Chapter 3:

Crimson Skies (Part 3)

Last Tale: Return of the Guardian Knight

Leo instinctively sensed something staring at him from a distance and height. Doing his best to avoid making sudden movements, he looked around cautiously. His head ached as if it was bearing the cumulative pain in his body.Bookmark here

“Where the hell am I,” inquired Leo, looking at the bizarre surroundings.Bookmark here

Leo looked down at his small shadow cast by the light of a big bright dark-red moon in the sky. The heat from his surroundings became one with his body; he could no longer tell what he was feeling. Any feeling, other than the burning sensation caused by the environment around, was lost to him.Bookmark here

The intense pain that plagued his body had started drowning in the overwhelming torrents of heat penetrating and pulsing through his body. His body and head had heated to the point of him hallucinating of his blood boiling.Bookmark here

He stepped forward like a mindless zombie towards the direction of the possible enemy staring at him. He was feeling hot. Unbearably hot! But more than that, there was a deeper and stronger emotion surfacing from within.Bookmark here

“I want to fight!” A single thought started to cloud his thoughts and emotions.Bookmark here

He did not care who it was. He just wanted to fight, to kill, to battle! He did not understand his violent urge for battle; all he knew was that he wanted his desire sated. Without realizing it, his breathing had steadied and even. His blood flow had increased, his body was more than ready to fight.Bookmark here

Walking down the street like a mad dog looking for a fight, Leo continued in the direction he had started. As he continued forward, a silhouette of a man walked down the street towards him.Bookmark here

Leo’s bloodshot eyes sparkled when he took notice of the figure. The moment he looked at the figure, his pupils started glowing soft blue. Leo grinned wide enough to rip his mouth. Droll spilt as Leo grinned, panting expectantly while looking at the figure approaching him.Bookmark here

He had lost all control over his senses. He just wanted to kill. Panting, but not to the point of hyperventilating, Leo pumped his lungs and blood with oxygen. Straining his leg muscles, Leo sprinted forward without a second thought. Leo rushed towards the figure, which for some reason had stopped in its advance.Bookmark here

Getting close to the figure, Leo noticed that the figure was enveloped in a black misty shadow and that its glowing violet eyes were the only part without a shadow. Leo’s thoughts were too focused on his desires that he failed to notice the pitying look in the figure’s eyes.Bookmark here

With one smooth and swift motion, the figure used Leo’s speedy advance to counter and behead Leo with a katana that materialized in its hand in a split second.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Leo once again woke up from a nightmare he did not remember. Bearing through the pain in his body, he got up to find himself in a world on fire. Each time waking up was a first for him. His memories before being startled awake did not exist.Bookmark here

He was aware of the lack of information and his amnesia but was not informed enough to be alarmed or question the situation. He was no different from an animal that relied on instincts and habits drilled into its muscles and reflexes. Like those animals, Leo relied on his instincts to guide him on what to do next.Bookmark here

Instincts and reflections, more than often, are influenced by their surroundings and mental state. Leo’s instincts were in a constant state of flux. For the most part, he was afraid. Afraid of something he knew deep inside but could not recall.Bookmark here

Leo found himself inside a burning building.Bookmark here

Following a pattern, Leo would wake up at random places in the burning concrete jungle; and immediately after or sometimes after a slight delay, he got murdered by a figure hidden in a misty shadow with glowing eyes. The colour of the glow in the figure’s eyes changed from time to time.Bookmark here

Leo continued waking up with no memories and running around the place; sometimes scared, sometimes angry, sometimes lost, sometimes in a trance, and so on. The commonality among those events was that no matter where he went or what he did, he would encounter the shadow figure with glowing eyes and get killed in a single attack.Bookmark here

Leo would run into buildings, explore the city, try to hunt the shadow, give in to his primal instincts, or just lay where he woke up. The dark-red crimson moon aided in escalating Leo’s strength and emotions. Since he did not possess the rationale to restrain his actions, Leo rampaged around the burning town until he encountered a shadow figure.Bookmark here

As time moved on, the shadow’s eyes grew kinder and sadder. But it continued to kill.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Leo woke up once again on the tallest and highest building in the burning city. His eyes glowed vibrantly right after waking up. The pupils in his eyes were dyed in hues of every colour that ever existed. With a look of indifference, he stared up at the sky.Bookmark here

“What the fuck is that,” commented Leo? He was staring at the dark red moon suspended in the crimson sky surrounded by black clouds.Bookmark here

He grunted in pain as he sat up. Hugging one knee to the chest, Leo stared up at the sky. The glow in his eyes continuously moved like gases trapped in a sphere. The polychrome glow in his eyes continued to dance vibrantly.Bookmark here

He could feel an uncomfortable warmth trying to settle in his chest. The discomforting feeling, welling up inside his chest, was immediately excised from his body.Bookmark here

Letting out a deep breath, Leo stood up. His headache continued to get worse. “Ugh,” Leo exclaimed. “What the hell did I drink? Ugh… This hangover!”Bookmark here

He finally took notice of the burning city. With his eyes wide in surprise, he exclaimed, “Seriously? What the hell did I do? Wait, why am I assuming I did it? More importantly… Where the fuck am I? Ugh… My—”Bookmark here

Leo’s monologue got interrupted by a predatory intent directed at him. After a second of alertness, Leo smiled. Rather than a smile, it was close to a malicious grin.Bookmark here

Keeping his back faced to the direction of the origin of the animus towards him, he patiently waited with a wide grin on his face. He stretched his body to present himself as unguarded and defenceless and taunted the unknown hostile entity to attack him.Bookmark here

Without any additional prompts, the animus towards Leo grew stronger. Leo could feel a presence approach the rooftop. Opposite Leo, a silhouette of a man stood at the edge of the roof. It was a figure wrapped in a misty black shadow.Bookmark here

“What the hell is that,” exclaimed Leo!Bookmark here

Licking his lips, Leo lowered his centre of gravity by bending his knee a little and spreading his legs slightly apart. Shifting his right leg back, Leo distributed about sixty per cent of his weight to his right leg. Leo expectantly waited in excitement.Bookmark here

The shadow figure stood at the edge and stared at him like a lost child. The figure was behaving as if it did not recognize Leo. Its eyes reflected the emotions that the figure felt. Giving up trying to figure out who stood before it, the shadow figure raced forward with intense blood-lust directed towards Leo.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Leo’s grin widened as he braced himself to receive the shadow’s attack.Bookmark here

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