Chapter 5:

Tuesday Part 5

Jolly Good, My Dear Jimothy-Kun

“In what pottery-smashed world do you live in?” I think back to those words now. I try putting a single plate away to what fate? A crash summits, bleeding clatter and clang. I turn immediately over to Jimothy; he washes his own plates next to me. He stops to turn immediately over just as me, but instead to witness the wreck on the floor in front of us both.Bookmark here

- My apologies Jimothy, I shall get this cleaned up right away. How much was the plate—I'll cover for it.Bookmark here

- No, it's fine. I'll take care of things, don't worry.Bookmark here

- Are you sure? Anything I could perhaps do to help?Bookmark here

- Hm, maybe fetch the broom. He says, holding his chin, it's in the supply cupboard, do you remember where it is from last time?Bookmark here

- I can find my way around, says I, but why do you not have it nearer the kitchen?Bookmark here

- Doesn't match the colour scheme, Jimothy moves from the mess, anyway, you go fetch the broom while I step clear of any shards.Bookmark here

- Again, sorry about the mess; I really apologise for that.Bookmark here

- Apologising won't make the mess go away any sooner.Bookmark here

I nod in disgruntled agreement and head out from the room, stopping just at the corridor the two of us walked through earlier.Bookmark here

Opposite the living room is another door; if I recall, it should be right through it. I open the door and go inside.Bookmark here

Another hallway greets me; it stretches along to the right. I see an ascending staircase in front of me, running aside the egg-shell wall.Bookmark here

Embedded in the staircase I spot another door; just to my left I spot another egg-shell wall; a nice painting hangs from it, one of a forest basked in moonlight.Bookmark here

Natsuki Subaru wanders the looping corridor.Bookmark here

Opening the door in front of me, I find the supply cupboard my good friend was talking about. A dark supply cupboard. A light switch is just to the left of me, I turn it on. Bloom.Bookmark here

A far more cramped supply cupboard meets my eyes than expected. A red hoover and mop show themselves up in front; they block a rather large amount of cardboard boxes, all taped closed; and one worn-down, leather couch broken into shambles of its former self.Bookmark here

Grabbing the hoover, I try moving it to uncover what is behind yet budge it will not. Pulling instead, nothing changes. Pulling with two hands, I slip from my grip and fall over on my back. Ah, not a nice pain; no, sir not at all. Bookmark here

I try moving the mop. It is a touch looser but still, it moves not from its stance. Stubborn thing. I tug at it with a bull's strength; the stick of the mop pops out from its wig of a shoe. And after all that, I find not a thing new behind the mop: unreliable narration. I adjust my glasses.Bookmark here

Goodness me, I should relay my good old Jimothy-kun a darling message or two.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Making my way back, I spot, in the corner of my eye, the red sign from earlier. Human curiosity begs the devil mercy. I walk over to the poorly locked door.Bookmark here

Sliding off the pointless lock from the doorknob and placing it carefully on the floor, I grab a hold of the door and yank. Locked. How curious. It couldn't be from the inside, could it? What a peculiar thing. Could it be jammed per chance? I stare between the cracks of the door for no light to stare back.Bookmark here

Gnawing fangs of night's unbright. Pale bones immortal to all but light.Bookmark here

Add that to the collection, might I not? Maybe share with Jimothy-kun? No, best not step in front of the mirror—nothing will be seen after all.Bookmark here

I walk back to Jimothy-kun.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

- Jimothy-kun dear, I couldn't find the broom.Bookmark here

- Goodness, gracious—never going to put that name down, are you? Was it not there in the supply cupboard? Jimothy-kun leans against the kitchen counter, should be in the room opposite, under the stairs.Bookmark here

- Sadly not. Says I. All that was there was a red mop and hoover; an old couch, and enough supply boxes to get through a zombie apocalypse.Bookmark here

- That's odd.Bookmark here

- Yes, quite so. I itch at my neck, are you positive the broom was in there last you checked?Bookmark here

- While yes, I am, that’s not what I meant by odd, he says, I don’t recall buying a red hoover is all.Bookmark here

- You sure?Bookmark here

- No, I’m not. Doesn’t matter though, I suppose. Jimothy-kun's eyes widen. Oh, the boxes were sealed right?Bookmark here

- Yeah, why?Bookmark here

- Wait, actually some should’ve been open. Was every box sealed?Bookmark here

- Do you have that bad a memory, surely you would remember sealing them.Bookmark here

- I had someone else do it for me a while back; not been in that cupboard since ages ago.Bookmark here

- Wait, so are you saying that you had, last time you checked, put the broom in the same cupboard you have not been in since ages ago?Bookmark here

- Yes, that’s right; I did say that didn’t I?Bookmark here

- Okay, how about that poorly locked cupboard of yours then?Bookmark here

- As if I’d put it in there.Bookmark here

- Why not?Bookmark here

- Too far from the kitchen.Bookmark here

- And the supply cupboard is not?Bookmark here

- Well, when you put it like that…Bookmark here

- Maybe check perhaps?Bookmark here

- It wouldn’t be in there.Bookmark here

- And you are but adamant to say so why?Bookmark here

- Oh. I, erm, I really want to kind of, uh… keep you out… I can imagine you trying to, uh, ‘borrow’ some money out of there—if I’m to put it lightly.Bookmark here

- Hey, I only did that once. I point at Jimothy-kun, and I paid you back for it too.Bookmark here

- You only paid half…Bookmark here

- I think it was more a third.Bookmark here

- And your point is?Bookmark here

- Fair case, detective.Bookmark here

- Is that a point?Bookmark here

- A dull one.Bookmark here

- Terrible joke there, James.Bookmark here

- I think it was my sharpest yet, Jimothy-kun.Bookmark here

- James.Bookmark here

- Jimothy-kun.Bookmark here

- James.Bookmark here

Golden glee.Bookmark here

- Anyways, I sit up on the kitchen counter, other than that poor, red herring of yours, where would the broom be?Bookmark here

- Get off the counter.Bookmark here

- Right, sorry.Bookmark here

- Hm…Bookmark here

- Retrace your steps perhaps?Bookmark here

- Oh.Bookmark here

- Thought of somewhere?Bookmark here

- You’re going to be angry.Bookmark here

- Why? Where is it?Bookmark here

Jimothy-kun moves from the counter and towards the fridge opposite us. He towers over it in height yet seizes himself weak in stature. A small difference of synonyms. Open to interpretation yet I am closed-minded. Claustrophobic.Bookmark here

Wooden drawers all connected; and unlike them, the fridge is surrounded by gaps of space. Bookmark here

I see the path opening to sight; the mirror reflects the cured fangs of night.Bookmark here

On a roll today. Seems the sun is leaking. Am I on fire?Bookmark here

Jimothy-kun reaches inside one of the gaps in space, on the right-side of the fridge. Bookmark here

I watch over the counter. My question is answered.Bookmark here

I am not on fire.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Jimothy-kun pulls out a brown broom.Bookmark here

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