Chapter 12:

Warlock Hand

Battlefield Restart: Mortal God

"The name of this glove is 'Warlock Hand'.

Heh~ The Magic Circles engraved into this little baby have many abilities. I'll show you them.

There are four abilities in total: Self-Adjustment, Mana Charge, Spell Release and Customised Spell." Mark tilted his nose up. The glove caused his hand to glow brightly with a diamond-like light.

"The first ability is as you've seen. It can both change its size and look to fit the user's will.

The second ability stores enough Mana into it for four consecutive Spell Conjurings." Mark continued and aimed his index finger towards a training dummy from afar. His eyes suddenly sharpened.

When posturing, it was like his aura changed…

I wasn't unfamiliar with that term 'Spell Conjuring'

It was an advanced technique only those that have mastered and moved on from the Mana Clad technique. It was something advanced users of the Burst Manipulation technique could cast out.

It was unlike the Mana Clad sub-technique of Burst Manipulation. It was the basic Art of every 'Mage'.

It had the ability to produce weapons made out of focused Mana… along with other phenomena.

Spell Conjuring was the second technique of Burst Manipulation. It was essential to controlling any kind of Ether. Just like how Father softened the ground under my feet by interacting with the External Energy (Ether) of the world beneath me:

Only a person who use this technique could be considered a true Magic User and become a Mage.

Well, a novice… at least…

There was only one difference between those who considered themselves Mages, and those who considered themselves Swordsman: It was where they would put their efforts when training.

A person who was adept in using Spell Conjuring would be considered a Mage, while others who concentrated on using Mana Clad would be considered Swordsmen. The Arts weren't exclusive to one another, but many focused their effort.

It was better to have a higher rank in one speciality than be subpar on two. This was common sense.

Only the ambitious tried balancing the two.

Like my Magic Swordsman of a Father.

"Watch carefully." Mark said seriously.

[Spell Conjuring- Burning Slash!]

A blade of flames shot towards the training dummy used for spell practice and burnt a cut through it.

A surprised expression appeared on my face, as his gift really opened my eyes to new possibilities.

At least I won't fall behind others in terms of magical firepower now that I have this great gift-

Wait! Why is it that attack seemed different than others? I'm sure a Fireball is supposed to be shaped spherically rather than the shape of a blade... What happened? Was it not that…?

Guess I should ask about it later.

"That's amazing~ However, by four consecutive spells, you meant First-Tier Combat Magic, right? What about Third-Tier Combat Magic?" He forced a smile at my questions, then started looking at the 'Warlock Hand' he wore with a complex gaze.

He seemed out of it today... What's with this mood?

He's lost in his own memories again….

"That's because this is actually a failed product.

It doesn't have the ability to emit Third-Tier Combat Magic... It's still quite useful though.

Wait... Isn't your standards a little too high for a kid? Do you even know what Third-Tier Combat Magic actually is?" Mark suddenly frowned at me without hiding his thoughts, unlike usual.

I responded by shaking my head after hearing that question. My hands were lifted in the air… No one informed me about the actual strength of Third-Tier Combat Magic. I mean, it seemed normal for servants to be able to cast them in this household.

"Your father is a Rank C Magical Talent with tremendous power. In fact, he theoretically has enough Mana to consecutively fire off Third-Tier Combat Spells without losing too much energy.

However, he's unable to actually succeed in doing so due to his low mastery of Spell Conjuring.

He hadn't spent enough time to gain insight into its intricacies, or most likely forgotten them over time.

He IS a Magic Swordsman, after all.

Your mother on the other hand, while also being a Rank C Magical Talent, has high mastery of Spell Conjuring despite her… umm… 'weakness' in Sword Arts. She's technically more refined than your dad.

That's how she, using Third-Tier Combat Magic, earned the title of a Wind Magic Sword Mage.

Your da- I mean, your father may be considered a Magic Swordsman, but his Spell Conjuring only reaches the ability of being able to use First-Tier Spells at most. They are only fairly useful…

Those who are both extremely skilled in close-combat and use Third-Tier Combat Magic are given noble title of 'Army Breakers'. This title is one only the Duke of our household has earned through great hardships. No one can compare to him!

The nobleman we serve is so strong that… his spells could break down an armed fortress!

People who have talent in both Spells and Arts are extremely rare no matter where you look.

Especially those who can reach a high level of Arts along with Third-Tier Combat Magic... not everyone can cast them like Tier-Less Magic used by F Ranks." I wished he'd stop blabbering on and on…

It's hurting my ears…

His explanation really helped me open my eyes to reality. Just because a person had Mana, didn't mean they would be able to become a master of magic. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a problem for everyone on Gaia to know how to cast Spells.

The Swordwick Household would probably be able to rule the entire Drakeyol kingdom if it had that many Master Mages. They'd be able to rain down Spells from afar without having to train themselves.

It was fast and effective on the battlefield.

Now that I thought about it, weren't Spells more useful than martial arts?

I hadn't been capable of learning even First-Tier Magical Spells due to my lack of Light Mana, but now that I had 'Warlock Hand', my low Magic Capacity wouldn't matter anymore.

I could just refill this magical device using my own Mana After all, it recovered at a pretty fast pace.

One that even other F Ranks would be envious of.

I could finally learn true Spells!

Enigma… Watch me overcome all odds!

Now I could finally learn start to learn First-Tier Combat Spells without your help!

"What does Customised Spell do?" I asked curiously like the 'young child' I was.

I didn't care if I'm inwardly an bearded old man with life experiences.

Now that I regained my youth, there's no reason for me to be as disciplined as I was in the past!

"You've already seen it in action.

It's a Magic Circle that combines two Spell Conjurings.

It drained your Mana through gestures so that it can cast hybridised Combat Magic.

I previously used it to combine Wind Cutter and Searing Fireball. Look closely… I'll repeat it to you so you'll know how to use it again." Mark narcissistically put up a façade of high intellect.

He demonstrated its power once again.

Look, just because I asked you nicely doesn't mean you should get so full of yourself...!

This cocky, cowardly, good-for-nothing- Hah...

At least he's back to usual self.

The seriousness he sometimes shows is way too different from his usual happy-go-luck charms.

He was a lot better looking this way… (I can't believe I just admired that.)

[Spell Conjuring- Dust Slash]

He waves his finger, and as a result, a blade of compressed soil sliced another wooden dummy in the training ground.

"That one was weaker than the one you showed me before…" My eyes trembled a little.

"What are you talking about? You can't expect all Combat Magic to be of the same standard.

It's natural that the Fire Spell I added the first time would increase the power of my Customised Spell.

There isn't any other Enchanted Glove that can use this kind of ability which can mix different Spells!

You should be thankful I decided to gift this to you as a present. Even a normal Swordsman could become a Magic Swordsman if he used Warlock Hand." Mark was defending his little 'child'.

What a kid he was…

He looks a lot less pumped up now than was previously.

Maybe I should have praised his precious gift a little more...

It really was an amazing Enchanted Item…

It gave a lot more choices to its user.

Mark gave me Warlock Hand with a sigh.

He kept looking pitifuly depressed after seeing my lack of reaction.

I knew I should've shown my thrilled expression on the outside for him to see…

…but I get the feeling that wouldn't be a good idea.

Whenever I had a hunch, I always followed it!

This rare Enchanted Item he gifted was perfect for me! I couldn't help but fantasise about my huge boost in capabilities. Now I actually had a treasure that could mix Mana of various attributes together.

As a guy with low Magical Talent but a high amount of affinities, gaining the ability to customise Spell Conjurings from my manifested Bursts was a huge advantage! There're so many things I can do now that I've gained something like this glove.

I might even be able to create my own unique Spells if I used it properly. This was the best~

He noticed the gleam hidden in my eyes, but didn't comment on it. A hand suddenly grabbed my wrist.

What was he doing now…?

"I sense a bit of Lightning Mana from you…" He said in a strangely low voice. It was a chilling tone.

"…I'm not doing anything illegal."


"I mean… nothing wrong."

"There's nothing wrong with you…"

"Right!" I nodded my head. He didn't seem convinced and stroked his chin for a moment.

Then made an assumption:

"You've used 'Memory Recall', right? That Art that helps you remember things like experiences…"

"Yeah. And…?"

"Nothing… Anyway, aren't you alright at studying?"


"Do you like studying?"


"But you want to remember stuff more."

"Yeah." I kept on giving short responses. It's not as if I wasn't aware this was making things awkward.

"Who taught you this Art?" He wasn't fazed at all.

"I suddenly knew it all of a sudden." It wasn't a lie, I just suddenly figured out how to use this Art.

So strange…

"But then- Oh! Oh yeah… You have a Magic Affinity." My brow was raised at this response.

Didn't everyone have a 'Magic Affinity' on Gaia?

"As someone with a low ranked Magical Talent, it doesn't feel like I'm someone with that affinity."

"No, I meant Battle Affinity, not your Elemental Affinity." There seemed to be a distinction here.

"It's because of your Lightning Aff- Forget it. Let's just say making unique Arts will be easier for you."

"That's cool~"

"Now back on track: Have you told your parents your using this Art? Have you had any symptoms?"

"Of what?"

"…Mild hallucinations."

"Not once." My memory seemed fine. It worked the way it intended without any serious complications.

Maybe he was worried since it was mind related.

It DID feel like my memory was becoming clearer over time, but I was unsure what he meant.

My uncle only whispered under his breath:

"You're young. So it should be fine…"


"Forget it… Anyway, here's your present. Don't lose it." Mark took a deep breath and said dismissively,

However, his dastardly expression brightened after seeing someone behind me... W-wait… Was it-?

Oh please, not her...!

My back stiffened as I saw the laughter in his eyes...

Maybe I should turn around to actually see who was able to evade my senses. Sneaking up on me...

(As if I even needed to guess...)

"I'll leave you two alone for now. It seems she wants to give you a present as well."

Mark! Why?! Why abandoning me to my fate?!

'You traitor! What happened to entrusting me with your hopes? Why wouldn't you warn me of incoming danger? Have you never heard of never leaving a man behind!?' I forced a smile

I slowly but surely turned towards the person I'd usually avoid most. It's not that I hated her or anything like that... The only problem I always had with her was how she usually greeted me.

"Anna, how-" Just as I was about to say something to excuse myself, two hands grasped my cheeks like lightning fast metal clamps. My cheeks reddened in pain as a result of her pinching...

"Aw~! You're so cute~

Look at the time fly~ It seems like only yesterday I used to hold your little body in my arms, and now you've grown into such a big boy~!" Anna reminisced while casually pinching my cheeks.

Her words were like an old woman's. It contrasted to her actual young age and appearance.

Urgh... She sounded so unbelievably old!

"Anna, act your age." I said seriously as I backed away from her. My cheeks felt swollen by her pinching. Wait... I feel awkward after remembering the rebuke I had just said with such a straight face.

I, an eighty year old soldier who's alright about acting like a child in front of my parents, told Anna to act her age?

What was the world coming to...!

Actually, now I'm glad she pinched my cheeks.

They would have turned red from embarrassment anyway… I couldn't ignore my own words...

"Shouldn't you be tutoring Merilin right now?" I said in order to swiftly change the subject.

My fallen brothers of my past life, feel proud because I have finally mastered 'it'…!

The art of 'Bending Rivers to save a Nation'!

The 'Bending River to save a Nation' Art I learnt from my past life was a technique my quick-witted brother-in-arm in the past who'd always avoid getting lectured by our commander.

That troublesome guy's talent in escaping responsibilities were top-notch.

No one could match his 'skills'!

It's just sad that his ACTUAL ability to escape danger wasn't faster than steel bullets.

Anna kind of reminded me of that comrade of mine who I never had the chance to ask the name of...

Though their looks weren't in any way similar, the atmosphere that surrounds them was the same.

They both gave a feeling like they are merely streams going with the flow. Having no desires…

"You and Merilin are going to be learning together from now on.

She doesn't need me home tutoring her anymore.

Ahh~! Why did your father have to be so strict?

Now that he's pulled some strin- I mean, helped you apply for a spot in an academy.

We won't be able to see each other that often anymore~!" She said while crying on my shoulder.

Anna, you're not fooling anyone.

Only a complete idiot would fall for your lie after such a major slip of tongue. How is someone as easy to read as you a Ninja? You shattered my dreams of seeing a badass Ninja in this life!

After moving on from my thoroughly disappointed expectations, I remembered why my father was so eager to send me into a magical 'Academy' in the first place.

The war against the Blood Nation has calmed down recently but that didn't mean humanity had forgotten their hatred for the Barbarians. They had killed far too many of their people and our own...

The hatred of a community was long lasting…

From what I've heard, the prideful leaders behind enemy lines had only showed themselves once in the entire span of the Holy War of the past. There was definitely something amiss about this…

It's as if the forces humanity has been fighting all this time wasn't the Blood Nation's main force...

Maybe this is the reason Elites from all over Gaia were being gathered. It was an interesting plan.

"Anna!" My sister ran towards the training ground and called her out.

"What's wrong?" Anna turned around and asked in surprise, but after seeing the expression of my mother, who was following behind her, she quickly froze up. Looks like she messed up… big time!

"Simon, here's your special birthday present.

It's one of my favourite knives from the most precious collection I have. Please be sure not to lose it anywhere, okay? Bye-bye now~!" Anna spoke in a dreadful tone. She's got off her feet the same way father did. Hmm? Running away, I see…

Was mother THAT scary...?

"What have I said about slacking when teaching? It seems we need a real thorough talk about your careless habits~" My mother said with a bright smile which still didn't reach her eyes.

"I'm sorry!" Anna pleaded and escaped in panic like a scared rabbit. This caused me and my little sister Merilin, who were left behind on the Training Grounds, to look at each other awkwardly.

What should we do now…?