Chapter 3:

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

The Gift That Keeps On Grieving

December 2nd, first full day at Aluminum Pigeon Penitentiary…

Merry stood outside cell number 510. She could hear the excited moaning of a woman coming from behind the cell door.

“Please, Colleen,” Merry begged under her breath as she opened the metallic door. “Please don’t be doing anything weird…”


“Hey, uh, Colleen. I brought you some--” Merry stopped mid-sentence as she stared at her cellmate in disbelief and confusion. “Are you… wearing my old clothes?”

It was quite the sight to behold, but not in a good way. Before her very eyes, a complete stranger was wearing Merry’s clothes. The top was too tight and the shorts too loose on the other woman’s body, making Merry feel rather uncomfortable.

“Hey there, roomie,” Colleen jeered, her mouth turning into a contorted grimace. “How do I look, Marisa?”

Before Merry could process the scene in front of her, Colleen lunged forward and grabbed her scarf, pulling their faces close together.

“Hey, Marisa. Don’t I just look… divine?”

“Uh, sure, Colleen,” Merry muttered, blushing profusely as she tried to avoid making eye-contact. “You look like the tits.”

“Oho, you like my boobs?”

“No, the tits. It’s a figure-of-speech! It means…” Merry stopped mid-sentence as she realized that she was going off-topic. “F-Forget it. Why are you wearing my clothes anyway?”

“Oh, Marisa. Didn’t you ask me earlier why I was in Aluminum Pigeon?” Colleen began, pulling Merry even closer and giving her an uncomfortably long kiss on the lips. “It’s a bit of a touchy subject, but I suppose I can tell you since we’re roomies!”

Without warning, Colleen headbutted Merry, watching gleefully as her unconscious body collapsed to the marble floor, leftover breakfast and all.

“We’re about to have so much fun, Marisa…”


Chapter 3: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

“Urgh… what happened?”

Merry awoke with a throbbing headache. Her scarf had been removed from her neck and was now wrapped tightly around her wrists and the bars of her bed’s metal headboard, serving as a makeshift rope.

“Gooooood morning, Marisa,” Colleen sneered. “Looks like you’re a little bit… tied up.”

“What the Hell is wrong with you‽” Merry yelled.

“Hush, hush,” Colleen tutted. “Good little doggies don’t bark at their masters…”

Colleen walked over to her ensnared prisoner and ran a hand up Merry’s thigh.

“You’ve got such a cute, innocent body,” the deranged girl moaned. “Oh, I could just cut you up into a million little pieces!”

Merry felt sick. She was at the complete and utter disposal of her cellmate, unable to fight back against her advances. Why me? she thought. Why is this happening to me‽ After an uncomfortably long time, Colleen stopped rubbing Merry’s thigh as she looked up at the defenseless girl.

“Hey, roomie,” she said, lowering her voice to that of a whisper, “the reason that I’m in this prison… is because I committed several homicides.”

Merry’s face went pale. I’m dead! I’m SO dead! She’s gonna kill me!

“You see, Marisa, when I was a little girl –probably around your age– I really wanted to be a vet,” Colleen explained, pressing a finger against Merry’s pounding chest. “Part of the job-description involves knowing how animals work, both inside and out…” Colleen reached into her sweater (or, perhaps more accurately, Merry’s sweater) and pulled out a scalpel, which she proceeded to twirl around in her hand.

“I began renting out my apartment bedroom for real cheap, taking in the homeless, the orphans, those forgotten by society… People who wouldn’t be missed should they mysteriously disappear…”

Merry gulped loudly as she began to sweat profusely. She could already tell where this anecdote was heading, and she didn’t like it one bit.

“All of my roommates died the same fate – They were cut up, dissected by yours truly,” Colleen grinned, licking her scalpel sadistically. “At first it was just morbid curiosity, a desire to know how we animals functioned on the inside, but over time it became more of… a fetish.”

Colleen’s breathing got heavier as she ran the scalpel down Merry’s cleavage, leaving a sizeable tear down the girl's Aluminum Pigeon uniform. Merry’s body shivered as she tried to wriggle herself free from her restraints. She was on the verge of tears. I’m going to die here! I’m going to die in a prison that I don’t even belong in!

“It’s been so long since I had a roomie,” the psychopath cackled. “I love you, Marisa! I want to feel you, Marisa! I want to be you, Marisa! So I’m gonna cut you up and wear your skin! The two of us shall become one, Marisa!”

Colleen held the scalpel above her own head, before quickly thrusting it downward towards her self-made opening in Merry’s top. Merry quickly shut her eyes, tears and sweat running down both sides of her face like an uncontrollable waterfall. Her life flashed before her very eyes, she was certain that she was done for! And then…!


Merry hesitantly opened her eyes, only to see that the scalpel was just barely touching her skin.

“Y’know, roomie, it’s getting kinda late,” Colleen beamed nonchalantly. “So I think we should just call it a day for now. Sleep well, Marisa! I promise we’ll have lots of fun tomorrow, OK?”

And just like that, Colleen stripped down right in-front of her helpless prisoner and climbed into bed. Merry lay there in silence as she stared across at her cellmate from Hell, all the while shaking her body in an attempt to break free from Colleen’s clutches. Why is this happening to me? Merry wondered. I don’t deserve this! I just want to go home!