Chapter 7:

Meet of the Two

HoloMyth: The World's End

"[あ- ありがと うございす]A- arigatō guzaimasu <T- thank you>]" Ina just take the white handkerchief and use it to wipe the paint in her face. She's still shaking in fear.Bookmark here

"[どういたしまして]Dōitashimashite <Your welcome>" Amelia bowed. She understand Japanese, Only a little bit.Bookmark here

After that, The two become silent. The breeze of wind can be hear. It was a awkward moment.Bookmark here

'W- what do I do!?!?' Ina is shaking badly and dripping a heavy sweats.Bookmark here

'C- crap, I don't know how to talk Japanese, What do I say next?, Nani?, Baka?, Oii?, THAT'S ALL I LEARNED!!' Amelia is also in the same situation as Ina.Bookmark here

The two of them turn their head to each other like a broken robots.Bookmark here

"[助けてくれてありがとう]Tasuketekurete arigatō! <T- thank you very much for helping me!>" Ina gave back the handkerchief.Bookmark here

"[どういたしまして]Dōitashimashite <Your welcome>" Amelia responded as she get the handkerchief. 'I don't understand what she said!!, Did I say it right?. Crap, She's sweating as hell' Amelia thought in panic behind her sweet smile.Bookmark here

'She's sweating, Is she okay!?, Did I upset her!?" Ina also thought. "[本を持ってごめんなさい、盗むつもりはなかった]Hon o motte gomen'nasai, nusumu tsumori wa nakatta <I- I'm sorry for taking the book, I didn't meant to steal it!!!>" Ina bowed and begged.Bookmark here

'CRAAAAP!!!, I DON'T UNDERSTAND A THING!?!?' Amelia thought in panic. 'What do I do!?, I bet its something serious. There's no other way, Its time to use my trump card. I've been practicing this word in a situation like this!' Amelia thought before taking a deep breath.Bookmark here

'Is she gonna yell at me?, Is she going rage!?' Ina thought while looking to Amelia who have a red face.Bookmark here

Amelia bowed. "日本語がわからない!!
Nihongo ga wakaranai! ! <I CAN'T UNDERSTAND JAPANESE!!!" Amelia shouted with all of her heart.Bookmark here

"Eh?" Ina just stared before kneeling down with a teary eye. 'I- I did my best to apology, I thought she gonna yell at me. She's just... Cant understand Japanese was the problem' Ina thought while kneeling down in the floor with lost of all hopes.Bookmark here

Ina just sighed, "humu" She just nods before going up. "If your having trouble that you can't understand Japanese, I can speak in English" Ina spoke with a smile in her face.Bookmark here

"Thank goodness, Wanna talk somewhere?" Amelia asked.Bookmark here

The atmosphere immediately changed.Bookmark here

"Sure, I can't continue my art cause it become dirty" Ina spoke.Bookmark here

"I see, Lets go" Amelia smiled.Bookmark here

Later.Bookmark here

Ina is sitting on a bench, While Amelia can be seen dropping a coin in a vending machine.Bookmark here

"Ina what do you want to drink" Amelia called while holding a orange juice in a can.Bookmark here

"Umm..." Ina turned her head and stared at something before she gulped, She turned her head away.Bookmark here

"You want Dr. Oopsie?" Amelia asked.Bookmark here

"N- no..." Ina shaken.Bookmark here

"Then, I'll buy it for you" Amelia smiled before dropping her coin in the vending machine.Bookmark here

"B- but, That costs 100 yen you know?" Ina warned.Bookmark here

"I know, Don't worry about it. Its just a one dollar for me" Amelia spoke before getting the Dr. Oopsie in the dropping box of the vending machine and handing it to Ina. "Here's your drink. Enjoy" Amelia smiled.Bookmark here

Ina reach to the Dr. Oopsie drink and stared at it.Bookmark here

"What's wrong?" Amelia asked.Bookmark here

"It just brings memory about my mother. My mother always scolded me for always emptying this drink in the ref" Ina showed a tiny smile in her lips.Bookmark here

"I see" Amelia spoke before sitting beside Ina. She can see that Ina missed her mother so much, It must be in abroad or passed away.Bookmark here

While Ina opens her can drink, Amelia asked. "What was the meaning of your word earlier when you shouted and bowed?"Bookmark here

"T- that's... Nothing" Ina immediately averted her eyes since she knew that what she said was a apology for taking the book.Bookmark here

"Anyway, What's with those girl earlier ruining your art?" Amelia asked again.Bookmark here

"T- those... are my friends" Ina hesitated.Bookmark here

"THERE'S NO WAY THOSE ARE YOUR FRIENDS!!!" Amelia yelled and Ina just widen her eyes while looking to Amelia.Bookmark here

Amelia immediately grab Ina and making her lay to her chest and give a hug while patting Ina's head slowly. "Don't worry, Starting today, I'll be your friend. I'll make sure to visit you every time I have time" Amelia spoke calmly with a smile on her face.Bookmark here

Tears starting to flow in Ina's eyelids as she hug back Amelia. "For the first time..." Ina spoke as she hug tightly. "You are the first person who speak to me like this" Tears continuously flows in Ina's eyes with a smile on her face. "Thank you... Amelia" Ina continuously hug her as she push her cheeks against Amelia's soft and bouncy chest.Bookmark here

And then that time, The two got carried away that they end up talking about their past and secrets. Amelia was collecting information and have fun with her new friend in the same time.Bookmark here

LaterBookmark here

They have said their goodbyes and now, Ina can be found in their yard while painting.Bookmark here

"humu humu" Ina nodded twice while looking to her drawing. What she draw was... Amelia Watson.Bookmark here

'My first friend, Amelia' Ina thought and smiled.Bookmark here

________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Author: Hello there my dear readers. I'm here because, We reached 7 chapters and here we are, Still in a peaceful moment. The reason was, This story has "Action". Isn't hilarious?, A action story with no action?. Anyway, We will put action when the time comes so sit tight and wait, The action will be epic, I bet you love it.Bookmark here

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