Chapter 0:


Last Tale: Return of the Guardian Knight

In a field of snow with azure blades peeking out from the white blanket, Leo lay there panting and struggling for air. Deep blade wounds on his body had clotted with frost.Bookmark here

His apparel ripped to rags, offered no aid against the cold. Instead, the blood-soaked suit made way for the cold to make contact with his body, as the shredded pieces embraced his back.Bookmark here

The chill crept its way into his windpipe every time he gasped for air. The mischievous winter's whispers brushed against his mostly exposed skin. White breath escaped from his body as he tried to let out a voice.Bookmark here

A trail of blood extended from his feet and went on for miles.Bookmark here

Leo gasped and coughed struggling to move and finally managed to let out a whisper, “Activate!”Bookmark here

With one word, the azure blades around him started glowing. The sky got covered in bright white explosions as if the stars had descended. The explosions emitted a warm and pleasing white light, similar to the touch of an angel's feathers.Bookmark here

The light warmed everything it touched. The blanket of snow started evaporating. The azure grass reflected the white light and shone. The snow formed a reflective layer that mirrored the sky.Bookmark here

Leo smiled and coughed as he looked at the sky. The frozen wounds had thawed and blood escaped from every wound.Bookmark here

The sky shone brighter until everything was encompassed by the white light. The light upon fading left nothing but barren land and still silence.Bookmark here

The tale of the end that began decades ago from nothingness came to an end into nothingness.Bookmark here

Cours Twent
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