Chapter 4:


The denied one

After things with the cloak guy done, we immediately continued our way to lunaria and few hours has passed and we reach the village of lunaria.Bookmark here

"So this is it huh the village, pretty lively huh...."Bookmark here

"Yeah and they are more proper than you akasha."Bookmark here

"Hey what do you mean by that?!!!"Bookmark here

And after we reach it, we immediately enter inside to go to rena's house, while were walking to go to rena's house something got my attention, some people in the village staring rena like she did a biggest mistake in the world, and it is not just me that notice that but akasha too and we ask rena the reason of it.Bookmark here

"Rena do you notice the gaze of people here??"Bookmark here

"Yes, did it make you disturbing? "Bookmark here

"No No, im asking you this because i was worried if its making you disturbing."Bookmark here

"No haha don't worry it is always like this."Bookmark here

As soon as me and akasha here that moment of silence appeared in our atmosphere and as we walking to rena's house and few minutes has passed and we reach the house of rena, the house is pretty good, it is obvious that rena's father earning enough money to his job and we enter inside of the house, rena have a 3 siblings and she's the eldest her siblings is well responsible in house and got a good manner her siblings welcome us like their friends when they heard the story about how i met their sister and well as usual akasha is still cold to others and as soon as their attention is in other things i did some investigation in the house i might see some hint regarding to rena's father and his connection to the empire and after that i didn't found anything about her father, since im not satisfied with it i went outside to investigate more, every people in the village is a hard worker and everyone is moving few people are only not working not everyone in the world is like them so it is rare that there are people like them and as im looking around the village for observation i asked some people of they know rena they say no with a doubtful eye and it made me suspicious about that so i asked more about it to few more people and same answer i got and when i realize if i continued i get nothing to it so i just give up and decide to go back to rena's house and there is a old man who approach me in the back and spoke to me.Bookmark here

"What is your relation in those child."Bookmark here

"Ummm im just a distant relatives of them."Bookmark here

"Ohh, is that so then you do know the thing about their mother right?"Bookmark here

"Umm mother? Im sorry I don't know what happened to their mother, if you don't mind may i know what happened."Bookmark here

As soon as i said that the old man stared at me suspiciously and since it is a chance to get a information about their father through the event that happened to rena's mother i asked to the old man without hesitation about the thing.Bookmark here

"Well, their mother is have a big debt to the people here not all of the people here but about 70% of people here, she has a debt with them including me."Bookmark here

The old man said that with a irritating face and the mother of rena seems had a bad reputation here in their village, but it came up in my mind that maybe she's borrowing a money for the child or for their everyday needs, after i thought that i asked one more about this to the old man and it surprised from what he said.Bookmark here

"Hahaha that woman never used a money for her child, she's using the money she borrowed for his young boyfriend."Bookmark here

huh? as i said Bookmark here

As soon as that old man said that nostalgic feeling appeared inside me, pity, i feel pitied about rena and her siblings and for the father also, but even i feel that feeling now that many years have passed since that feeling appeared to me i ask a question about rena's father to the old man and he said that he didn't know where he is now and he didn't see him that coming back in their house since last 3 weeks and rena's mother, apparently rena's mother didn't also coming back to their house but i wonder why rena didn't said about this, after me and old man part a ways i walk on my way to go back to rena's house that we are staying right now, after i got something smell's good is coming to my nose, it seems like rena is cooking.Bookmark here

"Oh you're back"Bookmark here

Rena said that and siblings come right up to me and requesting to play with them and apparently akasha also became their plaything before me and few minutes has passed and rena finished her cooking and we eat and i didn't believe that a child like her can do a cooking like this it looks like some high class chief cooked this food and as i eating rena's homemade food i asked a few questions about her.Bookmark here

"Umm rena? may i ask about your mother."Bookmark here

After i said that, noises in the house became silence and akasha got surprised about that too Bookmark here

"Ummm why do you ask about that mister thrice".Bookmark here

As rena saying that with a sorrowful face i didn't ask further much about this, and moment of silence has passed and....Bookmark here

"My mother and father relationship is over but my mother still living in this house, this house is my father's house so since they are now not wife and husband relation mother can now go out but she didn't go out because she don't have a house that she can stay in and don't have a money to start a new life, father end their relationship because of mother's cheating, and since father is too kind she let her stay in the house for just 3 months until she finds a house and job, but mother didn't find a job instead she's borrowing a money to the people here in the village and using it for her boyfriend she even borrowed a money in our father and she even not look at us instead when she's drunk sometimes she's blaming us because of her bad luck or she's fat that she's boyfriend looks like he's getting tired of her."Bookmark here

As soon as she said that tears flow down in her eyes and she said that one time when she gone to meet her boyfriend she never comes back in home and for the following days, apparently the mother beating and saying a hurtful words to rena and siblings back then when their father and mother still have a relationship, after we clean up things like dishes and go to sleep and day has passed and we came up a idea to look around the village although people here are still have a hostile feeling to them rena said that there still a nice people that care about them, as we now left the house and start walk around, i sensed a presence behind our back.Bookmark here

"ohhh looks like someone have a interest to us huh." Bookmark here

As i said that with a smug face.Bookmark here

TO BE CONTINUED...Bookmark here

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