Chapter 10:

Just In Time For Depressing Moments

ReAscension- The Cries That Reached The Heavens


They were a pain in the ass. But of course, that is the reason why I set off on my journey six months later.

What journey? Why? To where?

Well, let me remind you that my whole Godhood was at stake if I failed to redeem myself of the sin of destroying a dimension for fun...

Now, you remember. I was with Uvena Imarae, the Goddess of Earth and Knowledge. Getting lap pillows once a week and enjoying my time as a felis for the rest of my life.

I’m kidding… At least half of it was the truth though.

I did get those lap pillows once a week. But I had to train for that. I needed to control my powers. And she taught me to. In case you were wondering, those lap pillows were a bit of an ordeal but it was soothing.

So back on topic. My daily training regime consisted of physical strength training and then Mana Enhancing and finally actually using my powers.

To truly master Earth Magic is to keep your mind alert, focused, calm and rational. As steady as stone.

This is the essence of Earth Magic. Uvena drilled that into my head. For an awkward mad scientist goddess with an overwhelming felis fetish, she sure was a strict teacher.

I learned a few tricks from her. I can now use a more… chaotic variation of Earth Magic. Fit for my title don’t you think?

Esoteric Earth Manipulation.

I can control a small area of land, being able to shift its shape, break it into chunks, and summon lava from underneath. As I grow stronger, so does the area I can control increase.

I can increase my strength and durability using the earth around me. Not only can I create armour out of rock, I can also draw a small amount of power from the earth as long as I’m in contact with it.

This is Earth Empowerment.

Using Earth Empowerment, I also learned to create a complete exoskeleton that lasts for six minutes due to its high mana requirements. Earth Mimic as I’d like to call it.

I haven’t learned to completely control my shape-shifting abilities. I am prone to losing consciousness if I use it for more than eight hours a day. Or even going insane…

Guess those lap pillows really paid off, huh?

I also learned archery. I had also wanted to learn it as a young one in my mortal days… But, I couldn't. Uvena also took the time to teach me archery. Sparring sessions were a part of my physical strength training.

Don’t get me started on that! Uvena expected me to carry boulders across a certain area. It can be in places with a hot environment or across a river. She also made it a point to make me fight Terrae once a week. It took me a long while. I even thought of leaving and giving up. But it was worth it.

Yes, my life was as normal as can be. Until that day six months later.


I was awoken by Uvena who turned on the lights in my room.

I grit my teeth at the sudden brightness. The blue coloured dim light, then looked so bright to me.

“Ugh… It’s like so early in the mornin’...” I said, “Why wake me up at such an ungodly hour?”

“Because I heard something through Terrae. He went out for surveillance.”

I quickly got up from the bed. To wake me up at this hour… It must be something all right!

“Gimme a bit. I’ll be right there.”

Uvena nodded and shut the door. I slid into my ‘travelling clothes’ consisting of a plain black vest and trousers and a red cape with a hood to shield myself from the heat… It helps keep a low profile too.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I noticed how long my hair was. It was pure white like the snow and reached to my shoulders. My dark eyes have gotten sharper and more focused. And I had a better build, probably because of the harsh training.

I took a deep breath and walked out, composing myself.


Uvena stood looking perplexed towards the large screen in front of her while hearing Terrae’s report. Her face grew more troubled every moment.

“What’s the status?” I asked, “You look worried. Is it something big?”

“It’s… complicated.”

It’s a riot.

The voice belonged to Terrae. Uvena glared at him. Her expression was one of immense pressure.

“It’s a riot?” I asked. “What’s so complicated about that?”

Riots were a common occurrence in this world… I do not know why but the mortals here tend to be aggressive and hasty. Chaotic.

Ask her yourself.

I raised an eyebrow at Uvena.

“Something wrong?”

Uvena scrolled past images and clips. It was a massacre out there. As if it were a warzone.

I looked at each of them and I realised the weight of the situation. This was an extremely chaotic riot. No one would survive unless we act.

“Let’s go!” I told her, “What are we waiting for?”

But Uvena stood silent and still. She looked like a person on the brink of despair.


She was startled and looked at me questioningly.

“Let’s go. Otherwise, they will die out there!”

“I… I-I can’t.”

“What?” I asked. I was baffled. Why can’t she come with me?

“Are you stupid?! Why can’t you come with me? You promised to be my guide to help your people. Not me, but to help them!”

“I-I just can’t!” she retorted.


Uvena looked at me pleadingly, her eyes filled with tears and clasped my hands tight.

“I-I can’t go back there again… Please, I will be a danger to them… I will do what I did all those centuries ago!”

She let go of my hand and dragged herself back into her room slowly. Going inside, she shut the door softly.