Chapter 1:

Darkness, the Shadow and Me

The Advent of Dual Sentience

Everywhere around me... is dark? I can't see anything, not even myself? Where am I? Wait a minute... who am I? I call out into the darkness, "Can anyone hear me? Is there anyone out there? Anyone?"
Nothing but silence was heard back, just what is this place? It seems as though I am drifting in an infinite void where only my consciousness can be heard. I stay drifting towards the nothingness wondering if I'm in some sort of Limbo?

Just then I hear something....
*tap tap tap tap tap tap*
It's the sound of a tapping noise in the distance. I call out to the distant tapping, "Hello? Is there someone there? Please tell me that you can hear me?"
*tap tap tap tap tap tap tap*
The tapping noise just continued, I don't even know where it's coming from. Soon I begin to see a bright light illuminating a strange white surface. The light caught my eye and I begin to drift towards it. After a few moments, the light begins to close distance towards me and grew near. I then see some sort of shadowy blob sitting in the midst of the blinding light, I call out towards the shadowy blob, "Is someone there? Who is that over there?" He didn't respond to my call....

As I get closer, I begin to see that the shadowy silhouette began to take the shape of a man, and that shadowy man has a small black dagger that he is tapping gently against the white surface. The figure is dark but resembles a man hunched over picking the floor with his knife, he doesn't seem to have noticed me so I keep silently making my way towards him as I don't want to disturb whatever he is doing. 

Soon I reach the threshold of the light and extend my hand out, I then see my light yellow hand break through the abyssal void. Soon the light shown down on my entire body as I entered into the beam of light. I soon descend down and step on the floor in my bare feet. Once I reach the ground, the shadowy figure stops tapping the floor with his black dagger, he then looks up at me with his glowing red eyes and stares for awhile as if he was examining into my soul. After a long stare, the Shadow finally reached out his hand towards me, he then said unto me,
"You... It has been awhile hasn't it? You're still around?" I become very visibly confused at this, I then replied to him, "What do you mean by that? What's going on? Where am I? Who are you?"

The Shadow stared at me for awhile, he then spoke up again and said, "What you don't remember? This is your mind we're inside of. How can you not tell?"

What? My mind? How are we in there? What's going on? I then raised my voice in a demanding tone to him saying, "Look I have no idea about anything happening right now, and frankly I don't want to waste time either. Can you just tell me who you are and what the hell is going on here? I want answers!"

The Shadow stayed silent and looked away from me, he began to tap the floor with the knife again and said to me, "Well there's not much else I know either, I only became Sentient a little while ago and been waiting for someone to come along and help me out here. You see, I've been trying to open this Door for what seems like ages now."

Door? What door? He's just hitting the ground over and over again, I called back to him saying, "What door are you talking about? I don't see any doors around here? It's just an empty and dark space with this random lighted area."
The Shadow then replied, "What? You can't see it? I'm hitting the Door right now, it just doesn't want to open to me. Can't you tell?"
I shook my head no, "No I don't see anything but a solid white floor... I'm just trying to figure out what's going on and how I ended up here?"

The Shadow then stood up towards me, he began to approach me very slowly and said, "Oh I see now, you can't see it because you can't peer into your inner darkness. Here then take this dagger and all will be revealed unto you. Maybe you're the One it belongs to..." He then handed me the dagger he was using to hit the floor. I looked at it for a bit and hesitantly stretched forward my right hand, soon I grabbed the hilt of the Dagger and then my I felt it resonate in my palm. The Dagger began to glow as a bright white light and I couldn't let go of it! I call out to the Shadow in desperation, "HEY! What is it doing? I can't let go of it! Help me hurry get it off!!"

The Shadow then looked at me and tilted his head, he then said unto me, "Oh I see now... That Key wasn't meant for me. It isn't just a Dagger, it's the Key.. This is the Key to Sentience!"
I became confused and scared, "What!? What the hell is the Key to Sentience!? Hey just what the hell is going on!?"
The Shadow said to me, "I don't have much time to explain it to you, all you need to know is that the Key to Sentience is the Key that opens the Door. And that Door has been waiting for you all this time. Soon you will return back."

The white surface underneath us began to shake and tear apart, I began to become more panicked, "What!? What does that mean!? Stop talking in riddles already and tell me what's going on!?"

The Shadow walked up to me once more and grabbed my hand with the Key, the area around us began to illuminate in a bright white light as the background seemed to deteriorate. Lastly the Shadow said unto me, "Before you go back, just remember that WE are in this together, your burdens become my burdens, your pains are my pains, your happiness is my happiness, and where you die, I die as well. Remember these things for we are treading into the unknown."
I interrupted him, "What does any of that even mean!? Just tell me already!!"
He spoke once more saying, "You will learn soon... my Dear Other Self..."

And then my vision was blinded by the light, I saw the Shadow no more. Then I opened my eyes and what I saw around me filled me with absolute horror...