Chapter 14:

A Bad Case of What?

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

Today Makoto woke up not feeling so well.  As he was walking to school he was holding on to his stomach.

"Damn...why does my stomach hurt so much. Was it something I ate." Makoto said to himself.

"Hey Makoto!" Kota came up behind and scared Makoto.

"Aaaahhh! Kota don't do that right now!" Makoto yelled clutching his stomach.

It almost came out. Makoto thought to himself.

"What's going on with you and why are you walking like that?" Kota questioned Makoto holding his stomach.

"Sorry Kota but I have to get to school quick!" Makoto then ran off leaving Kota in the dust not knowing how to react.

Makoto was running past many students and almost tripped trying to get to school. He finally arrived and quickly switched his shoes in his locker and ran for the restroom. Makoto entered the restroom and quickly went into the stall.

I made it. Makoto said with a smile forming while doing his business.

Makoto was in there for some time and as he was finishing up the bell rings.

"Luckily I'm done here." Makoto gets up from the toilet seat and as he goes to unlock the stall door the bathroom door opens.

"C'mon Futaba-san hurry up we're going to be late." A girls voice was heard.

"I'm just going quickly shut up." Futaba replied back to her friend group.

Futaba enters the stall next to Makoto and he is left speechless. He raises his feet up on the toilet and covers his mouth.

What the hell...did I accidentally go into the girls restroom?!?! Makoto panicked in his head.

"Let's go girls I don't want to wait." The girl outside said.

Makoto was sweating bullets. He didn't know what to do and was scared of getting caught if he went out the door and even worse being late to class. The toilet flushes next to him and Futaba goes to wash her hands.

"Aargh! Damn that girl is annoying." Futaba says in frustration. She splashes water in her face and looks at herself in the mirror and frowns.

"I wish I had new friends..." Futaba then goes out the door.

Makoto heard everything she said and was left pondering trying to make out what she meant by what she said.

"Not now. I have to go to class." Makoto then got out the stall and quickly washed his hands and slowly went out his way out the bathroom door.

-Inside the classroom-

I wonder where Makoto is? Kota thought to himself while paying attention to the lesson.

-Door slides open-

It was Makoto and he was panting from how fast he went up the stairs. Kota stares at Makoto as he is sitting down trying not to laugh at his face.

"Haku-san nice to see you this morning may I ask why your late?" Tanaka-sensei asked.

"I sort of ran into a problem." Makoto replied back rubbing the back of his head.

"Okay I'll let this slide since you are a good student." Tanaka-sensei said.

"Thank you sensei!" Makoto was happy he wasn't punished.

-Time passes-

Some classes have gone by and currently in between the class switch Makoto and Kota are talking.

"So, are you ready for P.E. class? I heard we're running today." Kota said.

"I hope not." Makoto was worried that his diarrhea would come back.

Makoto looked to his right and noticed Sakuri was shaking.

"Hey, uhm Sakuri-san are you okay?" Makoto asked getting her attention.

"'s n-nothing." What they didn't know was that Sakuri didn't like physical education and the clothes they had to wear.

-Timeskip to P.E.-

"Alright everybody we're going to be running a mile. Also for today the females will go first." Ishikawa-sensei the physical education teacher announced to everybody.

Makoto and Kota walk under a tree to be in the shade to wait their turn. Kota looks at Makoto and notices he keeps on looking around and moving his eyes as if he's looking for someone.

"Hmm. You're looking for Sakuri-san aren't you?" Kota teased Makoto.

"W-What! I-I don't know what you're talking about. Why would I be doing that?" Makoto turned away and ignored Kota's antics. Makoto spotted Sakuri and noticed how cute she looked in the P.E. clothes.

Makoto what are you thinking! Makoto thinks to himself and slaps his checks to get himself back on track.

Makoto and Kota pass the time by talking about anime and manga and soon it's the boys turn to run. As the teacher calls for them Makoto starts to feel a rumble start in his stomach.

"Oh no not this again." Makoto clenched his stomach and was walking slowly.

"Alright let's start with stretching." Ishikawa-sensei motioned for everyone to get started.

Everyone was doing fine except for Makoto. The stretches weren't helping his stomach pain. Five minutes of stretching goes by and the students line up to run on the track. Makoto and Kota were near the end. They all start to run and Makoto is starting to feel the need to use the restroom.

This is bad. At this point I might defecate myself! Makoto thought to himself.

Makoto was trying to compose himself as best as possible but he could not wait this long. He pushed himself to run as fast as he could and zoomed past everyone to try and finish as quickly as possible. Everyone looked on at the scene Makoto was creating. They were impressed by how fast he was going.

"Woah, look at Makoto go." Kota said to himself impressed by how fast his best friend is running.

Where the girls are resting most of them are staring in awe especially Sakuri. She looks on in silence amazed at Makoto. Sakuri blushes while looking at Makoto seeing him differently than the others. While she is seeing him like a prince running he actually is in pain and his face is in distress trying to hold in his runny stomach.

Makoto finishes the last lap and continues running, passing the P.E. teacher.

"Haku-san good jo-. Wait where are you going!" Ishikawa-sensei yelled trying to get an answer.

"Sorry sensei, can't talk right now!" Makoto yelled back while running.

Makoto makes it to the restrooms and this time takes a good look that he enters the right bathroom. 

"Oh man, I'm going to be here for a while..." Makoto said clenching his stomach.

P.E. class has ended and Kota is wondering why Makoto has taken so long to come back. Kota heads to the lockers and gets dressed. He then goes out to look for Makoto. Kota then notices it's time for their next class and quickly runs back to the lockers and gets Makoto's bag with all his stuff to give it to him in case he happens to see him.

Back to Makoto's Pov

*Toilet flush*

"Finally, that took forever. I hope I don't get in trouble for taking a while." Makoto walks outside and notices no one is outside. 

"Wait...don't tell me." Makoto begins to panic and starts running to his next class. "Are you serious! Was I in the restroom for all of P.E.!"

Again Makoto arrives to class sliding the door and just makes it on time with the bell ringing.

I made it. Makoto thought to himself.

Class starts and Makoto gets a chill down his spine.

I forgot my backpack! Makoto says in his head.

"Hey Makoto, here's your bag. I knew you would probably forget it." Kota whispers to Makoto.

"Thank you Kota!" Makoto says with happy tears.

Makoto goes through the rest of the day feeling a little bit better. The last bell has rang and Makoto and friends head to the club room.

Makoto and Kota slide the door open to see Aoiki and Sakuri already inside.

"Hey guys!" Aoki waves at the two best friends. "Are you ready for some painting?"

"We sure are." Makoto responds back.

This time they decide to paint trees today. As they are painting Kota looks at Makoto with questions to ask.

"Hey Makoto, what was up with you today?"

"What do you mean?" Makoto replies back.

"Well first this morning you were walking weird then you got late to class and also during p.e. you ran really fast and went away for the rest of class." Kota replayed the day.

"Oh, well it was because I had a bad case of diarrhea." Makoto said but then noticed that he outright said it. He turns to look at the girls and Aoki is laughing from what she heard.

"What are you laughing at?" Makoto was getting embarrassed since everyone started to laugh even Sakuri. Makoto then went quiet and stared at Sakuri as she was laughing and noted how cute she looked as she laughed.

The club spends the rest of their club activities laughing and having fun and then head home. Makoto arrives at his house and announces his arrival. He heads to the fridge to have a drink of milk.

"Wait Makoto what are you doing?" Makoto's mother asks.

"I'm just getting a glass of milk, what's wrong with that?" He says while starting to take a sip of his glass of milk.

"Don't drink that! It's expired!" His mother yells.

Makoto spits out all the milk and looks at the milk carton. It expired last week.

"Why the hell is this still in the fridge then!?" Makoto asked.

"I guess I just forgot." His mother says innocently.

"Wait a minute, could this be the reason why...why I had diarrhea!!" Makoto yells out thinking back to his morning breakfast were he ate a bowl of cereal.

Makoto screams in distress thinking how dumb he was not to notice the milk being expired. Since this day Makoto now knows to be more careful and wary of the things that he does.