Chapter 4:

The Masterful Homeroom Teacher

Mages and Dragons in a New Land? They Obviously Haven't Seen a Modern War Man! Book 2

Big bro- I mean, master?” Nobaru said with excitement on his face.Bookmark here

Akio looked towards him and his face had an instant look of realisation and nostalgia. Bookmark here

“Well, if it isn't Nobaru!” Akio exclaimed, “And I see Eri too. Gods you’ve grown.”Bookmark here

“Never expected you to be here, master!” Eri said.Bookmark here

“Well, it’s thanks to you guys anyway. Seeing you both strive to be the best inspired me too. Let’s just say I got strong and famous enough to get here.”Bookmark here

“Is that so?” Nobaru asked.Bookmark here

“Yep! So from today, I’ll be your homeroom teacher.” Bookmark here

Nobaru had an excited look on her face. Eri too, forgot her anger momentarily and was happy.Bookmark here

Nobaru looked at the rest of the students. Sounds of whispering filled the room. They looked back and forth at him and Akio.Bookmark here

‘Gods, here we go again.’ he thought.Bookmark here

The warm reception was interrupted by Nico’s laughter as they threw things at Hugo.Bookmark here

Akio raised an eyebrow, “Anything funny back there?”Bookmark here

Nico laughed, “Look at you acting all grown up! How old are you? Five?”Bookmark here

Everyone was shocked. Nobaru grit his teeth.Bookmark here

“Now listen here-”Bookmark here

But his voice was interrupted by Akio’s footsteps. Suddenly the air turned uncomfortable… electrifying.Bookmark here

Akio had a menacing look on his face. He gripped Nico’s shoulder and an instantaneous searing pain shot out from his body.Bookmark here

“First of all…” he started, “I’m in my late 20s.”Bookmark here

Nico stifled a laugh, “Look at you getting triggered over such a stupid remark! Childish indeed.”Bookmark here

Akio laughed, “Oh, that’s not why I’m angry. This is the usual for me.”Bookmark here

He pointed towards Hugo.Bookmark here

“Stop. Now!”Bookmark here

Hugo just ignored them and continued along with his work…Bookmark here

‘Breathe…’ he thought.Bookmark here

Nobaru was surprised. As Akio walked back with his usual carefree smile, Nobaru couldn’t help but ask,Bookmark here

“Master Akio, did you just perform chantless magic?”Bookmark here

Akio looked towards Nobaru and smirked.Bookmark here

“That wasn’t chantless magic.” he replied, “That’s Elemental Discharge.”Bookmark here

“Elemental Discharge?” Kaeda asked.Bookmark here

Akio looked towards Kaeda with a warm smile.Bookmark here

“Oh you must be, Kaeda… His girlfriend right?”Bookmark here

Akio had a playful smile when he said this. Bookmark here

Kaeda instantly turned red. Moments later, Nobaru too turned red, taking time to process his words. The entire class looked at them with playful grins, even Eri and Hugo stole a glance at their faces. A faint trace of a smile was shown in their lips.Bookmark here

“N-n-n-no!” Kaeda objected, “It’s nothing like that… W-we are only friends.”Bookmark here

“T-that’s right!” Nobaru agreed, “J-just friends.”Bookmark here

Akio looked across the two of them and then laughed out loud.Bookmark here

“Relax you two! I was just joking.” Bookmark here

The two sighed as Akio turned towards Kaeda.Bookmark here

“Elemental Discharge.” he began, “It is the act of well… discharging your mana in the form of elemental magic. That’s how you can shoot balls of water or fire from your hand. But in this case, the elemental form doesn’t have a shape, so to speak.”Bookmark here

“So it’s pure elemental energy?” Shizuko asked.Bookmark here

Akio was confused.Bookmark here

“I don’t understand what you meant in this case. Pure?”Bookmark here

“Oh, sorry. I-I used the wrong choice of words there.” she said hastily. “I meant that Elemental Discharge is how you do magic in the first place. Correct?”Bookmark here

“That’s right!” Akio replied with a smile, “We all can do magic in the start, but Elemental Discharge becomes important. It takes practice. It isn’t that hard to master either. It’s important because, the more control you have with it, the better your magic becomes. The foundation has to be at its best for the building to stand tall, yeah?”Bookmark here

The entire class nodded.Bookmark here

“Let’s get the class started with this note,” he said suggestively. “If that’s fine with you guys, that is.”Bookmark here

“We are all for it!” Girad said with gusto.Bookmark here

“Great!”Bookmark here

Akio walked towards the front of the class and faced the students. He held out his hand and formed a ball of water on his hand.Bookmark here

“Now, this is a normal ball of water.” he started, “Can everyone form one on their hand?”Bookmark here

The class.. Even Nico and Luna followed his instructions. Hugo too, but with a depressed look.Bookmark here

“Now the basis of all elemental magic is it’s Discharged Form. The form before it took shape into a spell.”Bookmark here

“You all must’ve had some sort of image in your mind. For chantless magic users like Nobaru and Kaeda here, their imagination is one of the reasons why they can do what they do. For people who don’t use chantless magic, the incantation creates the image for them. According to our predecessors at least.”Bookmark here

“So if we can do Elemental Discharge flawlessly,” started Balor, “Can we perform chantless magic as well?”Bookmark here

Akio shook his head. Bookmark here

“No.” he replied, “As I said, imagination is just one of the reasons why chantless magicians can perform like that. Their huge mana capacity is the other reason why they are chantless mages.”Bookmark here

“I see…” Balor looked a little disappointed.Bookmark here

“So since you guys are smart enough, I’ll give you a challenge.” Bookmark here

“A challenge?” Eri asked.Bookmark here

“Yes.” Akio replied with a playful grin. “The key to Discharge is ‘turning back time.’”Bookmark here

“Turning back time?” Harumi asked. Bookmark here

“Yep. Now figuring it out is up to you.”Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Hugo pondered over the answer to the riddle. Bookmark here

‘Turning back time…’ he thought, ‘Wish I could do that in real life. But Time Magic doesn’t exist.’Bookmark here

‘What could be the answer to the question… Everyone must be finding it hard to get. I think it’s something with reference to the spell, since we can’t turn back time in real life...’Bookmark here

He looked across the room. Everyone was lost in thought. The class fell into silence except for Nico in the back of the classroom who was healing his arm. As Hugo looked at him for just a moment, Nico noticed and glared at him.Bookmark here

Hugo tried to ignore him.Bookmark here

‘Now’s not the time…’ he told himself, ‘Concentrate!’Bookmark here

He took a deep breath.Bookmark here

‘Count to five, just like usual.’ he thought, ‘1..2..3..4..5’Bookmark here

Moments later, Hugo resumed his pondering.Bookmark here

‘So, let’s see what Master Akio talked about. It was a great idea to make us figure it out. Well, he is Nobaru’s master after all… So, the spell… Master Akio did mention the image of the spell. Maybe it’s got something to do with that…’Bookmark here

He thought back to Akio’s words.Bookmark here

For people who don’t use chantless magic, the incantation creates the image for themBookmark here

The key to Discharge is ‘Turning back time.’Bookmark here

‘Turning back time…’Bookmark here

Moments later he got an idea.Bookmark here

He formed a ball of water on his hand.Bookmark here

Akio looked towards Hugo, ‘Let’s see where this leads.’ he thought with a smile.Bookmark here

‘The image!’ thought Hugo, ‘The key lies there. For the ball to form, drops of water should come together… Drops of water.’Bookmark here

Hugo had a determined smile on his face. Bookmark here

Akio glanced towards Hugo and smiled. Bookmark here

'Looks like he has found the answer,' he thought. Bookmark here

Hugo closed his eyes and focused. Bookmark here

Turn back time.. Let the image of the water rewind.. Bookmark here

Moments later, Hugo opened his eyes and saw droplets of water floating above his palm. Bookmark here

Akio walked towards him and patted his back. Bookmark here

"Good job, Hugo. Care to explain how you did it to the class?" Bookmark here

"Yeah~," Nico chimed in, "Explain your 'great exploit'." Bookmark here

Hugo looked toward Nico and then back to Akio with a forced smile on his face. Bookmark here

"O-ok…" he managed as he walked toward the front of the class slowly. Bookmark here

Nobaru looked at him with pity. Bookmark here

"He's terrified." Nobaru whispered to Eri, "His walking seems stiff… Even if it’s not noticeable… much" Bookmark here

"Why tell me this?" Eri snapped back, "I thought I established that I didn’t care?”Bookmark here

Nobaru sighed with hopelessness, ‘There’s no convincing her.’Bookmark here

But then he saw a tiny spark of hope as he noticed a look of worry and anger, just for a moment.Bookmark here

‘Looks like someone’s acting like a tsundere here.’Bookmark here

Akio looked at Hugo with concern.Bookmark here

‘Hugo, didn’t anyone tell you? You are an open book.’ Bookmark here

“Before that,” he interrupted, “Hugo, can we talk for a moment?”Bookmark here

Hugo was confused.Bookmark here

‘What did I do?’ he thought, ‘Well, I know I didn’t do anything wrong. Even if Master Akio is intimidating, he won’t do anything to me… right? Yeah.. Or did he notice?’Bookmark here

He was afraid since Master Akio could keep Nico and Luna from stepping out of line. Something that Hugo alone can't manage…Bookmark here

“Okay, master.”Bookmark here

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