Chapter 23:

Conviction and The ‘Confession’

Battlefield Restart: Mortal God

The 'spar' I had with the Young Miss was really broadening my horizons little by little. The thought of going offensive didn't cross my mind. The weapons I held moved to form a solid defence.Bookmark here

Holding a sword and a knife, I used my new Combat Body 'Universal' Art to its absolute limit.Bookmark here

It was to keep up with the storm of Astral Swords swarming around my body. There was not even the faintest glow of energy underneath my skin. This even though the multiple enhancements made by my new Universal Art were easy to see.Bookmark here

Although I couldn't fight on even terms with the Young Miss (with how she was exploiting my only weakness of ranged-combat), my mastery over the new 'Internal' technique I personally increased.Bookmark here

I had learnt how to smoothen the circulation of the various powers within me. Using them all correctly.Bookmark here

As time passed, my fighting style became more stable and focused. It was seemingly 'evolving'…Bookmark here

Each sword movement become more fluid.Bookmark here

My deflective attacks aimed to parry the swords connected to my next movements with ease.Bookmark here

This wasn't due to any enlightenment I got in the midst of battle. Instead, it had more to do with how my body slowly getting used to my 'Combat Body' Universal Art, and how to properly apply its power. Bookmark here

I had already discarded the ordinary Mana Clad sub-technique of the 'Burst Manipulation' Art.Bookmark here

This choice was in order to concentrate on the subtle intricacies of my new Secret Art, allowing me to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of my new technique… Even without having to go into ACTUAL combat with someone else.Bookmark here

The both of us weren't even serious yet…Bookmark here

This was just us 'playing'.Bookmark here

She was trying to get a read on my patterns, and I was trying to adapt to wide range of attacks.Bookmark here

The flying swords were really hard to deal with…Bookmark here

They didn't only shoot in one direction. They curved and changed angles freely with her will.Bookmark here

Almost like I was fighting invisible swordsmen…Bookmark here

With that being said, the only flaw I could find in my Universal Art was my lack of defences against my opponent's techniques. It used a lot of Mana like the Young Miss' Infinite Swords on top of that.Bookmark here

The Art lacked any ranged abilities that could be used at long distance... So what was I to do?Bookmark here

It's almost like I'd met the bane of my existence.Bookmark here

I may have had greater amount of magical energy now that my Mana Flame wasn't the only reserve for Sun Mana, but that didn't change the fact that my innate limitations still remained the same...Bookmark here

Unfortunately I'd come to the realisation that having more Mana… didn't mean being able to increase my overall output of Spell or Arts. My body felt a limitation on manifestation of energy.Bookmark here

It seemed like my F Rank Magical Talent still acted as a restraint. No wonder it was called a 'Failure'.Bookmark here

This Rank was qualitatively different from E Rank.Bookmark here

At the very least, having the ability to cover one's whole body in reinforcement and shoot basic level Combat Spells was alright. It wasn't exactly ground breaking, but it was good enough as a springboard.Bookmark here

However, 'Failure' Ranks didn't much hope.Bookmark here

No wonder everyone only looked at my Affinities…Bookmark here

It was a stupid Rank that stopped me from expelling Mana any size bigger than a thumb. Bookmark here

As an unfortunate result: Although I now had a wealth of Mana at my disposal, the amount that my body could actually spend on Spells or Arts was no different than before. A limited budget millionaire…Bookmark here

Meaning: I was going to have to make due with thumb-sized projectile-type magic from now on...Bookmark here

It was a good thing I'd been preparing a countermeasure for this sort of situation in my own room. A mere lack of firepower wouldn't be a problem. High hurdles couldn't keep me down!Bookmark here

A soldier rises to any occasion! Bookmark here

BOOYAH!!!Bookmark here

With a swing of the Young Miss' index finger, the ethereal 'spines' of many of her Astral Swords smashed my body into the ground. I was lost in thought, not paying any attention to the pain.Bookmark here

The damage done was ineffective. I had properly defended myself using my weapons from the frontal attack. Though I was sure she could've bypassed my defences if she was really serious.Bookmark here

I only had two arms, after all...Bookmark here

How was it that I was still able to get up and fight normally despite the extra damage that came with smashing into the floor? Was I now immune to environmental damage without any explanation?Bookmark here

It's actually quite simple to tell the truth. All I did was use my 'Kinetic Muscles' to absorb the physical force of the impact. It 'ate' the damage that came with hitting headfirst into the ground!Bookmark here

I know, I know… This new ability that I luckily got from my Secret Art is practically cheating~Bookmark here

Not that it mattered to me.Bookmark here

Well... It's not like I was using the full strength of my 'Combat Body' Universal Art anyway.Bookmark here

The condensed Sun Mana refined into my bones still hadn't been released into Spells or Arts of Time Specialists (which I fulfilled the conditions for due to my Mana's purity).Bookmark here

On top of that: The Moon Mana within my blood also hadn't been used to gain access to a sort of 'Space Specialisation' (which only I was compatible with). Though this situation wasn't by choice…Bookmark here

I just didn't have much of a reference to go off.Bookmark here

Light Mana had telekinetic functions that acted similar to Time Mana somehow.Bookmark here

Even Dark Mana had teleportation aspects that made imagining Space Mana hard to differentiate.Bookmark here

Although it wasn't farfetched to think I could become some sort of 'Space Specialist' with the assistance of Moon Mana, it was too hard. I wasn't capable of displacing myself and manipulating my physique even if I'd trained to use my Mana.Bookmark here

This was not even mentioning the fact that my 'Ether Skin' was only capable of blocking and absorbing natural phenomenons created by Mages, not Mana infused Spells.Bookmark here

I was sure that if I was to go up against a Mage instead of a Swordsman like the Swordwick Household's Duke, then... the outcome would be more harder to predict. They just needed to slip up.Bookmark here

In truth, I was actually a little disappointed that I'd lost my ability to make unpredictable attacks.Bookmark here

Maybe I shouldn't discard Burst Manipulation yet…Bookmark here

If my previous form of swordsmanship was unpredictable before due to the constant changes in my Elemental Bursts, then my current sword style looked more 'normal' in comparison. Bookmark here

There was a need to readjust my swordsmanship to fit my new Universal Art. It wouldn't take too long.Bookmark here

The task was easier than adapting to every Burst… Bookmark here

There were no longer any need for tricks in my new style of swordsmanship. It focused on efficiency…Bookmark here

That's why I only displayed both flawless and intricate swordsmanship that was adjusting to defend the Young Miss' attacks. Even she seemed surprised at how nimble yet forceful my sword was.Bookmark here

My body danced around with a blade in hand.Bookmark here

"Nice work~ It seems that personal swordsmanship of yours is improving... I'm absolutely sure you will be able to attain a higher level. You'll have a more intrinsic mastery over the sword than any other. Bookmark here

Just keep this effort up!" A voice could be heard not too far from me. I'd finally taken in a breath…Bookmark here

I didn't even bother to be distracted by her sudden praise. I'd already knew of her intentions to break my concentration anyway. Her 'generous' words were already quite lacking… in my point of view.Bookmark here

While I was trying defend myself from the technique that was known as 'The bane of all Swordsmen', she just casually relaxed with her Personal Maid. The girl wasn't even standing.Bookmark here

There was two people having a picnic near me. She was having her lunch while manipulating swords!Bookmark here

I might have been embarrassed by how disinterested she was in taking the spar seriously.Bookmark here

Well, that was if I HAD the noble dignity of a Swordsman... Something that was foreign to me.Bookmark here

And a good thing too~ Bookmark here

It was better than being beaten into submission... I liked how she was completely holding back on me.Bookmark here

However, a part of me felt a bit uneasy…Bookmark here

What if this girl truly became my enemy? Bookmark here

If she truly did, then my family would die. I'd be sold into slavery. Everything would be lost.Bookmark here

It made me feel reluctant to leave things like this.Bookmark here

A glint suddenly appeared in my tired eyes…Bookmark here

I was once a man who had never 'lost' after sharpening myself. My skills were excellent.Bookmark here

…So why wasn't I winning?Bookmark here

Was I… a 'loser'?Bookmark here

Huh…?Bookmark here

Me???Bookmark here

No, no… no… I had to calm down….Bookmark here

What was the point of being like this? Did the old geezer within me not handle losing to a little girl?Bookmark here

I had to be more open-hearted in this life.Bookmark here

With that thought calming me down, I opened my eyes. However, the surroundings had changed.Bookmark here

It wasn't as if my body had been transported, and was more like a 3D image overlaid onto my sight.Bookmark here

A static image ripped straight from my memories…Bookmark here

There, my body was in the same position. Even my age was the same… with only a few differences.Bookmark here

First: My clothes had changed. Bookmark here

Second: I was standing in front of a mirror.Bookmark here

My shirt couldn't hide the itchy, pale skin and injuries that had mixed in from my school life.Bookmark here

No one cared for the injuries I had…Bookmark here

The scenery changed again, and I caught a shadowy glimpse of a young girl with a sword.Bookmark here

She seemed to be five years old…Bookmark here

Was that the Young Miss…?Bookmark here

Before I could comprehend the still image, my sight had returned to reality. Where I was still escaping.Bookmark here

Had time stopped momentarily…?Bookmark here

'Mild hallucinations, my ass…' Was this what Mark meant? It was worse than what he'd told me about.Bookmark here

Anyway, how had I forgotten…?Bookmark here

Earth also wasn't so kind to 'losers'. If you let your growth stagnate, your future just becomes worse.Bookmark here

An itchiness started to arise from the heaviness surging through me. Had I forgotten my past?Bookmark here

But… Bookmark here

Even so… Bookmark here

There was a contradiction in that mindset. The kind of person I was in the past only messed things up.Bookmark here

Strong… but not the kind of 'strong' person who could protect others. My specialty was killing.Bookmark here

Was that kind of strength needed anymore?Bookmark here

Killing only caused problems if done without legitimate excuses… Those given by the military.Bookmark here

I needed a different kind of strength…Bookmark here

At that very thought, another memory had arisen.Bookmark here

I nostalgically remembered a capoeirista who I'd met among my many battlefield encounters.Bookmark here

He'd felt different from me…Bookmark here

For me, who had become a war machine that strictly followed protocol. He was really inspiring.Bookmark here

A man who had thrown off the chains of regrets and responsibilities. Almost as if he was truly 'free'.Bookmark here

It was a word that gave a sour taste to my mouth.Bookmark here

Even in this new life, I wasn't ever free from my past life. Regrets, resentments, bitterness, etc…Bookmark here

…Everything I'd thought was cast off was there.Bookmark here

The only difference was having an immature body that couldn't handle the weight of my spirituality.Bookmark here

A body that could barely express the bloodthirsty psychopath that had been paraded as a legend.Bookmark here

So… a new identity needed to be formed…Bookmark here

I thought back to the man's words. How he, who knew nothing about me, had praised my 'talent':Bookmark here

"You should have become a professional Martial Artist if you were THAT skilled. What a waste of skill…" He shrugged his shoulders. Almost as if he was truly regretful he couldn't make me an ally.Bookmark here

A spark of inspiration suddenly hit me!Bookmark here

What was 'Martial Arts'?Bookmark here

For me, it had nothing to do with dynamic vision or the ability to destroy others. For good reason too…Bookmark here

As a legendary soldier, those two traits were already in the bag. However, it didn't change me.Bookmark here

I was still just a madman waving a knife…Bookmark here

It was different from the feeling that capoeirista had given off. A true 'Martial Artist' was… sublime.Bookmark here

Efficiency wasn't the point of practicing a form…Bookmark here

No… It had to do with personal expression.Bookmark here

Through an accumulation of good battle habits, a person's strength increased… but that was only a byproduct of modernisation. In fact, many classical martial arts moulded the practitioners over time.Bookmark here

It gave them a sense of elegance and harmony I'd sorely lacked in my past life. With my 'bad habits'…Bookmark here

Kicking between the legs, eye pokes, scratching, ripping, and other 'ungentlemanly' habits had been learned in my past life. I couldn't use those habits in this situation. They were sealed away… for now.Bookmark here

Though that STILL didn't make things optimistic.Bookmark here

She was stronger than me. I had to admit that she had zero weaknesses that were easy to exploit.Bookmark here

Even now, Sapphire was only playing with me.Bookmark here

If she was actually serious, those many swords floating above her would rain down all at once.Bookmark here

Techniques were useless against such power…Bookmark here

"You fight way too forcefully. 'Techniques' were meant to be used to beat those stronger than you."Bookmark here

That capoeirista's words changed my mind. The words he'd spoken in the past resonated again.Bookmark here

It made me remember my own personal motto:Bookmark here

'Remember… Focus on what you have!'Bookmark here

The 'Sun Bones' of my physique started to transform their nature. I also added all my Mana.Bookmark here

F Rank 'Sun Bones' plus my F Rank 'Magic Talent'…Bookmark here

Together, they caused my conditioned body to hit the 'limit' that had been restricting me since birth.Bookmark here

My lungs found it harder to breath…Bookmark here

There was a sort of external pressure forcing my Mana down. It stopped me from using Mana Clad.Bookmark here

But I didn't stop…!Bookmark here

The Wind Affinity raged inside of me. They roared at the chains of fate that stopped my 'ascension'.Bookmark here

Slowly, the hurricane within me died down…Bookmark here

A new technique was comprehended.Bookmark here

Rather that infusing energy from the outside, the Wind Mana started reinforcing from within.Bookmark here

This put a large burden on my body. However, it also felt much stronger than my previous attempt.Bookmark here

[Internal Clad- Storm Sublimation!]Bookmark here

"…!" A small explosion resounded. The repulsive force pushed the air around me. I'd got her attention for the first time. She leaned up from the grassy field and looked straight in my direction.Bookmark here

No words were spoken…Bookmark here

Our eyes were enough to convey that now was the time to get a little serious. My body was glowing emerald. Not just my inner body, but even my hair had changed colour from the infusion of energy.Bookmark here

A sword appeared in her hand. Sapphire got up to walk towards me without looking at her maid at all.Bookmark here

She probably didn't want anybody to interfere…Bookmark here

Since I didn't want her to gather her momentum while approaching me, my quick feet acted first.Bookmark here

Afterimages started to appear around me…Bookmark here

Finally, I used proper Speed Affinity type Arts!Bookmark here

The feeling was different, but familiar enough for me to instantly get a hang of my high acceleration. Bookmark here

[Capoeira Style- Ginga Rebellion!]Bookmark here

She threw more swords, but this time… they all missed my body. Not even touching my clothes.Bookmark here

The swaying, dance-like motions were extremely unpredictable. They had a peculiar 'rhythm'.Bookmark here

And yet, 'Ginga' was different for each individual.Bookmark here

With the basic movements of capoeira, I switched to a traditional technique of the Speed Affinity.Bookmark here

[Speed Style- Encirclement of the Phantoms!]Bookmark here

Swords rained down and created a fence of blades around her, but they couldn't stop my advance.Bookmark here

As long as there was a gap between the blades I could move between, such a measure was useless.Bookmark here

…It wasn't enough to catch her off guard though.Bookmark here

Something had to be added into the mix.Bookmark here

My 'Kinetic Muscles' flexed, and I found myself executing my movements with much more finesse.Bookmark here

Wait…Bookmark here

I realised that the control over my own physical force had increased. It made me 'sharpen' myself.Bookmark here

The trait was used to its fullest potential!Bookmark here

[Kinetic Control- Jasper Gear of Readiness Potential!]Bookmark here

The moment she blinked, I instantly shifted my musculature's readiness potential to lunge at her.Bookmark here

My body appeared in front of her like a gust of wind using a manoeuvre impossible to execute.Bookmark here

At least, not unless they reached a new height as a proper Martial Artist… like I'd now accomplished.Bookmark here

Finally, she was in my domain of specialty.Bookmark here

Not even Jack could escape after getting this close. A backhand headed straight for her jugular.Bookmark here

A weapon user like her might have been strong as a Swordsman, but Martial Artists were different.Bookmark here

There was a difference between getting stronger by holding a weapon, and only being strong when exclusively holding a weapon. However, I had forgotten that she wasn't a mere 'Weapon User'.Bookmark here

In fact, no one like that existed on Gaia in the first place. Only Specialists existed in this vast world.Bookmark here

And they… were a little more flexible than that.Bookmark here

I held my wooden sword with two hands. My body's readiness potential had been stabilised once again.Bookmark here

A 'Kaiser Blitz' was ready to be thrown.Bookmark here

But at that moment, she threw one seemingly ineffective slash that wouldn't have an impact.Bookmark here

A one-handed slash from a distance that wouldn't allow her to put her hips into swinging her blade.Bookmark here

There was no pivoting point to for her foot to grasp when turning. That only meant one thing:Bookmark here

Her attack should've been a light cutting motion.Bookmark here

However, what came out was something entirely different. The sword launched me off my feet!Bookmark here

I'd knew it from the moment that motion finished.Bookmark here

Wasn't that… Bruce Lee's One Inch Punch?Bookmark here

It had a different form, but the fundamentals of stamping on the ground to generate kinetic force was the same. The footprint on the floor was proof of that. Though that wasn't all there was to it.Bookmark here

The explosiveness of a true One Inch Punch came from muscle contraction. It let the force generated by the stamp to travel through the torso, all the way through until the power shot out of the fist.Bookmark here

Or in this case: Out of the sword…Bookmark here

It made me back away using my afterimages…Bookmark here

We returned back to the stalemate where I was running around until my stamina was drained.Bookmark here

Time started to pass…Bookmark here

An emptiness grew inside my heart…Bookmark here

I… lost…?Bookmark here

No, she just thrown me back. There was no way I'd have lost in close combat. No way… No way…Bookmark here

My mind became hazy…Bookmark here

Even as I nimbly jumped about the Training Grounds, I was able to secretly peek at what those two little girls were doing from time to time. They seemed to be silently arguing despite her words...Bookmark here

A frown of dissatisfaction was curved on the poker-faced Maid's face. She gestured her hand at me.Bookmark here

"I'm not bullying him for my own enjoyment... Bookmark here

He's just a lot weaker than what I expected. Bookmark here

You can also 'spar' with me instead if you feel like taking his place. You know Mana Sharpening is meaningless when there's this many levitating swords flying around." Sapphire 'lazily' spoke up.Bookmark here

She shrugged her servant off with great effort.Bookmark here

The doll-like girl briefly paused. She let out a silent sigh, deciding to let the matter go. I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted off my back. It looked like the Young Miss eventually got bored of attacking.Bookmark here

I really didn't expect that Sapphire would shamelessly lie without blinking to her Personal Maid. No, even before that: Why did she seem nervous? She cared about Sylphy's opinion?Bookmark here

"Give me a chance to rest first." I groaned at her in great pain, before sweatily falling to the ground.Bookmark here

Nothing matters… Nothing matters…Bookmark here

That 'loss' didn't count…Bookmark here

Of course, I wasn't feigning weakness at this moment. Although I may be able to use Mana to enhance myself, that didn't entirely change the fact that my body needed rest from time-to-time.Bookmark here

Usually, I'd have been be able to resist the fatigue… Bookmark here

It was just that my willpower had dropped.Bookmark here

"I'll give you half an hour." The Young Miss said a bit loudly. She opened the book that young girl called Sylphy had brought and relaxed. The maid walked towards me cautiously and curiously.Bookmark here

She handed over a towel.Bookmark here

"Thank you." I said to the still expressionless girl. Bookmark here

She was looking at me. It was as if I was some kind of rare breed of an Animalistic Beast to her.Bookmark here

One that had never been discovered on Gaia.Bookmark here

"Why is she just silently standing here and staring at me? Am I some sort of rare species?" I couldn't help but ask the Young Miss, who was busy reading. Was there something on my face or what?Bookmark here

"She was born mute... I think it's best that you ignore her unless she really wants to tell you something. Plus, you ARE a rare species." The girl snapped without bothering to lift her head.Bookmark here

She didn't comment further about my earlier techniques. Was I not even worth her time…?Bookmark here

"You probably haven't noticed since you've lived here for so long, but every part of our household is monstrous. Bookmark here

It's to the point that displaying the fact that you originate from our household is enough for you to be labelled as a freak." She continued with a tone of helplessness concealed in her voice.Bookmark here

Oh, so that was it…Bookmark here

At her informative words, I couldn't help but lift my head and look towards her. I'd never expected that those of the Swordwick Household would have such a strange reputation in the Drakeyol Kingdom.Bookmark here

As for the doll-like girl was expressionlessly staring me down, I considered ignoring her a form of mental training. I didn't really have the heart to say anything bad towards this silent benefactor.Bookmark here

One who allowed me to rest. I'm sure Sapphire only stopped attacking on account of her opinion.Bookmark here

"The Swordwick Household is the only Duke lineage that has so many Healers, Rangers, Mages and Swordsman working for them as servants. Bookmark here

Not only that, but the ridiculous requirements our Noble Household has for its successors are insane. Bookmark here

They cause a regular person's spine to freeze." Bookmark here

The Young Miss spoke again. The book in her hands was slapped shut as her face darkened. Bookmark here

I was unable to make out what she was thinking...Bookmark here

I didn't respond to her words. There was nothing I could do or say to lighten the atmosphere. Bookmark here

My mind calmed as I'd looked towards Sylphy. Bookmark here

She was trying to glare a hole in my body.Bookmark here

You know... I was actually starting to get annoyed. Bookmark here

Was she romantically interested in an oldie like me? Bookmark here

No, it kinda felt more like she was trying to figure out my current condition through sight alone. Bookmark here

Does she have x-ray?Bookmark here

What a strange girl...Bookmark here

I looked back towards the Young Miss, who was dispiritedly staring off into space, and suddenly got a nice idea. Hiding the smile on my face, I tried to make the greatest poker face ever mustered.Bookmark here

"Hey, girl, you look fine~ Go out with me~!" I expressionlessly confessed to the maid.Bookmark here

The girl was looking like she was trying to glare holes into my flesh. What was she feeling?Bookmark here

Did I do it right? That joke?Bookmark here

In the next instant, those eyes turned as round as saucers after she heard my roguish confession.Bookmark here

Sylphy, who was still looking like she was trying to find something interesting on me, suddenly looked at me with blank stare after widening her eyes. It looked like her mind short-circuited from shock!Bookmark here

"Hahahaha! What in the world?!" The Young Miss laughed uproariously after hearing what I'd said. Bookmark here

Now look at that~ Even an old man like me can be make jokes sometimes! After praising myself a little for my great social skills, my eyes couldn't help but peek at the young maid. She had finally reacted.Bookmark here

A blush was on her face. Bookmark here

She seemed to be unable to look at me in the eyes after hearing such an embarrassing confession. Bookmark here

My heart suddenly felt like it was struck by lightning, hit by a truck, and blown up.Bookmark here

I suddenly found her to be quite... cute~!Bookmark here

This was new to me... Bookmark here

Why was it that my mind ignored the painful sensation in my head? To think of her as cute…Bookmark here

Ah... I wish she would talk to me. Bookmark here

I really want to understand this girl more. Bookmark here

Actually, this joke of a confession I gave still counts, right? I don't care how embarrassing it sounds, it still counts! I'll have to focus and watch out for her answer to my boldness.Bookmark here

"..." She shook her head, then she gave me a respectful bow before running away in embarrassment! My heart felt pained. I watched her swiftly leave with bitterness in my eyes.Bookmark here

"I seem to have underestimated you. To Bookmark here

think that you'd actually give her such a roguish confession out of nowhere?! Bookmark here

Were dropped on your head as a child? No, sorry. That was going too far." Bookmark here

A newfound interest arose in the eyes of the person who had won our bout, but I didn't care. Bookmark here

A foreign feeling of depression spread across my heart. I stared foolishly at the exit this place.Bookmark here

Hah... Why did I have to be such a dense guy? Bookmark here

I hoped we could still be friends in the future, if not lovers. She was the only one who has ever caused my heart to sweeten with such a warmth. It made me want to ignore the alarms going off in my head!Bookmark here

"I think I've fallen in love." I spoke with scrunched up fists. A hint of red appeared on my cheeks.Bookmark here

"You sure you didn't just 'fall' for her naturally pretty face?" She asked with an unconvinced look on her face. This girl looked disgusted by how I was able to say such corny things so seriously.Bookmark here

I didn't feel angered by her venomous words. Only the opinion of a select number of people actually mattered to me. The rest were unable to even dream of moving my stubborn heart whatsoever!Bookmark here

Actually, I have to praise her lack of delicacy. Bookmark here

Wait... now that I'd thought about it: Bookmark here

My confession wasn't delicate at all! Bookmark here

When did I suddenly become so foolish? Bookmark here

I didn't remember being… the type of character who would pull this kind of stunt out of nowhere.Bookmark here

"You are the one who has a prettier face, right? I would have confessed to you if I merely wanted to pursue a beautiful girl. Don't belittle the feelings in my heart!" My thoughtlessness kicked in.Bookmark here

A smile curved onto my face. My eyes had closed. I was planning out how I would try to get closer to her. She was so mysterious that my instinct has been going mad from the very moment I met her...Bookmark here

When the Young Miss tried to get closer to me, my instincts yelled again that getting intimate with her equalled getting further from a quiet life, but the feeling I got from Sylphy was different.Bookmark here

I could somehow feel that getting any closer to her meant getting closer to death! Bookmark here

I didn't know what horrors she would go through in the future, but I knew that the current me would be unable to protect her! Bookmark here

I had to become a Skill Holder as soon as possible! Bookmark here

All to protect those I cared about!Bookmark here

"You're as narcissistic as Jack if you think you're worthy of me. However, if you're able to win your bet... Hmm, there might be some hope." The Young Miss shook her head before leaving the field.Bookmark here

"Also, thank you for admitting my beauty. You can come back here anytime you want." Bookmark here

And continued with an oddly pure smile appearing on her face. She was waving a goodbye. Bookmark here

It seems that this girl really is hard to understand. Bookmark here

I wondered why she talked so venomously when her smile seemed to display such goodwill... Bookmark here

I felt she was a little similar to my mother…Bookmark here

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