Chapter 5:


The denied one

As i sensed a presence in my back, i immediately suggest to rena that we go to a near food restaurant because im so hungry that if i endure this for more than one minute i will die, after rena heard that she lead us to a near restaurant and go inside of it and sits the chair there, and after we sit i notice that i don't feel the presence of a person anymore i wonder why but i guess he notice me that i can feel his presence so he immediately retreat i guess? Is that from the empire then what's the reason of following us? Wait, what if that person target is this kids? Then it has something to do with their father or mother.Bookmark here

But honestly why im still investigating about the empire and the connection of it to their father, im just investigating the empire for the purpose of the person who summoned us but it suddenly gone when that person appeared in front us the one who summoned me and akasha, i wonder why im still, is it because i feel pity about them? Even myself i don't know why, after i thought about things i turn my eyes in them and i got surprised because of what i saw.Bookmark here

"Mister thrice, i ordered a food for you, you can eat now (munch munch)..."Bookmark here

"hehehe" (panicking laugh)Bookmark here

What did i do, in the first place, we don't have a money to pay all of this, and i saw akasha besides me.Bookmark here

"What are you doing ? stop staring at me and eat that now, you di*k he*d hunger!!!"Bookmark here

"ohh sh*t (with slaps in my forehead)"Bookmark here

I don't have a money in me so it is a problem to me that how can i pay all of this, so since it is too late to regret now, i just eat the food that they ordered to me and guess what, it is delicious and i wonder why but the food is different but it has a same taste with rena's food, after i thought about that, calm voice has speak in front of our table while standing.Bookmark here

"So how's the meal?"Bookmark here

"It is delicious as usual."Bookmark here

Apparently that girl is rena's acquaintance and teacher in cooking, different food but similar taste, strange isn't haha, her name is reia Bookmark here

working as a cook here in restaurant.Bookmark here

"Miss reia's food is same as usual, it is so delicious!!"Bookmark here

"Ohhh you just want some teachings again from me don't you haha!"Bookmark here

Looks like she likes someone praising her, few minutes and i decided to talk rena so i called her to go to outside, i said to akasha and the siblings that we will buy something in the village and since i don't know much yet about the village rena will serve as the guide to me, so we went outside and talk about the pay.Bookmark here

"What!!"Bookmark here

Rena said that with a shocking face, while me looking in the ground, rena didn't expect that so she offer a way how to pay all of that bills.Bookmark here

"Mister thrice could you please wash this too?"Bookmark here

"Ahh ok."Bookmark here

Yes i thought about this too but i didn't expect that this way of payment is existing here in yggdrasil, yes washing the dishes in kitchen, but i bet that if without miss reia's help and rena i got now arrested by the soldier of the empire or get a beat from the staff here, and after few hours has passed and its turns out that i worked or pay until it turns into night, so since i finished all the dishes or payment haha, i asked miss reia if i can now take my leave. and she allow me, and of course i apologize to the owner and reia, reia told me that bring this, the leftover to the kids but in my perspective it looks like a freshly cook food but since i cannot refuse i just accept it and leave in the restaurant, and that was a long day to me honestly when im in the other world with akasha im so lazy to find a job or should i say it is hard to find a job if you don't have educational attainment, although what i do now is not really a work but a work to pay for bills haha, while im on my way in rena's house, something got caught my attention.Bookmark here

"Hey faster before someone see us here!"Bookmark here

"Im trying you know, this kid is keep resisting!"Bookmark here

I saw that two man is carrying a child trying to tie a kid's hands and feet and the kids mouth is already have a towel so the kids can't speak, wherever you look that is obviously a kidnapping, i immediately run towards them to stop the kidnapping and....Bookmark here

"Hey stop that you as**ole!!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Shit someone saw us that's why i told you to be faster!!"Bookmark here

"Arggh we don't have a choice let's get out of here, use the item, we cannot afford to lose tonight's sacrifice for lord beelzebub!"Bookmark here

While im running towards them, one guy raise his hands with something on it and suddenly it glow, after it glow, they dissappeared without a trace.Bookmark here

"What's happening?"Bookmark here

Obviously it is magic but aside from that i sensed a one more thing on it, a demon's mana, What's this why they're kidnapping a child and sacrifice to lord beelzebub? Who is beelzebub? As i thought that deeply in my mind i immediately rush to rena's house to get some help from akasha who is sensory type mages and i noticed that some old woman crying in the stranger house's front and when i asked.Bookmark here

"What happen"?Bookmark here

"My child suddenly dissappeared and I don't know what to do, please help me!"Bookmark here

The woman said that while blubbering, i said to the old woman that wait here, for a moment and i went to run as i can towards rena's house.Bookmark here

"I hope everything is safe, please don't dissappear."Bookmark here

TO BE CONTINUED...Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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