Chapter 18:

Party Never Ends


I dialed Kikuchi's number. After a bit, he answered. "Kunshu. You got the job done?"

"The triad just hit us! We killed the one guy but odds are they're hiding him now."

"Shit!" Kikuchi sighed. "Come over to a nightclub called Love on Fire. We'll talk more there." 

"Alright." I hung up and relayed the information to Gisei.

"Man, after this I'm so done with nightclubs." His voice was still somewhat raspy, but he'll live. 

After a short drive, we arrive at the fabled club. It was an all-red goth theme. the large neon sign flickered and sputtered, kind of like fire. We were escorted by a bodyguard to a crowded VIP area, where the elite would indulge in their hobby of taking drugs together. It was high up, overlooking the red strobing dance floor as the music pumped the new house song of the spring.  There I saw the red crystals again back in January. I must've been completely out of the loop because I never saw that drug on the streets. It was red as ruby and looked like one too. It looked like We walked to see Kikuchi awkwardly look after Gota, high out of his mind. He was grabbing the crystals and using some high-tech lighter to smoke them. I hated this place. It was as cramped and sweaty as the last club, now with the addition of addicts. Hell, if I was high I'd enjoy it too. 

Kikuchi brushed us aside and we sat on some empty bar stools. "Ok! I was thinking where you two were coming over here. We need to hit them as soon as possible, we can't allow them to reform in any way! Damn..." He looked over to see his strung-out boss. "I'll have to do it without him. He'll understand."

I scoff. "We can only hope."

As I said this, I heard two gunshots ring out. As the music blared and the people screamed, the three of us ran over to the window to see Lee holding the revolver in the air. His men were rushing everywhere, I counted ten. Behind him stood the kid that escaped and Gory, looking around. Kikuchi sucked his teeth in annoyance. "He was the last guy, damn!" 

"Yeah," Gisei said. "They had the drop on us. Now it's our turn for some comeback."

Before we could plan anything, Gota threw a stool to break the window and pulled out a pistol, screaming racist obscenities at the triad members he shot. We had no choice but to do the same, minus the screaming. We broke out the windows to shoot, but I was already low on ammo. I ran over to the door as the invaders marched in and picked up a chair to hit one of the guys with it. I kicked the other back down the stairs and shut the door, barring it with some furniture. I run over the group, seeing them run to the emergency exit. Gisei hurried me along, and down we went into the alleyway. We ran to the luxury car Gota rode in and we hurried off in defeat. 

"This is shit," Kikuchi said as he drove the expensive car. 

"Don't have to tell me twice..." I respond, looking at the army of cars in the nightclub. "Once Gota sobers up, we need a plan."

Gisei nodded. "Hell yeah. I want them down. Once and for all."

We began our plan to crush the triads once and for all.