Chapter 17:

Level two! -Chapter 17

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

After we went down the stairs, the dungeon had become wider and bigger. There were a lot of torches on the walls, and there were a lot of scratches everywhere. Did a monster do this?

As I was looking around using Aya’s body I noticed an old-looking door near us. It was at the very beginning of this dungeon, and the door didn't have any scratches. I walked towards the door and tried pushing it.

“Hnng! This door is so heavy!” Even Aya knew what my intentions were, that's why she also tried her best to open this door. Doors usually lead to a treasure room or to the exit but I really hope that it's no different for this world. As we both were trying to open this door, I started hearing cracking noises caused by this old door. It took some time to finally open this door just enough so Aya can get in. The room inside looked tidied but really dusty. Every time I breathed in, using Aya’s body, I could feel the dust coming inside the lungs.

“Cough! Cough!!” She started coughing while covering her nose with her clothes. Even though this place was a little dusty, this place can be used as a place where Aya can rest a little.

The room was a bit bigger than my own room back on Earth and it had a lot of books on the shelves.

I got out of Aya’s body and started looking around the room. On the other side of this room, there was an old-looking desk filled with knives, daggers, and a sword. The design of the daggers was cool and I really wanted to hold them in my hand. Actually, I’ve had a thing about collecting knives and stuff but my mother always found them and yelled at me. Maybe Aya can use them! I thought as I possessed Aya once again.

“Are we looking for something, Ghost-san?” She asked as I was walking Aya’s body towards the desk. Now that I'm looking at those daggers from a human perspective, they were covered with a bit of dust as well. But luckily they were not damaged or rusty. I picked one of the daggers that was at the center of the desk and looked at it for a moment. The dagger wasn't that big, but since Aya wasn't that strong, the dagger felt a bit heavy.

“Waah! That's a pretty sword!” Her eyes sparkled as she was looking at the dagger we were holding. But that's a dagger through…

I tried swinging the dagger around using Aya’s arm.

“ah! This is fun.” I'm also glad that Aya wasn't against holding a weapon like that. Actually, she seems to be having a little fun swinging the dagger like that. Maybe she does this kind of thing with a stick thinking it's a sword. I actually did that every time I found a stick laying around when I used to hang out with my friends. After Aya had her fill with swinging around the dagger, I went near the bookshelf and started looking around.

“Waaah! There are so many books!”

I wasn't sure what I was looking for but I grabbed the first book that caught my eyes. The moment I pulled it out of there, a lot of dust came out. Some dust fell on Aya’s eyes as well.

“Ah!” After Aya rubbed her eyes, she sat down on the ground while resting her back on the bookshelf. I couldn't see anything from the book’s cover since the book was not in a good condition. This book must have been written many years ago. But the moment I opened the first page of the book, I was astonished!

This is… Japanese! I thought as I was looking at every word that was familiar to me.

“What are these letters? I can't understand them at all…” I could understand everything written in this book! Did I get a translator skill?



Skills: <Hollow voice> <Night vision> <Curse> <Hearing> <Possessing> <Soul bound> <Appraisal>



No, I have no such skill, so how? Why is there a book in Japanese? Without wondering too much I started reading the first page of the book.

{Day 1

One day I was transported to another world where magic was an actual thing! At first, I was really confused about what had happened to me, but after I touched the dungeon’s core, I got every piece of information I needed. That's why I decided to start this diary!

This dungeon was poorly made and there don't seem to be any humans around here.}

This is what was written on the first page of this book. So this book is a diary about this guy being transported into this world. Then that means that I wasn't the only one who got into this world.

“Ghost-san? Can you understand these words?” She asked me as I was making Aya stare at words that she couldn't understand. I gave her a thumbs-up as a confirmation.

“Okay, I won't bother you then…” I was a bit happy that Aya was such an understanding girl. Even though she was just staring at strange words, she still let me read this book.

{Day 7

I’ve been spending most of my time trying to improve the condition of my personal rooms, and it doesn't seem to be going that well. This world doesn't hold any high technology like the world I used to live in…}

I turned to another page of the book.

{Day 30

Today the first humans came into my dungeon. I wanted to greet them, but they seemed like a bunch of bandits. That's why I let the dungeon do its own work. When I tried peeking at their conversation, I surprisingly could understand what they were saying. At first, I thought they were from Japan as well, but the way they acted, I understood that they were guys from middle-aged times.

Their corpses were sucked by my dungeon and they were turned into experience for me. Thanks to those bandits, I managed to expand the dungeon a little more.}

I moved to another page of this book.

{Day 70


Ever since I got into this world, I have been alone. Now, I kind of regret letting the dungeon kill those bandits some weeks ago. I could have at least imprisoned them and kept them as prisoners. That way I wouldn't be as lonely as now.

My throat is also getting dry from not speaking for so many days!}

This dude must have been through a lot of stuff…

{Day 100

I finally finished the 6-th floor of this dungeon. It was quite the accomplishment but at what cost?

I am always alone in this place and I have no one to talk to. But recently, I could feel this kind of feeling disappearing away from my body.

Using this dungeons system, I could spend my level points on anything I wanted. That's why I used them to create my own magic.

It was really fun. It almost awakened my inner ‘chuunibyou’. I learned how to fly and how to kill monsters that were a threat to me or my dungeon.}

From what I'm reading until now, I could feel that me and this guy would be good friends if we had met in Japan.