Chapter 32:

The Last Day of the Dome

Bible 2: The Sequel to the Bible

The bodies hit the dome with ever increasing frequency. There’s something about the sound of hundreds of kiwi bodies sliding down the curve of a dome that sticks with me all these years later. Bookmark here

“Vorelando!”Bookmark here

Miyuki sounded so much more concerned in that moment than she ever would again. Not because I would never be in more danger, but because it’s hard not to become apathetic to death in this place.Bookmark here

She pulled me back onto my feet. Back then she was the only one who wasn’t looking up. Even as the bodies continued to pelt the glass of dome Eva, she looked down at me. I don’t remember what she looked like, probably as she does now, simply younger.Bookmark here

“Come on, we need to get indoors.”Bookmark here

Even as a child, Miyuki was quick to notice and even quicker to action. She pulled me through the gawking masses and into a nearby building. I would’ve been one of them if not for Miyuki. They stared not because they had never seen New Zealanders before but because they had never seen them attack us from the skies.Bookmark here

One of Miyuki and I’s favourite pastimes back then was to go Kiwi watching, a favourite pastime of dome Eva’s children. We would right up to the edge of the dome and watch the murderous Kiwis bash their had at the clear glass, trying to get through and devour our supple flesh. They did not understand the concept of translucency. Bookmark here

The domes protected us. New Zealanders seemed little more dangerous than a mosquito, we did not understand to our core the necessity of the domes.Bookmark here

“Look up there!”Bookmark here

Miyuki pointed up at the spot in the dome where the New Zealanders were raining down on. I thought my eyes were praying tricks on me, but they weren’t, a crack had formed in the glass. It was incomprehensible, they had told us that the domes were uncrackable. It wouldn’t be the last time common sense turned out to be a lie.Bookmark here

Miyuki had noticed the crack before the crowd outside but soon it became too big to ignore. Murmurs turned to panicked cries as people began to realize what was about to happen.Bookmark here

They were too late. First the glass rained down upon them and then the Kiwis, their mouths open wide, each aiming for the nearest person to vore. One by one, the screams were cut short. Only after eating everyone that had gathered beneath the crack did they even open their eyes to see who they’d missed. They began stalking the streets, eating everyone they saw.Bookmark here

It was a day the city of :B:uenos Aires would never forget. The day that humanities final defence against the New Zealand menace was breached for the first time.Bookmark here

On that day, humanity received a stark reminder…
The dread that was a life under their rule…
The humiliation of being caged like birds…
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