Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 welcome to the jungle

Gems Of Light

Skye:Man what happened? How did I even got here? Bookmark here

Theres a lot plants around here. Bookmark here

????:That gem has been secured. Bookmark here

????:We should wait a while for master Atushi to arrive to secure it. Bookmark here

Skye:I wonder whats inside there? Bookmark here

????:Not so fast pup! Bookmark here

Skye:Wait a minute who are you? Are you with them? Bookmark here

????:Nonsense I would never associate myself with fools as those hyenas. Bookmark here

Skye:So who are you then? Bookmark here

Kuzco: I’m Kuzco guardian of the woods and those invaders are out to steal the gem and it is my duty to protect it. Bookmark here

Skye:Nice meeting you Kuzco! Bookmark here

Kuzco: I see you wander for you are lost but fear not, I shall help guide your path and I can sense your heart is as pure as the light. Now come we must reach the sanctum of the temple and stop the invaders from stealing the earth gem. The gem is said to hold an ancient power only certain chosen could be able to use. And a sword such as that is what is used to summon the power. Bookmark here

Skye: Alright then you lead the way! And that sure sounds like quite a story for such a sword huh? Bookmark here

(Kuzco one by one silent tranquilizes each soldier with a blow dart) Bookmark here

Kuzco:All clear now lets go! Bookmark here

Skye:That was pretty fast. Bookmark here

Kuzco:As long as you are swift with your body and mind and know the area it will be the most effortless thing you can do. Bookmark here

Skye: Lead the way then! Bookmark here

Kuzco: Here we are the temple of the earth. This temple has been around for as long as before I was born. Bookmark here

Skye:Wow its so huge. Bookmark here

Kuzco:Indeed it is like a maze but follow me and I'll show you around. Bookmark here

Skye:Hey whats that over there!? Bookmark here

Kuzco:Wait! Bookmark here

(Two guards walk up to a hallway and they immediately get disentergrated into dust) Bookmark here

Skye:Ouch. Bookmark here

Kuzco: Now allow me to deactivate the trap. Bookmark here

Skye:Wow! That was quick. Bookmark here

Kuzco: There is going to be more traps ahead so be prepared for anything now. Bookmark here

Skye:Are we almost at the inner sanctum? Bookmark here

Kuzco:Yes we are and this is where the most traps are located in. Bookmark here

Skye:Wow, that is a lot of dust. Bookmark here

Kuzco:Naïve souls who thought they could find wealth in a gem but met their own undoing. Bookmark here

Skye:I don’t think it’s a nice thing to do stealing something that is important to them. Bookmark here

Kuzco:Exactly always hold onto what you find of importance spirtually or materially. And to be brave among the challenges face among you. Bookmark here

Skye:Will remember that Kuzco! Bookmark here

Kuzco:Now come on we’re almost at the inner sanctum! Bookmark here

Skye:I think that could be the guy leading those men. Bookmark here

Kuzco:You wait here and let me deal with this. Bookmark here

????2:Well well another so called “hero” Bookmark here

Kuzco:You have no right to claim that gem for your own. Bookmark here

????2: I am Atushi I am here to safekeep this gem and not let scrappy little thiefs like yourself take it for your own self gain. Bookmark here

Skye:So this gem is part of this swords power. Bookmark here

Atushi: And that bastard theif you got with you as your friend, he wouldn’t know that we’re really doing him a favor as this forest realm, was long since butchered and harvested by that king all for his own selfish purposes for what? Why to build a shrine dedicated to himself that’s what!! Bookmark here

Skye:You have no idea what you’re talking about liar and its time to end this! Bookmark here

Atushi:(He casts a spell that immediately kills Kuzco and he drops dead immediately) Bookmark here

Skye:No!!! Bookmark here

(Skye and Atushi get in a sword fight and Skye eventually gains the upperhand and kicks down Atushi to his death as he falls down to the botomless abyss ) Bookmark here

Skye:This sword its shining now. Oh wow!!! Theres 3 more slots I need to full so I think this might mean I have to find the rest of the gems but how do I get there? (suddenly he’s teleported into another realm) Bookmark here

????3:So Atushi has fallen Bookmark here

????1:How pitiful. Bookmark here

????4: All by one scrappy little shit as well too. Bookmark here

????3:I’ll take care of this one. Bookmark here

????1:My secret weapon should almost be done as his “training” so far is going quite well. Bookmark here

????4:Good in the mean time master Xavior should be preparing for the ultimatium that is bound to happen soon. Bookmark here

????3:Good in the mean time I think it should be for some well deserved quality time with the princess wouldn’t you say? Bookmark here

(chapter ends) Bookmark here

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