Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 imprisonment

Gems Of Light

Skye:Where am I? Bookmark here

(A mysterious goblin like creature comes to attack him) Bookmark here

Skye:I never even seen something like that before in my life. Bookmark here

(Another goblin like creature comes to attack him) Bookmark here

Skye: This sword is barely even doing anything! Bookmark here

(More goblins start to show and surrounds him) Bookmark here

Skye:Oh man I'm surounded!!!! Bookmark here

(Arrows then come flying out of no where and all of the goblins are slain) Bookmark here

????:Oi are ya aight mate!? Bookmark here

Skye:Thanks who are you anyways? Bookmark here

?????:I’m Syd, Syd the huntress. Bookmark here

Skye:Nice to meet you. Bookmark here

Syd:Likewise. Bookmark here

Skye:So what are you doing here? Bookmark here

Syd: Oh I'm in the same boat as you are mate. I’ve been here for about 50 years now give or take. Bookmark here

Skye:So you used to be a huntress but you ended up here for quite a very long time. Bookmark here

Syd:That’s right, I used to be a huntress of the woods but one day I woke up and here I was. I used to be pretty well known in a certain royal kingdom for my prowess in hunting but well lets just say the guards weren’t too keen on me rejecting their advances and well, you can also probably say, that this is the kings own personal dungeon for all those who have wronged him get thrown into. So not everyone was brought in here without reason. I’m the only who survived this long as everyone else didn’t really had the kind of combat training I had from living in the woods for so long. Bookmark here

Syke: Maybe that’s how I got here as well too. Bookmark here

Syd:Yeah a lot of lost souls here end up dead in just a day I'm the only one who really survived this realm. Bookmark here

Skye:Do you know if there is really any way out of here? Bookmark here

Syd: I’ve been scouting around this region for weeks now and I think I may have found a way out of here. But only one problem, its guarded by this nasty dragon btw I can’t really catch your name. Bookmark here

Skye: I’m I'm not really sure what it is nor do I really remember anything else. Bookmark here

Syd: I see, you must have landed really hard to get that amount of memory loss. Bookmark here

Skye:Still I'm not even sure what happened before that and how I got here as well. Bookmark here

Syd: I see then, well come on follow me and lets see if we can find a way out of this hellhole. Bookmark here

Skye:Hey look! Bookmark here

Syd: Its that dragon. Bookmark here

Skye:Umm I think it spotted us? Bookmark here

Syd:Look out!! Bookmark here

Skye:Those black flames look really scary!!! Bookmark here

Syde: That eye in the center is its weak point!! Bookmark here

Skye: There now its charging!!! Bookmark here

Syd:Take this!!! Bookmark here

Skye:We got it!! Bookmark here

Syd:Don’t speak too soon!! Bookmark here

Skye:Its tail watch out!! Bookmark here

Syd:Swify little bugger huh? Bookmark here

Skye:There an opening!! Bookmark here

Syd:Just a few more strikes to go!! Bookmark here

Skye: Its back is turned!! Bookmark here

Syd:I’ll climb on it and strike on it as swiftly as possibly!! Bookmark here

Skye:Look out!!! Bookmark here

Syd:There!!! The back has now been striked!! Bookmark here

Skye:Just one more hit and that should be it!! Bookmark here

Syd:Oh no!!! The place is falling apart!! Bookmark here

Skye:Then it looks like we have to stop the dragon before we can go!! Bookmark here

Syd: Its heart is now finally exposed!!! Bookmark here

Skye:Take this now!!! Bookmark here

Syd:We did it the dragon has finally been slain!! Bookmark here

Skye:The ground Is shaking!! Bookmark here

Syd: That dragon was the keyholder of this realm!! Bookmark here

Skye:Keyholder!! Bookmark here

Skye:Oh no!!! Quick jump!!! Bookmark here

Syd: I can’t my wounds are too severe for me to really make this. Bookmark here

Skye:Hurry!! Bookmark here

Syd:Run and don’t look back and always follow your heart and never give up on your friends!!! Bookmark here

Skye:SYD!!!! Bookmark here

(Skye gets teleported into another unknownlocation as he reluctantly jumps and Syd she smiles and gladly accepts her fate as she perishes within the rubbles of the now fallen ruins of the netherrealm meanwhile) Bookmark here

Xavis:Where in the world am I? Bookmark here

????1:Good you’re finally awake. Bookmark here

Xavis:You monster! Bookmark here

????1: A much lesser monster compared to the real evils upon this world. Bookmark here

Xavis: I should have stopped you right there and then. Bookmark here

????1:But you didn’t you were weak and lacked the power. Bookmark here

Xavis:I’m not weak! Bookmark here

????1:So you say yet that swordmanship displayed was amateur at best. Bookmark here

Xavis:Only for you I was trained by the kings best warriors. Bookmark here

????1: Warriors and best ha! Don't make me laugh. Bookmark here

Xavis: So what are going to do to me? Bookmark here

????1:What I plan to do to all other souls who come across me.Bookmark here

Chapter ends Bookmark here

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