddon begins. Bookmark here

Chapter ends Bookmark here

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