Chapter 13:

Merilin’s Worries

Battlefield Restart: Mortal God

"Big Brother... I have something I want to talk about..." Merilin said so softly, I barely heard her.Bookmark here

Actually, now that I focused on her expression, I could see that she was extremely depressed... Bookmark here

Umm... What do I do now? Bookmark here

I've never been good with 'feelings', that's why I usually threw my emotions out the window.Bookmark here

The faster I could, the better.Bookmark here

So… how do I give good advice...?Bookmark here

"Let's go somewhere else first." I said while holding her hand in order to take her somewhere private. Bookmark here

I really don't want anyone to think I'm bullying her! Bookmark here

On the way, I tried comforting her by telling her about the various things that happened with Mark. Bookmark here

With some omissions, it turned into a lighthearted joke, but her silence really made me quite worried...Bookmark here

What actually happened to her? Bookmark here

Wasn't she with Anna just moments ago? Bookmark here

I hope that damn stupid woman's thick-headedness didn't cause some misunderstanding.Bookmark here

Hmmm, Anna IS kinda dense in some areas…Bookmark here

It's possible she said something she shouldn't have by accident. Damn her! Can't she pay attention?! Bookmark here

Merilin's usually very sensitive about stuff... Bookmark here

No, actually... despite her immaturity, this sister of mine was sharp-witted when it came down to it.Bookmark here

"Did Anna say something?" I asked her first.Bookmark here

We entering our parent's room. There was no one there, which was a perfect place for a good talk.Bookmark here

It was even better if they came to help me out…!Bookmark here

My little sister lifted her head. She started to look into my eyes with a mix of anxiety and worry.Bookmark here

Was this about the familiarity of the room?Bookmark here

Didn't she find it comfortable?Bookmark here

It wasn't that our parent's weren't capable enough to get personal rooms for both of us. To be perfectly honest, they just wanted to have more rooms for other servants of the Household. Bookmark here

That's why they decided it would be okay for Merilin to not have a room of her own for now.Bookmark here

I, of course, was considered different from her. Bookmark here

I was responsible enough to keep a tidy room and didn't really need help with doing my chores. Bookmark here

A little can go a long way when it comes to keeping everyone satisfied with my personality.Bookmark here

It felt like the worry in Merilin's heart wasn't unfounded just by looking at the seriousness in her youthful eyes. Bookmark here

It's strange to see… Bookmark here

She had always been a smart girl who could work her way past anything she put her mind to. Bookmark here

Different from the me of my past life…Bookmark here

There was a chance I wouldn't be able to help even if I knew something was troubling her.Bookmark here

"Auntie Anna said... my affinity is weak... She said I'll be bullied if I became a Mage...!" Merilin cried. Bookmark here

My mind suddenly went blank… Bookmark here

I panicked inwardly after seeing her tears…Bookmark here

What am I supposed to do?! My thoughts started to race as I tried to comfort her with words... Bookmark here

Damn it! This was so stressful!Bookmark here

"Don't cry, don't cry… I'll get sad too if you start to cry." I said in panicked tone. Bookmark here

Wait... Weren't my words more like a threat? Bookmark here

Calm the heck down!Bookmark here

Damn! I didn't want her to cry, but I had literally ZERO experience in taking care of children. Bookmark here

What was I supposed to do when she cried?!Bookmark here

Her little shoulders trembled a little after hearing my words, then she wiped away the tears on her face. Bookmark here

She held back the sadness in her heart...Bookmark here

"Big Brother, don't be sad...! I'm… Look! I'm f-fine, super-duper now." She said with a straight face.Bookmark here

I felt my heart soften after hearing her words. Bookmark here

She was such an angel~! Bookmark here

To think this girl was still caring about me even though SHE was the one crying. How adorable~!Bookmark here

"Come here and sit down. Bookmark here

You know how smart and creative I am. Any problems for you are my problems as well. Bookmark here

You should remember that you have C Rank Magical Talent. Even if your affinity's weak, you'll still decimate those ordinary Specialists of the E Rank. So please have more confidence in yourself! Bookmark here

Honestly, this big brother of yours is even worse in the talent department... Someone with F Rank Magical Talent like myself only counts as less than an ordinary person... How sad~! So sad~ Waah~!Bookmark here

My tears are overflowing~!" I bumbled and fumbled while leading her to the seats near father's desk. Bookmark here

My words seemed to have encouraged her.Bookmark here

She started snickering at me.Bookmark here

"Don't be so hard on yourself and tell me more about your affinity. Bookmark here

Even if you can't become a fighter, you could still become a Healer, can't you? Bookmark here

Isn't that the most special property of all Light Ether?" I found her prior sadness hard to relate to.Bookmark here

The way she acted now was as if she'd forgotten everything. This damn girl was still giggling uncontrollably after hearing my previous harsh self-criticisms. Well… at least she looked fine.Bookmark here

Hah... Finally, I could calm down...Bookmark here

Merilin was well-aware that I didn't care about my status as someone with low Magical Talent.Bookmark here

She already understood I was only saying such things about myself in order to cheer her up.Bookmark here

I was a lot more gifted than a 'regular' F Rank Magical Talent, after all. A rare Universal Specialist.Bookmark here

"Mom said I have a 'water affinity'… and that water affinity is really special! She said there were the best at healing injuries, and curing sickness, and fighting lots of bad people near the sea at the same time." Her expression was full of anticipation.Bookmark here

That momentary glint was gone before I knew it…Bookmark here

She still didn't seem too depressed now.Bookmark here

It seemed like she really trusted me when it came my ingenuity with magic...Bookmark here

Hah... An affinity to Water Ether, eh?Bookmark here

I really didn't know how to answer...Bookmark here

Unfortunately, I clearly understood about why this world's magical society viewed Water Specialists as the weakest type of Mages and Swordsmen on land… They thought of things way too rigidly.Bookmark here

Being able to control Water Ether using Mana meant being able to control the natural element of water itself. Bookmark here

Near the sea is where one would be in their most powerful state due to the excess amount of water that's surrounding them, but anywhere else: A Water Specialist wouldn't be able to do much.Bookmark here

A Water Specialist would be able to manipulate water into blades or freeze them into icicles.Bookmark here

They could also manipulate frost the same way. Bookmark here

Water Specialists could be considered to be the most flexible type of fighters on both land and water to some extent...Bookmark here

However, such advantages were limited compared to Earth Specialists. Bookmark here

Those rock-heads could even fight near oceans..Bookmark here

Adding to that was Wind Specialists: Bookmark here

Those carefree maniacs could use their abilities to their full potential anywhere above ground level. Bookmark here

Even Fire Specialists had a greater advantage than Water Specialists. At the very least, they could enlarge even the smallest spark of ember into a raging flames using Fire Mana or Ether.Bookmark here

"Can you show me your current control over Water Ether is like?" There was no reason not to ask.Bookmark here

Besides the Swordwick Duke, I didn't really know many people who had an affinity for water.Bookmark here

Merilin smiled and pointed her finger at a glass of water that was left on the table. Bookmark here

A beam of blue light shot out of her finger and entered the cup, it's contents being connected to her mind in the process of imbuing it with her own body's Mana. Then, the water within it lifted up and levitated before us. The H2O was defying gravity.Bookmark here

[Spell Conjuring- Water Manipulation!]Bookmark here

She gestured her hand in various motions.Bookmark here

With every movement of her finger, it changed its form to look like a different pattern or shape. Bookmark here

The small body of water responded to her will almost like it was some kind of living entity.Bookmark here

Seeing how her Water Manipulation had reached such a level really astounded me. Bookmark here

A regular person would barely be able to shape water manipulated through this method.Bookmark here

The intricate control of Ether and strong inner visualisation needed to control External Energy (Ether) were very difficult for beginners to fully grasp. That's why kids trained for many years.Bookmark here

You could even say that most Elemental Specialists with fighting capabilities (like non-Mage Swordsmen) were actually 'Martial Artists' who're unable to control Ether. They used tools instead.Bookmark here

Her easily being able to shape objects through Water Manipulation at such a young age really spoke wonders about her natural talent! Though even with that talent, she needs a better strategy against opponents fighting on land. Bookmark here

There was no fighter who would ever give another person enough time to manipulate Ether anyway.Bookmark here

Now that I thought of it... Why not try adding my limited knowledge of science to her magic? Bookmark here

Her strength would definitely increase as long as she's able to visualise my thoughts correctly. Bookmark here

It looked like some experimentation was in order~Bookmark here

"Can you turn them into little particles of ice?" I asked her meaningfully. A curious light appeared in my eyes as I mentioned knowledge from Earth, but it was suddenly overwhelmed by her inquiries.Bookmark here

"What are these 'particles' thingies…?" She seemed hesitant while asking back in return. Bookmark here

There weren't any scientists on Gaia, so it was natural that some words I know of don't exist yet. Bookmark here

This could perhaps be considered the difference in language that stemmed from the lack of research.Bookmark here

They hadn't really invented that words yet…Bookmark here

"Forget it. First make extremely tiny balls of icicles, then start to hit them together while imagining that each ice ball is gathering electrical charge. You need to send your will into the water properly." Bookmark here

This explanation wasn't really helpful. Merilin was likely confused about what I had spoken about... Bookmark here

…and it's only natural for her to think this way. Bookmark here

After all, the people of this world believed that all lightning belonged to the 'Lightning God'. Bookmark here

They believed that electricity couldn't be produced without imitating electricity itself using Mana.Bookmark here

A storm cloud was the only place one could find Lightning Ether on Gaia.Bookmark here

It wasn't that the knowledge of Gaia's residents was wrong on this point. It was actually true…Bookmark here

According to what I'd been taught from a young age, the Lightning God was the one who gifted humanity and the Beast Race the ability to manipulate an imitated form of lightning in return for neutrality. Just like the other 'Elemental Gods'.Bookmark here

In fact, one of the biggest reasons those residing in the Blood Nation were cursed as Barbarians was due to how their 'Blood God' didn't exchange anything for land. He just took it all by force.Bookmark here

What a savage brute…Bookmark here

All they did was invade the lands of Gaia and killed others ruthlessly. I didn't care if it was hypocritical to say, but killing is wrong. If they had just NOT started a war, then things would worked smoothly.Bookmark here

It looked like Merilin studying with Anna paid off.Bookmark here

Imagining 'particles' from a vague description alone wasn't a talent anyone could replicate. Bookmark here

There needed to be diligent heart underneath great talent if anyone wanted to initiate creative forms of Spell Conjurings.Bookmark here

Even if she hadn't understood what I meant by 'charge', she DID know what 'electricity' was. Bookmark here

However, a look of puzzlement appeared on her face once again soon after. She was unable to understand how smashing together a few tiny icicles could generate 'electrical charge'...Bookmark here

"I don't now if that will work." She said, but followed my instructions anyway. Merilin might not have believed this would work, but she trusted that I wouldn't dare joke around with her feelings.Bookmark here

The ball of water above her hands turned into a plethora of small icicles that rapidly collided together at high speed. With her outstanding control over water, not even one part of the icicles ricocheted into our faces.Bookmark here

The process was became somewhat tiring over time…Bookmark here

…until Merilin finally saw a spark within the artificial cloud-like battery she created.Bookmark here

"It's lightning! Wow, look~! I can make lightning now!" Her face was flushed red immediately.Bookmark here

She bopped up and down…Bookmark here

Various ideas popped into her head after seeing my experiment actually succeeded. Bookmark here

This discovery opened a new world of endless possibilities for her…Bookmark here

The only reason Humans of Gaia were able to gain an affinity to the five elements of nature such as Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Lightning, was due to their interaction with those five elements at a young age. Bookmark here

It was only natural that every child would gain a deeper understanding to the elements they had spent time with throughout their lives with, rather than things they had never actually seen before.Bookmark here

Even if they were born with an affinity for lightning at birth, they still wouldn't have the ability to conjure lightning bolts without the knowledge of how itself lightning came into existence. It was like having a strong tool, but not knowing how to use it.Bookmark here

Unless a child was born in a place where they'd constantly be electrocuted by lightning, the chances of a Lightning Specialist appearing was practically nonexistent. Even WITH the talent…Bookmark here

From what I could tell by looking at Merilin's new Spell: She could only produce a 'Blue Lightning'.Bookmark here

A bolt that wasn't in any way similar to the mystical purple lightning created by the Lightning Attribute. Bookmark here

This must be because 'Blue Lightning' was the product of a Water Spell. It was therefore a 'natural occurrence' instead of a 'magical phenomenon' created through the intervention of a God.Bookmark here

Whoa! I think my brain just fried from over-thinking. Bookmark here

It would be better try to experiment myself when I had the time. This was actually interesting…!Bookmark here

"Calm down. Bookmark here

You can try to slowly experiment by yourself now that you've found out how to generate lightning. Bookmark here

No one would be able to bully you once you've got the hang of it. Just try to remember one thing: You can't control the lightning itself. The only method to control it would be to find a way to control where the Blue Lightning will strike." Bookmark here

I walked out without even letting her ask any questions after explaining to her exactly what she needed to know. There's no way I'd be able to explain where I got my knowledge from…Bookmark here

…so I'd rather let her figure it out herself.Bookmark here

Perhaps she wouldn't understand even if I explained everything to her anyway, and even if she did, she wouldn't know how to properly apply the knowledge I'd shared with her to create her own personalised Spells. Hah… What a bother…Bookmark here

The most effective way to help her would be to show a new direction to grow her abilities.Bookmark here

This would allow her to slowly figure things out by herself. Although lightning was incredible, the dangers of being unable to control it have turned into stories. They were usually told to scare kids. Bookmark here

I'm sure her inner fear of it will allow her to gain better understanding regarding how to manipulate it as safely as she can. Even if there are some accidents, I'm entirely sure she isn't stupid enough to generate enough lightning that could hurt her.Bookmark here

This wasn't just my inner philosophy of 'You only live once' talking. I didn't want to be too clingy.Bookmark here

If I always answered her questions and protected her, she'd continue without any self-dependence.Bookmark here

It would gradually make her unable to grow up…Bookmark here

From what I remembered of my little sister of my past life, it was this mistake I'd regretted a lot.Bookmark here

Things were better this way…Bookmark here

I looked at my hand after entering my room and unleashed my own personal Burst Manipulation at full power. This allowed a diamond-like glow to surround me like a supernatural flame of energy.Bookmark here

This extremely pure Light Mana created by my Sun Attribute was amazing many different ways. Bookmark here

The first of them being how it allowed me to manipulate a sort of 'Sun Ether' around my body.Bookmark here

The faint golden glow fused into it symbollised that I was one of those who had extremely deep comprehension and intrinsic control over Light Ether. If I had more Mana, then I'd probably be able to test just what I could do with this blessing.Bookmark here

Hah... Well, it isn't something a person at my level of Magical Talent could master for now. Bookmark here

My motive for releasing Mana Clad was different.Bookmark here

I tried using my strong Sun Mana to imitate Water Ether, causing its luminous gold-like glow to turn blue like a sapphire. This Water Mana created from my 'Sun' Mana allowed me to improve the dexterity of all my bodily movements by tenfold!Bookmark here

I was not done yet as my mind fully retained memory of the phenomenon caused by Merilin's Spell. My hand turned the water into countless icicles. It collided together to form electricity. Bookmark here

Merilin herself was probably unable to understand much about her 'Blue Lightning' right now.Bookmark here

However. just by seeing that that extremely brief demonstration, I'd found myself enlightenment! Bookmark here

The sapphire glow on my hand slowly turned a shade of amethyst purple. I clenched my fist. Bookmark here

A small amount of lightning generated around my hand. It fully abided by will and was under control.Bookmark here

For now, I could just barely control my own personal Lightning Affinity, but what would it turn into once thoroughly mastered? This will be my trump card for any enemies in the future! Bookmark here

A thing to help comfort the paranoia that's always haunting me... and it seemed to be getting worse…Bookmark here

Almost like my 'wounds' were opening up…Bookmark here

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