Chapter 0:

A note from Skorge37

The Advent of Dual Sentience

Hello everyone! It's me Skorge37 again! I just wanted to inform you all about a few things pertaining my last novel, "Descension of the Unholy Crusader"
So I recently discarded that novel due to a really personal reason that I won't go too much into, just know that I almost died recently and knew I shouldn't leave something like that novel behind and so on and so forth.

However though! I didn't let that stop all the ideas I once had for it go to waste! I decided that I would still let those ideas and characters not die but carry on in this new novel!

I will be bringing back all the old characters and even character's that were supposed to come, but never got to be introduced. I will also be bringing to life all the scenarios and arcs that I had originally planned out before I scrapped the old novel.

I only want my novels to be something I could be proud of and something that doesn't make me question my own Christianity. I'm sure a lot of you probably won't understand why, but all I can say really is that this is the choice I made. If you'd like to pick up that project, I can send you all the chapters and you can continue it yourself.

Anyways, lastly I want to talk about the direction this novel will be taking. I have a lot planned for it of course and there will be many chapters released for this one. It may even take me a year or so to write, but I hope everything goes well over time!

I want to thank all my readers for supporting my dream in writing novels and hope you can continue to follow the development of this one as I go on! 
Thank you so much for reading, the first chapter is being worked on as we speak!